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"Drive Your Soul"
Yoshida Motor Co. was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1945 during the U.S. occupation. Yoshida produced military vehicles under contract for the U.S. military. After the conclusion of the occupation, the contract ended and Yoshida began to produce passenger vehicles. Their first vehicle would be the Alpinist SUV, derived from the military vehicles they had been producing. Released in 1952, the Zenith sedan proved popular in Japan but had limited success in the United States. In 1958, Yoshida released the Calyx compact sedan. Although failing to capture the interests of land barge buyers, it proved popular with lower income families and those concerned with fuel efficiency. Also releasing the small Zephyr sports car in 1965, the vehicle failed to compete with high power muscle cars. Yoshida had planned to pull out of the U.S. market until the fuel crisis of the 1970s. With fuel prices on the rise and land barges and muscle cars no longer being practical to own, Yoshida had found its niche in the U.S. market. Americans were buying Yoshida's small Calyx in droves. The then newly released Zephyr YTD (tuned by YTD, or Yoshida Tuning Division) proved to be popular with performance car lovers with its high-output 2.0L I6 engine and nimble handling. With their newfound success, Yoshida would proceed to greatly expand their company during the 80s. In the 80s, Yoshida began to expand their lineup in order to overtake domestic manufacturers. Their lineup now included the compact Starling hatchback, midsize Dynasty sedan and full-size Nazareth sedan. In 1985, Yoshida introduced the Eurus, a new performance car to be above the Zephyr. In 1990, Yoshida released the S-GT, which aimed to be their top performance car and a platform to experiment with new technologies. In 1985, they released the Starling YTD, a high performance version of their hatchback. It proved popular with those who wanted practicality and fun in their cars. With performance now at the forefront of the company, it began to introduce performance DNA into its sedan lineup starting in the 90s. Yoshida had decided to expand their YTD lineup in the 90s, using technology from their performance vehicles. 1995 saw the release of the Calyx YTD, with a high output four cylinder engine and a custom made aero kit. Yoshida invested a large sum of money and time into research and development for manufacturing processes and performance technology, aiming to reduce the cost barrier to high-performance motoring. In 2000, the culmination of this saw the release of the Dynasty YTD. The Dynasty YTD was Yoshida's most advanced performance car yet. Building off of their Dynasty midsize sedan, Yoshida equipped it with SuperTrac AWD due to the FWD nature of the original vehicle. The dual MacPherson struts were modified to be advanced adaptive air suspension, able to adjust to any road condition. The engine was a heavily modified, twin-turbo V6 sourced from the top trim model. It managed to make over 400 HP. The car had high sales success with its $30000 pricetag ($45000 today), able to outrun and outhandle its competitors. The YTD line would be expanded upon until 2008, with the recession making fuel thirsty cars unpopular. 2018 saw the return of the YTD line. All YTD vehicles were to be equipped with an updated version of SuperTrac AWD and high-output engines. First it began with the Nazareth YTD in 2018, the Dynasty YTD shooting brake in 2019, and the Starling YTD in 2020. Although Yoshida's passenger cars remain popular, its brand image has long been one of affordable performance. This strategy has proven successful to Yoshida, managing to satisfy both the commuter and enthusiast market. Today Yoshida continues to produce both normal and performance cars. Their only SUV on offer is the Alpinist, tracing its legacy to the origins of the company. To capture the CUV market, Yoshida offers a shooting brake version of the Dynasty sedan and the Starling hatchback, stating that they offer the practicality of a CUV with superior performance. Starting in 2020, Yoshida has included their AI-powered S-IQ safety system with all cars standard.
Current Lineup

Standard Lineup

Starling Hatchback
Calyx Compact Sedan
Dynasty Midsize Sedan
Dynasty Shooting Brake
Nazareth Full-Size Sedan
Alpinist Full-Size SUV

Performance Lineup
Zephyr Sports Coupe
Runabout Sports Coupe (Soft-Top Convertible Optional)
Eurus Sports Coupe
S-GT Supercar

YTD Lineup
Starling YTD Hatchback
Dynasty YTD Shooting Brake
Nazareth YTD Sedan

"Perfection Through Precision"

Hattori is the luxury marque of Yoshida Motor Co., founded in 1988. The aim was to conquer the luxury car market by offering a vehicle more advanced, more luxurious, and less expensive than the American and German competition. Hattori was given plenty of liberty from Yoshida Motor Co., including funding to develop its own exclusive platforms and designs. Hattori's Excelsior luxury sedan changed the game with its 1988 release, with many of those who owned American and German luxury cars coming in to trade in their vehicles for a Hattori. Hattori expanded their lineup in 1995 to appeal to more luxury car buyers, adding the FWD Tridom and RWD Elysium midsize sedans to their offerings. In 2000, the compact Cyon sedan was also included. In 2016, the Shogun coupe was introduced and in 2018, the new flagship Emperor coupe. Hattori introduced their TC (standing for Tsukuba Circuit) spec vehicles in 2006, with the Cyon TC. TC spec vehicles employ the latest in high-performance technologies and powerful V8 engines, designed to conquer any track and set unbeatable lap times. All Hattori vehicles are crafted in Japan. Hattori employs the skill of master craftsmen and advanced technologies to ensure the tightest tolerances in the car industry. Automated processes are developed using the techniques of Hattori's craftsmen to produce superior results. To get even more buyers to make the switch, Hattori offers extensive owner benefits. This includes discounts to certain events and hotels, complementary first and second services and the H-Sync app that connects to an H-Sync enabled Hattori vehicle.
Current Lineup

Sedan Lineup
Cyon Compact Sedan
Tridom Midsize Sedan
Elysium Midsize Sedan
Excelsior Full-Size Sedan

Coupe Lineup
Shogun Coupe
Emperor Flagship Coupe

TC Lineup
Elysium TC High-Performance Midsize Sedan
Shogun TC High-Performance Coupe


Conquering Power, Precisely Controlled

The 2020 Hattori Shogun combines exhilarating dynamics, a captivating interior and unparalleled efficiency to craft a coupe without compromise.

Dynamism Refined

This sleek coupe’s dynamic nature is designed to make a statement.

Now available is the all-new Carmine Red color. The metallic tones combined with bright and dark red pearlescent hues create an alluring paintjob designed to turn heads.

Expressive sporty styling is applied to the exterior. From the quad exhaust tips and rear diffuser to the aggressive front fascia, rest assured the Shogun coupe looks as good as it drives.

Comfort and Tech
A Cordial Cockpit for Driver and Passenger

It wouldn’t be a Hattori without the lavish amenities. Heated and cooled seats, dual zone automatic climate control, 15 speaker Audio-Technica sound system, infotainment with navigation and Sirius XM satellite radio and H-Sync app connectivity. The boldly styled cockpit is a reflection of its sporty nature, yet seeks to indulge the occupants.

As mentioned, the Shogun now is equipped with H-Sync app connectivity. From your mobile device, you’re able to unlock and lock your vehicle, remotely start the engine, even view detailed OBDII reports. At Hattori, we always seek to strengthen the synergy between driver and machine.

Now bundled standard is our AI-powered IQSafe safety system, featuring blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, parking assist and even the ability to stop and steer your vehicle out of would-be accidents. In a Hattori, you can feel secure about yourself and your investment.

Designed to be Driven

293 HP / 5.8 SEC 0-60 / 3.5L V6

Equipped with a 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 making 293 horsepower, the Shogun coupe sprints to 60 MPH in a mere 5.8 seconds. Double wishbone front suspension in tandem with multilink rear suspension creates a setup ideal for carving corners. For those that wish to maximize driving engagement, the track driving mode tightens the steering feel and sharpens throttle response, meanwhile the 8 speed automatic is able to be manually shifted via the shifting lever or paddle shifters. Despite the exceptional performance, the Shogun coupe still manages 33 MPG highway. This is performance without compromise.

Starting at $42,859

Perfection Through Precision



Change the Game in 4.1 Seconds


The 2020 Hattori Shogun TC is an ascension of the already excellent performance of the original Shogun. A pure driving machine unlike any other.

Molded by the Track


The aggressive styling of the Shogun TC exists to do more than simply intimidate. The aero kit is designed to maximize downforce in order the coupe’s 471 horses.
Exclusive to the TC, the striking Sapphire Blue color dares to stand our in a world of dull silvers and whites. Simply put, this vehicle is designed to make a statement before you do.

Comfort and Tech
Designed to Awaken the Senses


As expected of a Hattori, the generous interior amenities found in the original Shogun coupe are still here, including the IQSafe safety system and H-Sync app connectivity.
To make the TC stand out, we gave it a vigorously restyled interior, complete with red tones and genuine carbon fiber trim, a reflection of the racing pedigree within.
Unique electronic gauges have been added, more accurate than analog gauges and change in accordance to the selected driving mode.

A V8 Beast, Domesticated


471 HP / 4.1 SEC 0-60 / 5.0L V8

At the heart of the Shogun TC is a 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine pushing 471 horsepower to the rear wheels, rocketing the coupe to 60 MPH in only 4.1 seconds.
Already boasting incredible finesse on the original, the double wishbone front and multilink rear suspension setup has been modified for an adaptive system. The suspension is actively able to adapt to the operator’s driving style and changing road conditions, ensuring a stable, “on rails” feel.
Replacing the standard automatic is a seven speed dual clutch transmission, boasting lightning-fast shifting for exceptional acceleration.
The Shogun TC has been meticulously redesigned to maximize synergy between driver and machine and create unforgettable experiences behind the wheel.

Starting at $69,452


Perfection Through Precision

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