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as a photographer of mostly automotive stuff, i’m really proud to bring you this event - Low As Bass 2014, hosted by Stance.lv

hope you like my photos :unamused:

greets from Latvia and me, the guy that did the pictures xABSOLUTIONx a.k.a. Vadims Jurjevs Kuncs

full gallery found here - goo.gl/aRqEwm

some teasers:

I’m loving the MCM Golf replica :slight_smile:

not sure if MCM replica, but hey, rat style :mrgreen:

Good pictures actually! I like your editing too, subtle but effective.

oh thank you so much, have been working on the editing technique for years :slight_smile:

Absolutely hate stanced cars but I can appreciate the quality of the photography. I really like your style especially the sneaky booty shots :wink:

btw, quick question - would you guys be interested if i will post my galleries for you to see?

Hey, If its cars, im always interested haha!

[size=55]and women[/size]

how about both? :mrgreen:

i have a shoot of an interesting Volvo tonight, will keep you posted

sry for double post, but here’s the Volvo i was talking about -

full album here - goo.gl/Phr03j

These photos are damn nice! Shame about the front bumper on that Volvo. It looks cheap and flimsy, looks like it was in an accident with the pavement and ended up not being aligned properly.

that bumper has been through hell and it is very hard to find a replacement for it, though it give the car a character