ZELEA Car Company

Hello Again

I Have Created A New Company Called ZELEA. Our Aim Is To Provide A Car That Can Achieve The Fuel Economy Of A Hybrid But With A Normal Engine.

Here Is Abit About Us

We Were Founded In The Year 1999 By Ethan Bayfield As A Way To Compete With The Toyota Prius Hybird And Honda Insight. We Wanted To Create A Low Emissions Car That Everyone Could Afford. And In 2001 We Released The Thunder, Although It Wasn’t A Hybrid It Still Archived More Miles Per Gallon Than The 2001 Prius.

The 2001 Thunder Is Powered By A 1.5L 117HP Engine With A 5 Speed Manual Transmission. It Has A Top Speed Of 126MPH And Gets 53MPG US.

Visit Our Website For More Info zelea.weebly.com/


I Really Like Your Designs, But The Low Graphics Quality Makes Them Quite Hard To See, Medium Graphics Should Be Playable, Even On A Bad Computer.

Yeah, I Play On Medium Settings With My Crappy Laptop, And I Get Decent Framerates. Give It A Try.

And Jakgoe, Your Post Made Me Laugh More Than I Should Have. So I Decided To Copy You. Maybe Capitalizing Every Word Can Be A Thread Requirement? :wink:
EDIT: Exactly What I Meant Jack. :slight_smile:

Only On Certain [size=50](Read: ZanBay’s)[/size] Threads.

Okay Back With A New Design.

The Year Is 2011, And To Celebrate 10 Years Of The Thunder We Release The Storm. Which Features Either A 4.0L 355HP Engine With A Top Speed Of 174MPH Made By Efendi Or A More Mild 3.0L With 302HP. Both Cars Get Over 23MPG And Have The Same Body And Fixtures.

I Like The Storm As Well, But The Back Seems A Bit… Trapezoidal. But That Just Seems To Be The Body Shell You Have Selected.

If Medium Graphics Worked Well, You Should Also Try Enabling SSAO.

I’m Not Sure What SSAO Actually Does, But It Certainly Made The Game Look MUCH Better, And I Also Found That, For Making Screenshots, The Game Is Playable On The Highest Settings Possible. You Will Notice The Increase In Quality Of My Screenshots In The Mille Cavalli Shootout Thread Compared To My Other Screenshots.

Thanks For The Tips.

And Yes I Am Buying The Full Demo Now So I Will Have More Styles Soon.

Ssao Is Not Good For Slow Machines. It’s A Future Proof Measure That Doubles The Rendering To give Very Smooth Running Graphics But At A Huge Cpu/Gpu Load. Build The Car At Low Settings For Frame Rate Then Go High Settings For Screen Shots.

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Nial You Didn’t Fulfill Forum Requirements. We Are Very Disappointed.

Already Fixed, So Tedious On Mobile.

[size=150]Uploaded Some More Cars To Our Website[/size]

Check Them Out Now - zelea.weebly.com/

The Trooper Replaced The Thunder In 2004. You Can Learn More About This Car At Our Website