Z&M Motors

Welcome to Z&M Motors. We hope to build the best there is. So without further-a-do, the first car rolling out of our shop is (drumroll) The Rant.


Engine model: A-1
HP: 129
Weight: 2790.8 LBs
Estimated MPG:43
Competitors: Honda civic,Toyota Camry,Ford Fiesta

Engine pic:[/attachment]

A few random pics, i know this car doesnt look the greatest, but its not meant to. its just supposed to be a car to get you from point a to point b.

Overall i hope you liked our first car, there is many more to come, and i will find a way to show you the figures in the game.

As a heads up, if you use the img button rather than URL it will display the picture here.

Image button? i cant seem to find it. :confused:

Look down to the options button when you are going to post. Right beside it is an upload attachment button. Click it then hit “Choose File” . Whatever file you choose will get put into the post. I use bandicam to take my shots.

Right up there on the top of the text box