Wyvern AutoSport - "Petroleum Power, Perfected" (The 60's are coming, Taking America back for the British, One car at a time)

Wyvern AutoSport

“Petroleum Power, Perfected”

Wyvern AutoSport are a small British car company specialising in high performance sports and GT cars. Formed in 1946 to produce the Swallow they have slowly expanded into the company that is seen today.


The Early Years (1946-1956);
Wyvern AutoSport was brainchild of G. S. Chappie, a coach builder by trade before the war with a dream to build the world most perfect GT car. The company was formed officially to market and produce the Swallow in early 1946 and, after several prototype engines from different companies which left a lot to be desired, it was decided that a small engine works was to be built on site to design, research and produce engines in house.



  • First drafts of the Swallow Coupe are drawn up


  • Wyvern AutoSport formed to produce the Swallow
  • 5.0L 5000-12 is designed and produced as Wyverns first engine
  • Wyvern Swallow is released to the public as a Coupe


  • Wyvern Wren is released to the public as a Fastback Coupe
  • Upgraded Swallow Coupe is released to the public
  • Upgraded 5.0L 5000-12 is produced, fitted into the Swallow and the new Wren


  • Wyvern Motorlab Department (WMD) is formed to start researching and producing sports/race cars
  • 5.0L-S 5000-12 is designed and produced as Wyverns first sports tuned engine
  • Wyvern Wren 6 Carb Special Coupe is produced, becoming Wyverns first fully dedicated sports car


  • After finding outside investment, work begins on a larger factory to start trying to mass produce cars


  • Work ends on new factory, put to work producing Kingfisher Saloons and Wren Road Sport Coupes along with the 3500-6 family of engines
  • Upgraded 5.0L 5000-12 is produced
  • 3.0L and 3.5L 3500-6 is produced, fitted into the Kingfisher Saloon
  • Wyvern Kingfisher is released to the public as the mass produced 3.0L and 3.5L Saloon and the still handmade V12 Grand Saloon
  • Wyvern Wren Road Sport Coupe is released to the public as Wyverns first attempted at a full production sports car


  • Wyvern celebrate their 10th birthday
  • WMD unveil the Wren Racing Coupe and 2.0L-RX 2000-6 prototypes


  • Production of the Swallow is stopped


Wyvern AutoSport - Swallow ('46-'57)
The body outline for the Swallow was first conceived on the back of a envelope around the end of 1945 by the creator and then owner of the company, G. S. Chappie. Envisioned as a luxury performance, long distance cruiser with an emphasis on comfort and style. The Mk.1 Swallow ('46-'49) delivered highly on luxury and comfort but was sadly let down by its strangled 5000-12 power plant, never quite fulfilling its potential as a high performance cruiser.

Wyvern AutoSport - Wren ('49-)
By 1949 Wyvern had managed to recuperate enough of their costs back from the Swallow to be able to design the Wren. While looking similar to the Swallow its was designed to be a entirely different car, to fill a slightly lower price point than the Swallow. First released in a fastback variant with 2+2 seating and the new Mk.2 5.0L 5000-12 . The Wren became the first car to get a working over by the Wyvern Motorlab Department when in 1951, a small run of ten “6 Carb Special Coupe” variants were made, being Wyverns first purpose built sports car.

Wyvern AutoSport - Wren 6 Carb Special Coupe ('51 Special Edition)

Limited to just ten cars, the Wren 6 Carb Special Coupes were Wyverns first attempt at a dedicated sports car. Using modified Mk.2 5.0L 5000-12 engines, the 6 Carb Special could push 154mph. Instantly recognisable by it large rear wing and extra air intakes, it was hoped by the WMD to begin to push into racing off the back of this car.

Wyvern AutoSport - Wren Road Sport Coupe ('55)

Based on the outline of the Wren 6 Carb Special Coupe, the Road Sport is Wyverns first true sports car that wasn’t a special edition. Built in Wyverns newly semi automated factory in order to try push the brand out there further. To keep costs down it shares most of its interior with the Kingfisher 3.5L Saloon and uses the mass produced 3500-6 engine that has been tuned in house by WMD to produce 181hp.

Wyvern AutoSport - Wren 2.0L Racing Coupe Prototype ('56)

Produced as a concept platform for the coming years of motorsport development, the Racing Coupe stands as a testament to the type of engineers they had in their shop. Featuring an exact 50/50 weight distribution, the car was something of a marvel to drive, even in this slightly unfinished state. Due to being based entirely on the Road Sport variant, it could be homologated easily once enough cars had been produced, making it suitable for most type of racing to be done in it.

Wyvern AutoSport - Kingfisher ('55-)
Following third party investment in 1953, a new factory was built to start to be able to produce more affordable luxury cars while still keeping their top of the line models fully handmade. The Saloon variants differ in general engine size and trim level along with the 3.5L having uprated suspension and brakes.

Wyvern AutoSport - Kingfisher V12 Grand Saloon ('55)

The Grand Saloon differed not only in power plant but also in length (the boot and passenger area being slightly extended) and door orientation, this is due to the Grand Saloon being envisioned more as a limousine than a normal family car. The Grand Saloon also features Wyverns first attempt at a automatic gearbox to try make the ride as smooth as possible.


5000-12 ('46-)
The 5000-12 family of engines was the first of Wyverns own design. A 36v SOHC V12 with a fully cast iron block and head. The Mk.1 5000-12 had the small quirk of it was designed to run off extremely low quality petrol (80 RON) in order to help counter the possible lack of decent fuel in the early post war years. The Mk.1 is almost considered a separate engine entirely from the family due to the niche it filled and its general poor quality compared to later generations.

5.0L-S “Six Carb Special” ('51)
When the Wyvern Motorlab Department set about their first project, it was logical to modify the 5000-12 before starting on new engine designs. The original 10 that were used in the Wyvern Wren special editions were Mk.2 engines that were taken off the shop floor and rebuilt to become almost entirely unrecognisable engines. High flow exhausts and intakes along with the 2 barrel 6 Carb fuel system from which it gets its unofficial name.

3500-6 ('55)
The 3500-6 was the first Wyvern engine designed for mass production, being released in a 3,0L, 3.5L and 3.5L-S with these models being slowly improved upon over the years.

2000-6 ('56)

The 2000-6 was a sharp departure to what Wyvern were known for. It would be the companies first foray into DOHC technology and using 4v per cylinder along with small displacement, high revving engines.

I will keep editing this post as I go along, Its a huge work in progress so bare with me. I will work out a way to make it easier on the eye eventually. I wont post all of the brands various trims and things, just a example of each model and any other special variants or first time things. I’m treating it a bit like a Wikipedia.

All constructive criticism taken on, and all help gladly received.


Oh my. It’s so British. I love it.

I must say, the Swallow does look a few years ahead of its time for 1946, but perhaps I’m being picky. Either way, it looks absolutely beautiful, but still has enough menace to earn a second look.

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I stuggle so much on styling early year cars, do you have any suggestions?

Also, “so British”? Mission accomplished :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t call it underpowered. Judging by the questionable driveability, I imagine it has shitloads of wheelspin already? Tyres in the 40s (in game) are absolutely terrible, and do not like any sort of real power whatsoever.

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Maybe strangled is a better word, I say this because as an engine it has a lot more to give. The 5.0L Mk.2 engine in '49 pushes almost 210hp and once again still has a lot of room for tuning.

Currently the wheel spin is around 36% with quite a short gear ratio, the top speed is also limited slightly by gearing.

The tires are as good as I can get them without the brakes being too small, the tires being too big or it going the wrong side of the handling graph.

Can you see anything glaringly wrong in how I’ve set those? I’ve a habit of min/maxing things a lot in the early years.

Your car is understeering quite a bit which is actually causing you to lose drivability and sportiness. You should probably increse the front tire size by 1. If you see the 2 numbers on the steering curve (S: 0.73 D: 0.91 in your case) you want to try to get one of them to 1.00 D is drivability and S is sportiness.

Also if you lengthn the gears just to the top speed then it will reduce the wheelspin you get. Also reducing the spacing will also help reduce wheelspin. I would guess you should probably try to get 2nd gear to top out around second gear as that will give you the best acceleration in this case.

Playing with the gears worked perfectly, unfortunately playing with the tires any further pushes me into over steer which was what I was trying to avoid. Its not supposed to be particularly sporty. The first picture is with your tire sizes and the second is with the original sizes.

Im failry surprised the tires do that considering its a front engine car. Could you try to adjust the suspension setup to move the curve up a little bit?

The Wren was designed as the Swallows little sister, using the Mk.2 5.0L 5000-12 and its sleek body shell, The Wren could reach a blistering speed for the time of 140mph (what would have been a record for productions cars, if more substantial numbers could have been built.)

For a bit more information, see first post.


The 1951 6 Carb Special, read first post for more details.


Ladies and gentlemen! Wyvern AutoSports are pleased to announce their first family saloon car!

Finally after two years of construction time our new automation equipped factory is complete and what better way to utilize it than to produce a Wyvern first.

Introducing the new Wyvern AutoSport - Kingfisher!

Sleek styling coupled with a high quality interior and performance, its a monumental task to pull off right but that’s what our engineers were tasked with when coming up with the design for the Kingfisher and we think they’ve ticked every box. The Kingfisher is now truly is the gold standard in British family saloons

Imagine the smiling look on your wife’s face when she comes home to see you now drive a Wyvern, you’ll be the envy of the town! No one has to know that due to our new modern construction techniques we can pass on the saving to you!

The V12 Grand Saloon (Special Order)

Have you ever wished you could own a Wyvern limousine? Well now you can, with the Wyvern Kingfisher V12 Grand Saloon. This is a car designed to be rode in. Utilising our new automatic gearbox, the Grand Saloon can effortlessly glide up to a top speed of 104mph. Other features include backwards opening rear doors and an enlarged boot area for all of your luggage. All interiors are custom handmade to the customers specification so no too are alike. This car is even made in our old handmade factory along with its revamped 5.0L V12.

Go down to your local Wyvern AutoSport dealer for more details!


Absolutely gorgeous car. And I’m a sucker for V12 saloons, so the Kingfisher Grand Saloon is right up my street.

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The whole Kingfisher line is one of the most stunning classic cars I have ever seen, with a trim level to suit wealthy buyers of all types.

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Wyvern are also proud to introduce the Wren Road Sport Coupe!

Utilising our state of the art factory we have also managed to produce our first sports coupe for sale to the general public. Based off our 1951 Wren special edition the “6 Carb Special Coupe” the new Wyvern AutoSport - Wren Road Sport Coupe is your ticket to the best in trusted British engineering. Combining the same high quality space frame with aluminium panelling design as our fully hand crafted models to make a light and responsive sport car that you’ll just love!

A high performance car needs a high performance engine, and the Wyvern Motorlab Department were given the task of turning our new 3500-6 series engine from a casual cruiser into a fire spitting brute. We think they provided that. Ask your local Wyvern AutoSports dealer for more details.


What witchcraft are you using to get 52 drivability in the mid 50s?!

Gorgeous car as always by the way!


The Wren simply looks awesome. With its huge wing and punchy engine it must’ve been the Plymouth Superbird of its time!

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I have no idea haha, I don’t mess about with quality sliders so it isn’t that! ill post up the set up later to have a look.

Here are the settings for the Road Sport, honestly I think a lot of it comes down to using the Straight 6 instead of the V12. Looking at them again I think there is probably room for improvement.

A breakdown of the drivability

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Interesting. Wheel setup certainly contemplates drivability, as doe the suspension. Maybe I just need to get better at making 50s cars :blush:

Its Our 10th Birthday! - Big Surprises In Store For The Future!

Company Update!
Last year the Wyvern Motorlab Department were tasked with making something special for our 10th birthday, it was decided it was time for Wyvern to start stretching our legs in competition against the world. While we may be a household name in Britain, out in the further world we are merely a speck.

Wyvern has played about with the idea of motorsport for sometime. While we have tuned our engines up to give a much more sportier response before they can never quite be called “Racing” engines. Both of our engines, the 3500-6 and the 5000-12 use the same general technology in the valve train, a SOHC 3v per cylinder set up. This unfortunately has flaws for when it comes to tuning a engine up to true racing spec, with higher friction and less breathing capability. This is why the WMD decided to make a fully new engine from scratch, utilising DOHC 4v per cylinder valve train technology.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow Me To Introduce the 2.0L-RX 2000-6

Coated in “Prototype Black”, the 2.0L-RX (Racing eXperimental) 2000-6 was designed from the ground up with maximum performance in mind. DOHC 4v per cylinder with triple carb DCOE headers and race exhaust give this engine the capability to easily deliver 100hp/L up to a redline of 7300rpm!

Currently the engine is in the testing phase and will probably not be ready for another year or two, but we expect to be able to push it hp up more by its hopeful first use. Once it gets race proven, we may offer the final 2.0L-R to interested race teams, but until more testing is done and its reliability issues are sorted we simply cant offer it as a fully fledged Wyvern product in good faith.

"But Wyvern!? How Are You Testing This Engine?"

We knew you would ask that, so we might as well show you. Introducing the 2.0L Racing Coupe Prototype!

Painted in what we like to call “Wyvern Racing Orange”, the Racing Coupe Prototype is our most striped out and well balanced Wren to date. Boasting perfect 50/50 weight distribution and uprated suspension and brakes, this car might just be one of the best cars we’ve ever made.

Currently the car is still in development, and so this is not its final form, but as a showcase of where we want to go once we start motor sport it is second to none.

As always, all inquiries are welcome, and we hope to see you on the track in the coming future.