Xpert Eleven

Hey all, I’ve had this league going on Xpert Eleven, a football (soccer) management MMO goiing for a couple of months, and I’m looking for new members. I thought I’d go to the communities I frequent and ask for members, as the league has been stagnant since January, after the season finished and I was never able to contact most of the members to get a new one started due to my leave of that particulat community.

Anyway, we’re hoping to have at least 6 people, which is the minimum for a league, but hopefully we get enough to split into two divisions. I do have a Pro account on the game, so the league will have a fancy logo and all that sort of stuff, so I’d really like for people to join.

More about the game can be found on their website, but it basically is more about tactics and transfers, rather than managing the stadium and finances. I hope to start the league on Saturday March 7th. There is a league forum which can be used for communications, as well as a shoutbox.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Facebook signup is heavily broken in both usability and privacy, AVOID USING FACEBOOK TO SIGN UP.

The communities I am posting this to are as follows.

[ul]]Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game/:m]
]Hub.mn - The Micronation Hub/:m]
]My Facebook/:m][/ul]

The link is at xperteleven.com/?lid=351630 and I hope to see you there. :smiley:

Had a look at it, but it seems a bit like Top Eleven, and I spent wayyy too much time with that game, to the point that I don’t have the motivation to get into another browser-based football sim like that again :stuck_out_tongue:

Does look good however, I may come back and try it soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I know what you mean there Pleb. The one thing about this game is that they don’t bleed you dry with microtransactions, just a Pro account with custom logos, extra stats and all that. :stuck_out_tongue: