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1985 Citroen 2CV6 Spécial





That looks bloody fantastic!

This is no good man, I keep saying “I will end up having another” - this is not helping! :joy:


Considering the 2CV’s significance as the car that put France on wheels after the Second World War, this striking example deserves to be preserved and driven out on public roads as often as possible.



A slightly more fun version. :innocent:


I wish we had this cars here. VW would probably expell them from the country too.


Ready for a run out tomorrow. The Shakespeare Run revival as part of MotoFest. Anyone in Coventry and Warwickshire tomorrow keep your eyes peeled, gonna be some interesting vehicles out there.


MOT day tomorrow for Bumble. Fingers crossed.


Aaaaand…we’re good to go for another 12 months.
Tester noted that the fuel pipe from underneath to the carb could do with a look. Easy fix.
Happy bunny.


MOT guy mentioned that there’s a bit of exhaust gas leaking in the engine bay, so reconditioned the manifold and heat exchangers, smartened up the alternator, new gaskets and heater tubes fitted. Adam, you were right about those carb nuts, absolute pig to reach. Looks a bit smarter now.


Yeah it’s looking much fresher under there than the last time I saw it. I thought there was an exhaust leak somewhere but hadn’t managed to find it as it was just intermittent late in my ownership, some days once it was properly warmed up it made a little pft pft in mid revs under load. Pleased you’ve sorted it.

I can see some of my wiring still exists there as well, please don’t laugh too much - it improved headlight output massively!

Also apologies I am massively late on the history, I’ve not forgotten about it but did find some more when having a pre-Christmas clearout, so I think it’s everything I had with it now.


Definitely not laughing about your wiring. Function wins over form. If it can be made to look good, then all the better. Might get around to tidying up at some point, but see no need to do anything yet…if it works…
Hope you are coping OK in these strange times.