Worried about the Unreal Engine and Automation

I went onto Automation’s twitter feed for the first time, and what I saw was astonishing. The Unreal Engine progress looks amazing! It would really be a good addition to the game, but I am a bit sad and scared. What I don’t want about the unreal engine is the fact that it looks like it is breaking apart from the original car shop, and just throwing all the nice old stuff into the past. I want the current car shop in the game, but everything else on the outside is fine. So what are exactly your Unreal Engine plans?

I’m worried that when the game switches to Unreal, my computer won’t be able to run the game anymore :confused:

well i never even bothered to look at their twitter account up until now.
that looks awesome. but that still looks like it’s running on DirectX9?

and then there’s the argument that UE4 is much more optimized.

im really not sure how it would impact on performance.

well if anything it would be easier for your PC to run the game with unreal engine due to much better optimization

again. even if it is more optimized, the games is going on a overhaul and moving to 3d. that alone makes it pretty heavier to run.

koolkei, please. Consider what you’re posting before you actually comment, especially now that you’ve decided on commenting a lot of thread everytime there’s an update. 4.57 posts per day is far too much. Also a lot of your comments are inconsiderate, ill informed and plainly unnecessary.

And for fuck sake stop posting information that is suppose to be release later and not now.

At the current Moment the game is only supports DX9 - that is correct. Although Windows XP support was dropped some months ago IIRC - so no loss there.
Any PC that can run Automation right now, should be able to run it with UE4 - performance will mostly depend on how Andrew and Caswal implement shaders and so on. Just because its the Unreal Engine 4 it does not mean that you all need to get the latest AMD R9 Fury for your PC to get decent Performance on low settings.
Sure some older PCs which barely run Automation now, will probably refuse to run Automation on UE4, but question is: how many are those?

And considering how “slow” the game actually runs on High-End hardware with the current Kee-Engine in comparison to other games that use Unity or Unreal (or Source) I don’t think it will get worse for everyone.

And Koolkei: You turn into a new Juno8 - but with worse content in the posts.

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I don’t think Juno8 was ever banned. He was told that he would be banned after 800 posts, and I think he disappeared at about 797.

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About the only thing I’m worried about with the switch to Unreal Engine is that I’m currently running a rather old graphics card. I’m using a GTX 275 as my main right now, and while I’m running Windows 7, I’m a little bit worried.

Now, granted, I know it’s a way off in the future (at least, I don’t know the timeframe for the switchover), but I am ever so slightly concerned.

If you run the game fine now, I am pretty sure you should be alright later, although you might need to use lower settings.

Pretty sure that anything that is compatible with DX10/11 and is faster than an Intel HD3000 GPU will be fine.

Our current engine is an unoptimized horror. Unreal should run better on low end machines too!

But I am worried that you will change the original game looks and stuff. I like the original car shop. Plz don’t change it.

I think the main issue that craptops have is fill-rate limitations. Assuming you can turn off most of the fancier shader effects, I’m not worried.


But I am worried that you will change the original game looks and stuff. I like the original car shop. Plz don’t change it.[/quote]

I imagine it’d probably be mostly the same, but with some updated stuff to take advantage of the nice lighting and shaders in Unreal. Probably also will do a few different environments for different eras too, eventually.

Things about how the game looks will change though, they often do, as we realize how things could be done better, or take advantage of new tech. Hell, the UI design style has changed already a few times and will change again with the transition to Unreal. That’s what happens when you play a game that isn’t done yet.