Worst Motorsport Crashes (Non-Fatal)

Very different thread than others, this thread is to share the worst motorsport crashes where the driver had survived, this thread might doesnt help since i got a playlist of 300 worst non-fatal crashes, from car drifting to spectators to driver get ejected then run over

This thread was made because im working on the Top 100 Biggest Motorsport Crashes that is non fatal

Before sharing, there is some rules :

  1. No fatal crashes
  2. Motorsport-only
  3. If crash is graphic, give warning
  4. Car and boat racing only, no motorcycle or planes
  5. If possible, give information on drivers injury
  6. Must have video (even if its not clear), no aftermath only crashes

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How many car destroyed
How many peoples (include non driver) injured

How destroyed is the car

Recommended websites :

I had a VHS on a similar subject when I was a kid, and the crash I remember the most from that tape was this crash by Bob Glidden in pro stock.

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Might surprise you, but that doesnt make the list, to make you sure which not make the list, Davey Allison’s flip at pocono is top 90 (as of rn)


To see if the crash already on the playlist or not, and also making sure if the crash can made to the list
Or just go to the channel https://youtube.com/@racingndriver7113?si=tfJ0Czty-DMjApr_ to play on youtube

The most severe crash any person has survived (over 200g):

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As far as I know, there were no serious injuries. And a few probably are a bit dramatic.


Not sure about Paul Weel
But Chaz Mostert is probably made to the list since he suffered broken leg and a marshall is seriously injured

*214g also Already on the playlist
But actually, its Karl Wendlinger who got 360g after his helmet hit the wall when he t-boned the entry wall in monaco chicane

For context of the first one with the massive roll (for those who don’t watch a lot of V8 Supercars), those cars can and will often reach about 300km/h (185 MPH) before slowing down for the turns, and they added that right then left turn to stop cars going even faster before turning onto the start/finish straight

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Another reason was that the FIA wanted to add the Bathurst 1000 to the inaugural World Touring Car Championship season, and to ensure the track’s homologation, they decreed that every track on the schedule had to have no straights longer than 2km - hence the addition of The Chase.

Only 7 days ago

I also think of the Alessandro Zanardi crash, which I withnessed here in Germany. He didn´t die but the result was … terryfing.
Another crash I withnessed was Keith O´Dor, but sadly he died in his Primera.

NASCAR Cup: Ryan Preece’s Scary Wreck @ Daytona 2023 (Coke Zero 400)

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Here’s a famous one…
F1WC: Andrea DeCesaris massive rollover @ Osterreichring '85 (aka Red Bull Ring - OLD)

Yeah, let’s not do this. Watching crash videos, especially those where other drivers get injured in the process (as many of these are), is just ghoulish.

Closing this topic.