World Series Tourers - 2016 Season - ROUND 1 - SPAIN


Driver Cards and the season calendar will be produced on the 16th, and the first race will be ran on the 21st. From then on I will gradually build up through the season.

Another year gone, another season of the most compelling touring car series on the planet just over the horizon! Big changes are coming this season, and it might just bring the competition to a new level! Gone is the Two lap Shootout qualifying format - In comes the qualifying session! Cars will be given a timed session to get out on track and qualify for the race, but they’re limited to four laps maximum. A new practice session on the Saturday morning, letting drivers full acclimatise themselves and setup the car accordingly!

The biggest change has to be the races, we now have double the fun, and an expanded calendar! The races are set to be tighter than ever as the regulations change majorly on the chassis side. Limited brake sizes, wider tyres, the opening up of the design around the wheel arches and the introduction of new aero parts on the front end will allow the cars to be even quicker than ever.

The biggest change will be the abolition of the Weight class system, throwing all the vehicles into a single vehicle class and equalising performance across the board. Things are looking set for one of the most exciting seasons of touring car racing we’ve ever seen!


  • Spanish Tour of Circuit De Catalunya
  • Belgian Tour of Spa Fancochamps
  • Italian Tour of Monza/Imola
  • German Tour of Hockenheim
  • British Tour of Silverstone/Brands Hatch
  • American Tour of COTA/Sebring
  • Austrian Tour of the Red Bull Ring
  • Japanese Tour of Fuji

This section will now be a guide to the entrants and the homologated cars in the series.

Below is a link to the list of Homologated cars.
WST 2016 Homologation List

Below is a link to the confirmed entry list
WST 2016 Entry List

I hope you enjoy the racing!


hype is real, don’t worry, VMC will offer something better this year :wink:

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Well, I’ll tell you, Harper used the XX3 Alize Racing Kit, for the aero kit, and so, the car looks like it has 800HP, because this was originally designed for hillclimbs.

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Vega will be making an appearance in the 2016 season of WST. The Vega Ascari will be the car of choice.


Keika will be entering under the “Keika Racing Division” team, due to complaints by the WST organisers about the original “Keika Shitposting Division” name.

We will also be offering a host of engines, all of which will be over 370hp.

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After unfortunately missing last season, Triton is ready to enter this season.

Their newest model, the Aurora, will be getting a special homologation version to make it elligible to compete.

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Could we have some clarification on how this is all being calculated? I didn’t enter the previous season you see.


When it says “Must be mass production ready” does mean I cant use limited production materials?


Are we allowed to put sponsor logos on our race cars?

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Yeah, th3maldonado said it in the discord.

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Sure. Just don’t have them be offensive and You’re good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Coming Soon

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are we allowed to use mods?

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It’s a shame this is a questions that now needs answering, but yeah.
You can download a canard mod off the workshop, or use thin lips in place of them. Same with wings, however, the read diffuser mod counts as a lip, and so cannot be placed on the car without breaking the rules.


More effort will be placed into this round, I expect after the last WST, more are interested in joining.

I wonder if @strop will make an appearance.

PMI Racing Ltd. will enter, but has not yet found a suitable vehicle.

Have you considered the fact that I might not be in the automation discord.

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Yes, I’m just telling you that he did, because you asked?

well you could said “Yes you cant use limited production materials” and then explain that it was said in the automation discord because I didnt get what you said.

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