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1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan + hotlap (FINISHED)


In an hour and 30 minutes and it’s the end of submissions.

My plans are to evaluate the cars for what they are, some comparisons, do some laps and choose my favorite.
All this will be presented in a video, but idk when It will be done.

So, hurry up if you haven’t submitted!


i almost forgot.

a spicier version of the Kunai

The Geschenk Kunai TX
FWD and 230 HP
Geschenk - Kunai TX.car (57.2 KB)
i don’t got time to wait on Streamable sooo


oki doki,
Now the submission period has ended.

Now I’ll have to do some work.


Hey :wave:, how’s going with the challenge?


Haven’t forgotten it, just have been a little lazy and a little occupied. Exams end this week, so I may be getting to it this weekend perhaps.




is there still time to get an entry in?
or it is closed


Entries closed two and a half weeks ago.

At any rate, I am mildly disappointed that there aren’t as many entrants as I had hoped - only seven submissions were confirmed before the deadline.


I may be the only one, but I originally thought this was a “make your car and post up your lap times” competition, hence I almost didn’t enter as I’m only using a keyboard and wouldn’t be competitive at all. I only entered when I re-read the details and realised that you would be driving them for the final results :slight_smile:


This is indeed what it read like for the most part. The only hint that it would have been otherwise was this:

The next mention of this does technically underline the importance:

But there is actually no mention of how this is to be judged, so one could be forgiven for not really knowing how important it is or how the whole thing is supposed to have worked. Especially since “better parts” and “more affordable” are vague and seemingly contradictory mission statements.

I’m told this is something OP was working out on the fly seeing as it was their first time, but obviously I’m specifying what the issues are so they can consider when hosting future events.


Next pages coming soon, I guess.


<.suspense intensifies.>


Sorry that it’s taking so long, had to do some manual labor yesterday and couldn’t be arsed to do anything after that.


Looks good so far though, if the judging isn’t too compromised from you having to change approach halfway, the presentation could pull it off!


Sorry for taking so long, will try to get this finished today if I can.


posted unfinished version before…


blue man gang


lmao goddamn door handles I swore I had em on when I sent it in. I also thought I told you the car’s model name and stuff but I probably forgot :sweat_smile:

Doesn’t matter. This thing abused the notion of the original car anyway and was designed purely to 1) squeeze in the stats 2) go fast. You can definitely say it was a “concept”, haha. Speaking of which you didn’t post the time you got.


oh noooo

Okay I fixed it.