Would you rather drive this or that?

Dodge Challenger?
Or a Camaro

  • Camaro
  • Challenger

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And why did you pick that? (Don’t have to answer)

Challenger, the Camaro is ugly IMO.

Camaro, only because I’m a GM fan boy.


My gripes about the Camaro’s looks notwithstanding, I would rather support a US automaker that didn’t double down on trucks, SUVs, and V8s after the 2008 Manic Recession.

For the exact opposite reason given by mjdecker.

Camaro, because 1) I own one :stuck_out_tongue: and 2) I’ve driven a Challenger before and I did not enjoy it at all.

Audi R8 because it’s a cheaper, more comfortable Huracán.

Camaro. I love the Challenger, don’t get me wrong. But when I discovered exactly what a thicc Boye it was I couldn’t quite get over it. I hear the Camaro dynamics on the other hand are pretty :weary::ok_hand:


Hmmmm… would I rather my cousin… or my sister…

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Camaro, because Dodge practically doesn’t exist here so I’d have a hard time maintaining the Challenger.

Huracan Or

Audi R8

  • Huracan
  • R8

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And why did you choose that? (dont have to answer)

Huracan is more visually, and audibly wild compared to the tame R8.

Challenger because I’m a Mopar fan (Even though I’ve never actually owned one)

Audi R8 because that one would be more practical for everyday driving.

Challenger because of the Shaker hood. The 6.4-liter Scat Pack is an incredible value, and more practical than a Camaro SS. I’d also rather have a Hellcat over a Camaro ZL1. And then there’s the Demon. :smiley:

R8 because it’s the same as the Huracan, but $40,000 less and has a lower drag coefficient.

Huracan. “Driving a Lamborghini that one time” is more of a conversation piece. And it has a bigger resale value.


But it’s not a Lambo to anybody whose opinion on cars really matters, it’s an Audi :stuck_out_tongue:

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Toyota Camry

Honda Accord

  • Camry
  • Accord

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And why?

First - neither, the only muscle car I like is the pre-facelift Mustang VI (2014-2017).

Second - Lambo. If I were to drive something as nonsense, shouty and obnoxious as a typical supercar then it should be as nonsense, shouty and obnoxious as possible, and Lambo has even some tradition and heritage in that, unlike Audi.

Third - Accord. I don’t like Toyota.

Accord, was considering purchasing the last generation (sport model) but ended up going with a 17’ Civic Si Sedan.

Yes, I know the Accord is basically better in every way and also comes with a manual option (the Camry doesn’t). But the Camry looks better so I went with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Both look ugly as sin. The Camry is boring ugly, though. Accord is daring ugly at least. So let’s go with the Accord.

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