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1992 Family Sports Budget Sedan + hotlap (FINISHED)


I would like to remind you that sometimes the optimal setup for turbos is to not have them be green. forcing everything to be green is pointless and extraneous when you could just read the reliability stat like everyone else who hosts these kinds of challenges.


Turbos, by their nature, restrict airflow through the engine (since it uses that air pressure to spin). The greater the pressure (restriction), the greater the boost. Truly optimized turbos will not be in the green. Usually deep yellows at best.

Even modern normally aspirated engines run better with a bit of back-pressure in the exhaust. Trying to get exhaust airflow to 100% means losing around 20 hp and even more torque. I would only consider the stress on crank/pistons/conrods etc. as factors to engine reliability


Do we have to respect the reliability rule? I downloaded some of the post’s entries and they don’t reach 55


Yes, lets just forget the green engines for turbo’d cars and such.
As said this is my first competition, so there are some loose ends and oddities,


Navis - SD T4.car (64.3 KB)

1:10:877 Hotlap
P. S. I have an issue with exported cars in BeamNG: they spawn in white colour.

It took me hours to set this time, but it feels like there’s more seconds to cut.



Dang, I can get everything except the reliability rating. and nothing I change gets it close without causing another stat to dip under the limit :frowning:

EDIT: cancel that, I tried again from scratch and think I’ve got one…

Introducing the 1992 Australian American Automobile Alliance (AAAA) V250 HTX (39.4 KB)


Alright, going to check it out now.
Also, nice SAAB :smiley:


Sweet, alright. Going to check it out now, also I don’t have a wheel either, but if you are a keyboard driver, that previous cars’ handling makes sense now.


Car coming soon…:grin:


This is my entry, the 1992 Libely Timpo 1.6L Turbo.

Hotlap video(1:09.632): https://youtu.be/rsODIgYhw6Y
Car file: Libely - Timpo.car (47.3 KB)

P.S. Sorry for the delay and the video quality.


Great! Love to see a different body used!
If there wont be any new entries soon, I just might make a video about the cars entered, will wait till tomorrow.


I should have one incoming, I almost forgot.

Will edit this post when done.


This thing’s about 80kg heavier than it ought to be but eh it’ll do. The original spec could do a 1:04 which was absolutely bonkers but I basically modified it to suit this thread. 2L turbo 209hp FWD, weighs about 1023kg in Automation (probably a bit more than that in Beam).

Anyway, it goes fast. And it should sell well. Dunno about how realistic it is for 1992 though lmao.

Replay link is here:

Car is here:

FSBS - strop - Fore Sport.car (31.6 KB)


Is this a hatchback meta appearing in the sedan challenge

w o t

also does partial aluminum count as a form of steel?


Well, no, only steel, corrosion resistant or galvanized.
You can use a hatchback if you want, as long as its got atleast 4 doors and 4 seats, it counts.


aww there goes 2300 lbs. Alright, gotta hotlap and tune a bit but I’m going to try and enter


yeah it was kinda buried halfway in the thread. This is almost shut now but for future reference it would be worth clarifying things like this in the thread title or OP.

…tempted to run sedan version as it doesn’t gain much weight either you know. Coz a hatch is pretty heavy.


10 pounds is 10 pounds, gotta have a faster car if I’m using controller :wink:


ha, I’d bet real money or at least something really juicy in Automation that you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of producing a time I couldn’t beat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

/exaggerated trash-talking

oh hey I kinda like how this sedan looks reminds me of a Daihatsu Charade sedan…

shitbox spectacular!

This post may be edited if I get the time to run the sedan.


As you can see it is absolutely no slower than the hatch (in fact I can drive it even faster) despite being up by a spectacular 6kg.


1:14… i got work


My entry, the 1992 Kinusoka Jade SLX

Kinusoka - Jade SLX.car (35.0 KB)


make a civic but its not a civic nyeh

some of you might remember its cousin and its not so good performance in another beam related challenge… but i promise i made it better this time