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2005 GTCC - Global touring car championship


0 quality points anywhere to stop abuse mainly


Yeah sure, just want to be clear. If anywhere, the rule should also be added to engine rules. Or can that one have quality points?


It’s quite hard to fit the car in 100PU :cry:

EDIT: nevermind.


And everywhere, car and engine:

GTCC 2005 Teaser 2 - Full introduction of car, team and driver soon:

Because honestly I'm still not quite sure I've got all the rules correctly and/or optimally interpreted now.


NR5 Racing Division

The Car:
The car of choice is the 2005MY TSR Itakara 1st gen.

-NR5 trim shown

The Itakara has undergone a massive overhaul to make it to a GTCC race car. Using NR5’s RF6-20A (2.0 litre Inline 6 NA Racing Engine) which produces 320HP @ 8600 RPM and a redline of 9000 RPM with bulletproof internals, the Itakara is really reliable. It also uses an FIA-approved space-frame chassis made from AHS Steel. It is tuned by NR5 itself. Every carbon fibre part is used as much as possible (without breaking the GTCC rules).

-TSR Itakara GTCC race car

The Crew:

NR5 Racing Division Manager and CEO: Kai Shinomiya
A genius in the racing world, he’s always planned and ready for every obstacle in his way. He has 20 years of management experience (from Katana Racing Team).

NR5 Crew Leader: Min Jun-Seo
A korean in a Japanese company, he’s also a genius which is to be expected. He also gives advise for tuning for the engineers.

NR5 Racing Driver: Akira Takashi
Have many experience with other car companies in racing, he recently change to NR5 Racing Division. He is highly skilled. His only weakness is saving after a crash.

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    Does that include for the engine as well?


Not intentional at all - I haven’t read through most of the Company threads yet. It’s a name I’ve had for a while for my Nissan Pulsar equivalent car (and name inspired by) - just never shared on this forum.

At least its spelt differently? :stuck_out_tongue:


@DukeOFhazards is 100PU a hard limit, or is there some +/- leeway?

also, can it also be front lip, rear lip, instead of front lip, rear wing?


Maybe I just suck at engine building, but I can’t see how 320HP using 0 quality sliders, no turbo, and only 2L in 2005 is possible…


I did use quality sliders…


ah phew, that’s a relief… I’m not that hopeless then :stuck_out_tongue:


It can be any 2 aero parts, and I will allow a car with a tiny bit over (+1) unit and under is ok


I have edited the post to make rules morre clear


The Team: Sinistra Racing

  • While it has changed names a few times over the years, this performance division of Sinistra Motors has been around since the company was started in 1947. While there’s only a small amount of evidence of their participation in races, they’re particularly known for bottom-of-the-field finishes. Despite this, they still turn up to events and the crew seems to have a good time anyway.

The Driver: Luke Sinistra

  • The founder of Sinistra Motors, Luke happens to be keeping secrets from everyone. Rumor has it people saw him at an ASCAR race in 1987, and he looked the same then as he does now. He’s come prepared this time with his own custom blend of racing machinery.

The Car: 2005 Sinistra Menacer GTCC

  • Staying true to form for Sinistra, this racing car happens to be using a specially derived Inline 4, 2-liter engine, following race specifications with no VVL and no VVT. While Luke and his engine design team agree that the lack of VVL is barbaric and that the lack of VVT will limit the potential performance, they feel the engine is ‘adequate for the demands.’ The Menacer uses a standard Sinistra L-FWD transaxle and limited slip differential, as Luke hopes the familiar driveline will give him a ‘competitive edge’ in the competition.
    As for the factory version? It’s built on a unibody chassis and can be bought with either a 2-liter inline 4 with VVL and VVT, or a 3-liter V6 with VVL and VVT. Either variant can be purchased with optional turbochargers if desired, along with your choice in 6 speed stick or 6 speed Advanced Automatic.


So the limit is 101… I mean that’s quite ridiculous.


The limit is 100, but if a car has 100.3 I’m bot gonna penalise it


Look, I understand if it’s a design competion, but with lap times there need to be some hard limits. Either it’s 100, it’s 100.5 or 101. Whatever it is, cars should be aimed at the upper limit. Not the upper limit and then some.


It’s been stated as 101…100 + 1.


Which in a competion like CSR I fully understand because it may give a subjective penalty. But with lap times, this just means a hard limit of 101.

I’m fine with a hard limit of 101. It should just say 101 then.


Ferrain Sferfect GTCC

(Sorry for bad quality but i made this photos in 4k)
The Team :Ferrain PL Team
-It’s a new team created in 1998 ,when was created a prototype of Hypercar with 13.1liter rotary engine with power almost 5,000Bhp.They don’t have experience in races but they can make almost good engines that can have 220Bhp from 1.7V6 without anything on 91 octane fuel.

The Driver:Shin Ztami
-He is a founder of Ferrain.He loves driving cars.He raced in city and other etc.His style of race is almost that same as “Shinigami” from Initial D.He hates AWD

The Car: 2001 Ferrain Sferfect GTCC
-That car have 1.7liter V6 engine that follow race specifications and have power better than 230hp (Less than 250hp).This is first racing engine of team but engine didn’t reach maximum potential.
Car is FWD and Power/Weight ratio is 1hp/4kg.It was city car with 1.6 engines and 1.8l.That car had only 5speed manual gearbox in road car but in GTCC version have 6speed gearbox.