Worried automation won't launch after updating my AMD driver

As the title explained, i haven’t update my AMD driver after AMD driver screwing UE4 based games including automation. Ive wanted to update my AMD driver after they actually got the driver fixed in version 20.1.2 but im still scared to update my driver.

So, my question is, is it now safe to update my AMD driver? Because im still scared if i update my AMD driver, i cant start automation afterwards considering i have an AMD’s APU. AMD Ryzen 3 2200U with Radeon Vega Graphics.

My current driver version: 19.8.2

Update the driver.

If it buggers everything up then, assuming you’re on Windows 8/10, click the start button and type Device Manager.

In here, find and open the Display adapters. Open the AMD device and select the Driver tab. There is an option to roll-back the driver to an older version.

alright. ill try updating it now

IIRC that’s the exact driver version I have on my PC and it runs fine.

youve got the same driver like me? oh god.

but i just updated to the latest driver and now automation launch with no problem for me (for now)