Zenith Motor Company

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The current flagship model of ZMC is the Orion. A RWD 4 door sedan.

The Orion currently comes in three trim levels. The LE, SE, and GT.


**The ZMC Orion SE is considered the “luxury” model.


The ZMC GT is our top performance model. Powered by the M49MB. The M49MB is a Direct Injected, Individual Throttle Bodied 4.9L v8 that produces 506hp/3435tq. The Orion GT is also equipped with an aerodynamic package for an aggressive look. The car is also substantially lower than other models to provide superb handling.


My eyes burn when I look at how many man hours are needed to make the engine. 1000-2000 is beyond ridiculous. That is $20,000-$40,000 just in labour to make the engines. Yes, the quality sliders are very nice and help a lot, but they make the engines impossible to make in the real world if you overuse them. You might want to consider reducing that.

Also the octane count of your engines is rather low. You want to get it as close as possible to the octane count of the fuel as possible. Try increasing the compression and ignition timing. The cars, however, look rather good!

Another thing. You can see that the engine’s Max power is limited by the rev limiter on the engines. Increase the rpm limit and, although the MTBF will reduce, the power should go up. If you want the power to come in earlier, lower the cam profile if you don’t have VVL or reduce the VVL if you do have it. This will also increase the octane count.

Whoops. Lol I didn’t realize that I didn’t go back and zero out the tech slider. I’ll be sure to fix that.

The engines are still works in progress, but thanks for the VVL tip. I know peak power at Rev limit would make everyone super happy. :stuck_out_tongue: