Zenshi Automotive Japan

*[size=150]Started in 1955 in a small rural area located alongside Nagoya under the name Nihon Senshi Jidōsha Kankain (Japan Zenshi Automobile Workhouse) until 1977, Zenshi has been known for developing practical cars with a sense of performance within them.

From the early ages, Zenshi has been well known for the Grandea premium sports car, the GT sports coupe, and the Axia luxury sedan.[/size]*


[size=150]ZM1 (P55A/P55B) '55[/size]

P55B ZM1 Coupe

The ZM1 was a compact budget car created by Zenshi in 1955 and was the company’s very first car model.

Being a budget car, the ZM1 was created for being the most practical car a casual Japanese family can have without spending much of their money. Two variants were available, a 2-door coupe (P55B), and a 4-door sedan (P55A). Both were equipped with a 3-Speed MT and were powered by a small 850cc pushrod inline-4 (I4) engine with power rated at 34 HP and 41 lb-ft of torque.

P55A ZM1 Sedan

WEIGHT - 612 kg (613 kg for the sedan model)
LENGTH - 3.48 m
WHEELBASE - 2.02 m

ENGINE - GE1P2 Pushrod OHV I4
POWER - 34 HP @ 4,600 RPM
TORQUE - 41 lb-ft @ 3,600 RPM**

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