Years of Identity Challenge

Special thanks to @balkanski_brat for this family photo

General Rules

Years of identity is a challenge made to create and modify yours creations through the years. What It means? The host will choose a theme for the cars and a yearset - that can be initially shared or no - to run the round and subrounds. A round is a theme and a subround is a year. Each round needs atleast 3 subrounds. There Will be a partial Winner for each subround and a winner for each round. The pontuation will be made by the following form:
For the first subround:
Aesthetics: 100
Engineering: 100
Stats: 100
Theme-based ones: 100 for each
The next subrounds would have a marker for identity and inovation.
A person can enter the challenge without participating in a previous subround, in that case, for each no-subround, the pontuation will be the most closer upper year x0.80, but he needs to in enter in at least 2 subrounds.
Rules are subject to change.


I like the idea

With this in mind, it will be almost guaranteed that each entrant to make one entry per round, with one trim of that car for each sub-round. But what if a user submits multiple entries in one round? Will that be allowed?

I Will add a rule, multiple submissions will be allowed, but only 2 at max.
Btw, round 1-1 should be here in that weekend prolly