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2005 GTCC - Global touring car championship


Quazar? That name sounds familiar…


ET is too low


I managed (without any too significant negative impact to engine power, fuel economy or drivability). 110 or 115 would be acceptable as well, but then you’d have to make almost no comprimises.


i’s really not. i’ve made a competent car under 100 and 40


Check if you mixed the PU and ET values. I can’t do any engine with that ET.


If you read the rules you would find that there are no limits for the engine.

I assume he means the final pu and et seen at the end


99 and 39. it’s easily doable.


Its not very clear but yeah, the limits are under Car Rules, The engine has no limits I guess.


no there are limits, its just based on the total values at the end


ill confirm, The engines PU and ET are unlimited, its the final value at the end


Wait, I can quality spam the engine to an ET of 830 and the car ET will still be 34.5. Is that how it is supposed to be?


I’m guessing this means everything


oh, sorry, figured I missed something


Yep. Is not very clear, plus my English…


Wait was that there from the start? I missed this then… So no positive or negative quality anywhere?

See, this is why I only posted a teaser.


Is light AHS allowed?


No, however I will try and update the post to make it more clear about the rules


Ah yes, one more thing, are LSDs allowed? If so, mechanical only or are we allowed to use electric ones?


Any chicest of diff or power steering is allowed


Any no quality points anywhere at all? Or are we talking about the chassis only?