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1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan + hotlap (FINISHED)




Winner of the 1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan is @machalel with the AAAA V250 HTX.


And a thanks for participating to:

  • @strop with the (sorry for fucking up, but I thought that it was called the FSBS) Armanda Fore Sport

  • @Centurion_23 with the Kinusoka Jade SLX

  • @Traviq_125 with the Libely Timpo

  • @gridghost with the Scarab Flare

  • @On3CherryShake with the Kazume Kurin ZX Turbo

  • @Anubeia with the Nebulari 2.5 Ekopulse, but was not used for low effort styling and bad handling.

Here is the spreadsheet:

I know this isn’t that well done, I am sorry, this was more of a test for me to get a hang of how to do an Automation challenge, and I won’t be doing one anything soon or maybe ever again, this is a lot of work :disappointed:


It is! But yours was well done! Enjoyable to follow even if I didn’t enter it. Good job!


Thank you MGR_99 for letting me have my first win of a challenge! :slight_smile:
Glad to see that the V250 hit the exact mark for what I was aiming for.

I guess this means I should probably get around to writing up the challenge I’ve been mulling over for a while…