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1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan + hotlap (FINISHED)


This challenge will be running from the 7th of April till the 7th of May (or the 5th), after the deadline I will go trough the submitted cars and rank them from best to worst.

You have to beat this car

It’s the 1992 Izzo FSS, an affordable family sports saloon.
It’s a 4 door sedan, with a standard interior equipped with standard cassette and 4 seats. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre inline 4 cylinder with 16 valve DOHC head, producing a bit under 140 hp and 170 Nm of torque powering the rear wheels.

This car is meant to be fun and practical car for a small family.
Your job is to beat it. Make a car that can beat it in the production line, in the markets and on the track.

The Rules:

  • Your car must be from the year 1992, it can be started in an earlier year for lore sake.

  • Your engine must be made it 1992, again, can be an earlier design updated for 1992.

  • Avoid the use of mods, although some mods may be allowed if you consult me.

  • Your car must be a 4 door.

  • Your car must be made from Steel (any variants of steel) (panel and chassis).

  • Your car must be either FWD or RWD.

  • Your car must have either Medium or Sports Compound Radial tyres.

  • It must have at least 4 seats (regular seats only, no folding stuff).

  • It must have a reliability score of at least 55.

  • It must have a catalytic converter.

  • It must have at least one muffler.

  • It must have a fuel type of either 91 or 95 RON (unleaded).

  • It must have fuel injection.

  • It must have a healthy engine, no broken engines, everything in engine testing must be in the green.

  • It must have fuel consumption under 10L/100km.

  • It must have an engine efficiency of at least 19%.

  • It must have either a manual 5 speed or 4 speed regular automatic transmission.

  • It must have at least standard 80s safety.

  • It must have a comfort rating of 14 or more.

  • It must have a driveability score of 44 or more.

  • It must have at least standard interior.

  • It must have at least basic entertainment.

  • The tyre widths must not exceed 205 in the front and 215 in the rear.

  • Quality sliders should not exceed +3/-3.

  • It must have an engine engineering time of less than a 100 months.

  • It must have engineering time of less than a 100 months.

  • It must score higher than 95 in the family sports segment.

  • And in the end, your car must cost less than 6650 $ in material costs.


  • Make your car resemble the cars from the late 80’s and early 90’s, mainly following styling cues of the time.

  • Your car must have all the necessary fixtures (i.e. Headlamps, taillights, door handles, mirrors, wipers, fuel door, antenna, exhaust, grilles, indicators and badges).


The Lap Time:

Izzo FSS lap

(if you can’t record your lap time, then don’t worry, it’s not completely obligatory for you to record the lap time of your car, since I am going to test these cars myself)

Hopefully you will have made a car that can handle too, so it’s mission is to beat the Izzo’s lap time of 1:15.976.

  • Track - Hirochi Raceway - Short Race track.

  • Setup: 2 laps, standing first lap and hot lap the second (this is for the recording, you are free to drive your car as many times as you want on the track).

  • You must record the laps which you consider your best.
    (upload it to either YouTube or Streamable)

When you are done with your car, just drop the specifications of it here, including the .car file.

P.S. Be gentle, this is my first Automation community challenge, advice on how to make these will be much appreciated :smiley:

Also remember, you don’t have to make a faster car, you have to make a better car, a car that has a better interior, better parts, more affordable and only then faster.

Car file: Izzo - FSS.car (61.9 KB)


That’s pretty unreasonable if it includes airflow restriction.


I’d like to think it’s quite necessary. Although rather unlikely, what’s stopping you from tanking? It’s not a realistic observation considering it’s a “car” challenge, rather than a “driver” challenge, but still…


Alright, but I still want there to be some sort of rule for the quality of the engine.
If it’s a big problem, I’ll remove it.


True, but some users from the discord server said that their computers cannot record while running beam and some don’t have a controller or a steering wheel.

I don’t know, I may need an independent race driver or something :smiley:


Try not to read too hard into it. I realised the stupidity of the comment just after I posted.


good enough idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Nebulari - 2.5 Ekopulse [Stage II].car (28.3 KB)


Is you’re price a Typo?

Is this SALE price, or Material Cost?


Is there a deadline? I’m out of country and therefore away from my PC for the next three weeks from tomorrow, which means the difference between sending out a 30 minute rush job (i.e. not entering) and giving you something you might like!

Also does this mean 6750 in the market tab at 0%? That’s very low. We making Archanan family boxes? Or do you mean material costs? In which case that would be pretty high (unless you use corrosion resistant steel all around, then well that’s pretty expensive lol)

edit: lol ninja’d by lordred


well here is a car that the price costs less $6,750
Geschenk - Kunai XL.car (53.1 KB)


I should probably make an early recommendation: restrict tyre profile. For optimum lap time minimum tyre profile is desirable, but it’s easily possible to go far below even the sporty cars of that year, which at lowest used 45 profile. This may make for some unrealistic builds.

Ignoring what I’m currently assuming to be the erroneously labelled total costs and adhering to every other rule, a reasonable build (read: 120 market score for family sport) may be able to get around Hirochi short in 1:07 (flying). I imagine a min-max build might manage high 1:05. I haven’t yet tested your car around the track but will do so for calibration.


6750 $ in material costs.


Well, thank you for the advice, I was and still am trying to make the rules create somewhat realistic cars, that have a good balance of performance and comfort.


I have a car for this challenge that would be great, but it’s not very lore friendly. Can we make the trim year and engine trim year restricted to 1992 instead of the family year?




Video will be up soon! This is the 1992 Kazume Kurin ZX Turbo.

Kazume Kurin - ZX Turbo.car (59.6 KB)

Kurin stole the kids


Very nice. Will check it out myself soon.


Just change this to Material Costs and you should be good.

Does this mean to say that you can only have 200 in the front and 210 in the rear? It would be less ambiguous to say “no more than” for this kind of rule.

And finally, does only the lap time matter? If so, you’re gonna get something a bit faster from me eventually!


I’ll get working on something…


Your car is pretty top notch :ok_hand:
Except your engineering time is bit too high and has an exhaust mod, other than that, it’s an amazing design, very consistent and very fitting for the period (although it looks dated for the time, it’s originally an '88 car, so that makes sense), only thing I find weird is why you have engine components such as forged conrods and low friction pistons, these arent really needed to make the engine not blow up and you are wasting a bit of engineering time, but what ever, this is your car and it’s wonderful.