Zephorus Autos

Zephorus Autos

The (not so) complete story

Zephorus Lore


In rural Cortona, Tuscany.

Borachio Zapachecio is a 10 year old boy, born into a farming family, he has a strong love for machinery and understanding how it works. Helping his father many a time to replace bits on the farming equipment, and after reading about the first Automobile race in history from the monthly newspaper, Borachio knew what he wanted to do in life.


A team of investors, 4 people, including 23 year old Borachio set about to create an exciting car company, it’s name would be Zephoretti Autos, later changing to Zephorus Autos.


Creating the first Zephorus was no easy task, hand beaten panels and a complicated V8 Internal Combustion Engine showed Zephorus to all of 8 people that year. With 2 of the investors backing out after such a disaster it was only Borachio and the Englishman, James Gordon


Taking a big risk, Borachio and James pooled their money together to enter the 1913 Indianapolis 500. The Zephorus SP1 wouldn’t be quick enough to enter, and with only 5 months to build a car they were short on time.

Taking an original Zephorus SP1and stripping the car down, Zephorus created the “R” version. Capable of over 80mph and much lighter than the opponents cars the SP1R should of stormed to victory. Should.
After qualifying on what would be front row, the first three cars lined up, the other 25 are lined up in rows of three. The flag falls and the race is underway, and the SP1R leads coming out of the first turn, by the end of the lap it’s clear from the other cars and begins to build an eventual five-and-a-half lap, eleven-minute advantage over second, and continues to lead uncontested for the next 194 laps… before suffering one of the most frustating failures in motorsport.

A small pin connecting the spark plugs and the battery had snapped, meaning the engine was misfiring on one cylinder. Due to the engine being pushed so hard to it’s limit, producing well over double the original horsepower the piston soon came loose and fired out the side of the engine block, resulting in faliure of the entire car.

Even though Zephorus had not won the $10,000 prize Borachio said it didn’t matter. They had won the hearts of 100,000+ spectators, and soon everybody wanted a Zephorus

1915 - 1925

Zapachecio and Gordon looked into the luxury car market, thinking they could do better than the competition they created the LT1, with several facelifts and body styles the car continued production until 1925, where the remaining stock was used up, with the last models being sold in 1927.


Large luxury cars required a lot of materials, Gordon wanted something smaller and more practical for the narrow streets of the growing cities and devised a sleek 2 door 4 seat luxury car. The added bonus behind this was the car was lighter and quicker than the out going LT1. The KSL was the perfect replacement, running from 1925 to mid 1950’s.


With affordable and easy to maintain cars needed for the war efforts Zephorus created a hatchback, simply “N”. It was successful in its ability to help provide transport and aid during the war, and so production continued after the war, all the way into the late 80’s.


A two seat grand tourer was put into production, with a race version produced alongside until 1962. The GTO stayed in production until 1965. Briefly a luxury touring model was brought in, but it wasn’t very sucessful, and was replaced by a luxury SUV in 1960 which sold until the mid 80’s.


The KSL name is revived until 1980 where production is stopped. The N gets a sport version which runs until 1978 where the model is facelifted. In 1978 a concept for the new GTS is shown at [Redacted] autoshow.


A new 2 seat grand touring sports car is unveiled for production, in 1982 a race version is made for the homologated series of group B, and in 1983 an IMSA version was breifly produced. After a full model facelift in 1990 the model was homologated for another racing series.
Also in 1980 was the companies first true supercar, the Z - S, something so radical it changed the meaning of what a roadcar is.
The new N gets a sport version which runs from 1980 to 1988


With the new facelift of the GTS and Z - S, both got a racing version. the Z - R competed in the world GT1 championship from 1994 to 2009


In 2005 the company was shut down due to unsuccessful sales. Continued to produce race cars and parts for global series customers when needed to keep it’s name relevant, although this was stopped completely in 2009


in 2014 the company was reacquired and started many new projects in attempt to revive the company. An extensive list of hybrid technology would be used thanks to new sister company B1 Alpha.


A pre production concept of the revitalised Z - S is displayed to the public at [Redacted] Autoshow


The company Zephorus Autos announces two brand new cars and two returning names for production. The Z - S was the ultimate high end sports car in the market, a real drivers car. The other returning name was the KSL, which was first produced in 1925. The two new cars would be an SUV with a sport and luxury trim, and a fresh take on a hatchback to make it more practical, also coming with a sporty edition.


A concept for a racing prototype of the famous Z - S, and confirmation of a new hypercar to go into production later that year.


Zephorus continues to expand its range of cars with new hybrid versions of the Z - S, and QN. The Z - X goes into production.


The brand reveals more concepts for a new Z - S, new SUV and new hatchback.

B1 Alpha Lore

Βία was a startup created with the aim of producing electric motors for Zephorus Autos hybrid range, it also produced it’s own cars with help from the Zephorus design team.


Formed in 2016 and working on some concepts to generate media for itself, the company first showed what it could do in 2018 with a Electric hyper GT, and a track only version.


A grand touring car is shown to public with the aim of being more accessible to the general population.


More practical cars are unveiled as exposure grows, a small city hatch and a practical SUV go on sale.

-=Car List=-


Zephorus Paint Codes

Production Plan


Reserved for Z - S




This car is rolling proof that it’s not the size of your engine that matters most, but what you do with it. However, are those 460 horses coming from a naturally aspirated engine, or a turbocharged one? I hope it’s the latter, for the sake of the purists.

At any rate, this is an absolute stunner, in true Zephorus tradition. And the driving experience will most likely live up to those crazy looks.

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Zephorus Autos


1977 Edition

Available in select colours
Or made to order
Ital Green

Flame Scarlet Red


Dusk Blue

Interior Specifications

Brown Performance Leather

Caciocavallo Leather

Wheel Specifications

Golden King

Silver Knight

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence.

Nice!!!, the three year gap is long, but i take breaks from automation to

Zephorus Autos


Z-X – 2023 Edition

The Basis for the Racecar

The same 4.0L V8 Twin Turbo system as in the race going variant, going through the same 7 speed dual clutch transmission. To get to 300mph the 1163hp is output to all wheels, active aero and cooling flaps are also used to increase the cars top speed. A flow optimised undertray helps get the most out of the car, this technology is also present on the racecar.

Available in select colours
Or made to order
Sicily Red

Miura Green


Dusk Blue

Road Interior

Race Interior

Netted racks for storage behind the seats

No passenger seat for fitment of a fire extinguisher

Drastically changing the construction of major components and lightening the interior to only include the bare minimum reduces weight to 1030kgs from 1216kgs. Fitted with grippy race tyres and race aero the Z-X R can pull 2.08gs in the 200m skidpan, compared to the 1.31g from the Z-X. Power is at 804hp to fit within the regulations.

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence.
Didn't want this to go to waste, as I won't be entering LMH with it.