Žnoprešk is coming back from the dead

I guess now it should be called Žnoprešk Necromancy, not Žnoprešk Magic anymore… (for the forum oldies here that can get the reference)

Cough… ehm… so…

Hello there, I’m Norman Vauxhall and it has been a while since my last creation here.
I’ll hope to get back trying to do something with Automation but I was a bit out of touch lately.

A lot of stuff have changed in the car design part of the game lately and I’m completely lost.
I would like to have some suggestions on some good mods or some mod pack to dowload to dust off the rust.
Can someone also point out some tips or tutorials thread where I can take some insipiration and sharpen the learning curve?

Also, I’ll be happy to partner with someone that need some help on the engineering part, cause I think i can still do some decent tricks. Or also I can just work as extrernal consultant.

Glad to see that the community has grown so much.

See ya!


Znop-Znop :grin: I can try helping with the engineering, even though I’m not yet an engine archmage like I used to be before the revamp :wink:

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Hello Hshan!
:thinking: Maybe I’ve expressed myself bad…

I’ll be happy to partner to someone that need engineering, cause I think I still grasp decently the engineering side.
It is more clear now?

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Ah, that way! Yeah, more clear. The ambiguity of the English “-ing” forms :wink: (fun fact - in Polish both meanings would be two different forms)

Anyway, whenever you need anything non-visual I’ll be glad to cooperate, I always liked your brand :slight_smile: Oh, and I can help with CSS a bit.

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Always nice to see veterans from the community coming back, welcome!


Considering that Automation has changed (mostly) for the better since you left your company, now is the time to re-imagine its lore (and by extension, that of its subsidiaries, Blue Marlin and Iurlaro - I remember them from their various Kee-era CSR entries) from the ground up to account for all the updates the game has had since then.

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Oh yes, good to have you back!


Finally, the comeback of everbodies favorite non-pronouceable car company


I have some tricks up my sleeve for chassis and suspension tuning

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I’m always open to listen to suggestions

I could Imagine assisting you in challenges - you give me a car, I tweak it visually and there is your new Znopresk. I am good at interiors, If that’s what makes everyhting difficult.


Hello there!
Thank you for the availability. Also, if you want to partner in a challenge you want, let me know and I’ll give it a try.