Your Perfect 3 car Garage?

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Add pictures if you want, also Justify!



Realistically, I’d want to have a bike and a city/fun car. So, I think I’d have:

If I had to have a third though…


I don’t think I have to justify any of these choices.


Do everything

Occasional Fun

Weekend Enjoyment Machine




Iconic cruiser

Actual sporty car that would be tracked


Do everything, daily driver that is practical, yet fun

Fun sportscar/convertible - if not convertible, I’d get a Cayman GT4

Motorway traveller/GT


This is a really tough one. I still am unsure for every single one of those.

Do everything/daily car. Audi RS6

Fun sportscar, the RUF CTR “Yellowbird” a true widowmaker with staggering performance for its age.

Ultra rare GT. The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, a truly amazingly beautiful machine.


Daily driver

Alternative daily … for when there’s salt roads or some other kind of tough conditions

Iconic / weekend car

Edit: haha, @BobLoblaw by your logic I’m 1/3 way there as well :joy:


For carpooling/practicality/roadtrips a Mercedes V-Class

As my personal transport/fun a Carver One

I don’t really have the need for a third one but I guess it would be the Bürstner Nexxo T 728 G

(Or alternatively for cruising a Mercedes SLS)

I feel odd amidst everyone wanting some classics and im here like “motorhomes please”


Like… you know of a better daily?

Something to tweak and fix, while smelling like oil and being all macho… also to drive on weekends

“The old girl”, gets the best treatment at home, gets the worst beating at the track.


###3 Car garage is not big enough…

Daily / winter / everything a 1992-95 Ford F-150 XLT with the 5.8L V8

An original/close to original 1965 Ford Mustang GT350

And to tinker/modify
1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback (preferably the Formula S 340 or modified to those specs or better)


As someone who did briefly own 3 cars at once, I think it’s way more fun to have cheap cars instead of garage queens. And I also like the oddball stuff.

1. Daily Driver and (occasionally) Track Car

Something sporty, yet practical enough for errands, and cheap enough to beat on.
2. Parts/People Hauler

Something to haul all the car parts and other shit I constantly carry around without blowing all my money on gas (I didn’t mention it before, but I own an Odyssey of this generation for the reason I listed above. Perhaps I’ll make a post about that soon).
3. Winter Beater/Offroader

Something to use when the going gets tough, or if I should feel like venturing off the beaten path.

I’m cool with any car that meets these criteria, I’m not set in stone. I just listed the best examples I could think of.


I actually own a Grand Wagoneer (Not this one in the picture) so I guess I’m 1/3 of the way there. I also would not be compelled to paint the charger orange and weld the doors shut.


It would be MUCH easier if it were to be thirteen, or better thirty, not three :smile:

Anyway, the daily:

The cruiser:

The I-need-to-have-this-because-of-reasons:

But in fact I could make quite a few more such sets of cars…

Seems that my choices are too odd for everyone else :smile: But that’s to be expected, and should be like that.


Nissan Skyline R32. Three of them.

R32 GT-R for the daily. Preferably V. Spec II

R32 4-door with swapped internals from a GT-R as a back up / utility car.

JGTC R32 GT-R for the legend. UNISIA JECS is my favorite livery, but any will do.

Since the last one is unrealistic even for dreams… I’ll substitute a modified Nissan 240SX (S13) instead. Engine would be a KA24DE, supercharged with an Eaton M62 mounted hot-side going through an intercooler. Everything firmed up and strengthened, but not lowered. I want more of a light-duty rally car look for her, rather than the usual drift-beater; with some nice all-season tires. Thinking somewhere around 245/60R16. As for looks… the air brakes (pop-up headlights) will be replaced immediately. The rest stays factory, except maybe some fender work or flares if the tires need it. Possibly a front bumper swap; as the US-Spec one isn’t my favorite. Going to have to think about the wheel choice. Volk TE37s are the classic (albiet played-out) choice… but I don’t think they’ll stand up to abuse very well; so I need to find something more suitable.

The reasoning behind my choices is fairly straight-forward… I consider the R32 the perfect car. It has the ideal blend of performance, and suitability for every-day life. Reliability is excellent, and they’re attainable in terms of cost. A LHD conversion would enhance the suitability for the every-day life part though; considering where I am. That or move; as nothing’s really keeping me here.

As for the 240SX… that’s always been my favorite realistic car to own since I can remember. Excellent handling, inexpensive, reliable, and powered by the KA that I know and love. That said… the realistic part is fading away as time passes.

Sigh Depress-tec kicked in, yo.


The daily

The show car

The weekend Cruiser (a bit less iconic than the other 240D but just as bulletproof and much quicker)


@CadillacDave So that’s not just a Giulia, but a Giulia in Carabinieri Livery? Me likey.

Why? It’s sensible, practical, cheap, and good looking.

Show Car (And for driving to all those Automation meetups :wink: )
Why? Well I mean, just look at it. Maggie Thatcher had one of these for a reason.
Just to make it clear, this is the Series 3 V12 model. What other trim would you want anyway?

Weekend Car
Why? Still one of the most well designed cars ever. And I can’t get enough of that shape.


The No-Nonsense Daily

The Weekend Fun Machine

The Go-To-The-Nurburging-Norschlife-And-Back-In-A-Day-Comfortably-Mobile

can anyone guess the theme?


@JohnWaldock 2 seater coupes?

not quite, seeing as the first one is a droptop