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2007 Toyota Blade Master G


I didn’t acknowledge the existence of a V6 powered Auris until now, and it even has the bulletproof 2GR-FE in it. What a fun and wonderful car it must be!

I can’t help but think of it as a Golf VR6 brought up to modern standards, with a huge bump in power and reliability.


It’ll be like a slightly better Dodge Caliber SRT4, terrible handling but fast in a straight line. A sleeper par excellence.




That’s the expectation. Not expecting the handling to be too shocking as I’ve tried the 2.2 diesel we got here and it’s fairly alright, with not a huge difference in drivetrain weight.

As a quick, quiet, comfortable, not horrendously expensive to run and slightly strange mile muncher though I’m expecting it to be excellent. Still probably gonna try and get it onto track at some point though.


This reminds me I’ve just bought one of those as well…


strange how that is also an apt description of myself.


I’ll do this properly later because I’m at work, but this is the first I’ve seen of it properly:

Pretty much looks like the worst news with it is that it needs a serious clean, I can live with that, quite pleased so far. The important bit is there.


I predict.

“That is one weird Toyota Auris.”


So there it is… the infamous Toyota that messed my brain up. And it was an Auris(ish).

Still, it’s a mental piece of kit for an Auris! The Blade is like the Lexus CT200 that never happened (but should’ve). I suspect many will tilt their heads to read the rear lettering, when they notice the front badge doesn’t match an Auris’s…

Also, how is the engine only half-dirty? Did the seller take pics as he was cleaning the bay? :stuck_out_tongue:


The first thing that came to mind when I saw it



The ultimate sleeper car (OK, Q-car in this case). A 280-horsepower V6-powered “Corolla”. I love it! :heart_eyes:


2GR-FE in that, the fuck,id buy that

Also, hows dealing with Derek and Pacific Coast Auto?


Not a clue, was wondering that myself but I assume it’s just been how it’s parked, if it’s been left in the auction house with the bonnet open or something.

Haha I can see where you’re coming from to be fair.

Yeees someone calling it a Q-car same as we do, nobody really says that much anymore. My Dad drives the 1.6 Auris so, should be a strange comparison.

They’ve been brilliant, even though I suspect I was a bit of a nightmare customer early on as I hadn’t done it before and didn’t have much luck at the end of the market I was bidding at, as a lot of these cars are super low mileage.


What’s that little orange pickup in the background?

Very interesting front end on that Auris, though.


Toyota bB Open Deck, it’s their company car.


Video is up, you’ll see what I mean about it needing a good clean:


Describe Toyota Blade Master G here.

It’s a Lotus Evora going in reverse.


Well, whoever this English person getting the car is, I’m sure he’ll need to bust out the vacuum to get rid of all those leaves… Those seats look rough, though. Either way I’m sure this mysterious UK person has many plans.

I’ll bite;

It’s the anti-yesman Lexus CT.


Mysterious English person has a door handle trim, steering wheel and leather repair kit waiting for it’s arrival. :wink:


Is that almost vertical stick sticking out of the dash a handbrake? That’s like in the top 2 strangest handbrakes I’ve seen along with the Ford Galaxy’s suitcase handle