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2007 Toyota Blade Master G


Well, over here we have a government organisation called the DVLA that are responsible for the licensing, registration of cars etc.

They have a specific pack that you order from them with forms in to fill out for regstration of the car when it turns up here after it clears customs, in order for them to decide what number plate it’ll have and how much they’re going to tax you for it’s existence on the road every year. Lovely.

They don’t have the best reputation for speed so I thought I’d order the pack now as it usually takes a few weeks for things to get sent out from them, so of course it’s turned up in 3 days. The car is still in the agent’s yard, look, it’s hiding over the back:


Anyway, nothing like being prepared.


Hype man. Exactly what I wanted it to be.


That’s a RX7 FC!!!


Ahh yes the well known Toyota RX7 FC. One of the rarest JDM classics.


The car that apeears before the Toyota, is a FC…


For anyone that hasn’t worked it out yet (although many have) there are a couple of fairly clear shots of the front end from their Land Cruiser video today, hiding behind a different RX7.


The fact you changed it from 20XX to 2007 dive bombed my interest… no offence :joy:


That’s alright, I’m not offended, although I’m not sure what year in there you’d have been looking for. As I say people are working it out by now.


I was thinking 2000-2002 when the great 90’s sports cars were still around


Fair enough, this is certainly none of those, lovely things but not really what I was after.


it’s gonna be a Caldina


No, definitely not a Caldina, plenty of those here already and as much as it’s my sort of thing, didnt fancy the idea of a 4 speed auto and 25mpg very much. You’re on the right lines though.



Toyota chaser?


Toyota Wish?


It’s gotta be something sharper.


Also require some mastering.


Toyota Blade?



That’s the posh E150 with V6 no?


It is @vmo yes, the Auris body and interior with some tweaks, mostly being the 3.5 V6 and 6 speed auto, with proper independent rear suspension as opposed to what most had.

Mine has the daftest/best name in being a Blade Master G, Master signifying V6 and G meaning it is the top spec (it’s a pre Version L car).

I’m sure it’ll be terrible fun.