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2015 Toyota GT86 Giallo D-4S


Well, this is the replacement for my Prius. Up to now I only have these pictures, been too busy enjoying it to take any more up to now. I’ll get some more and write a bit about it later on.


Ahh, they market that as a Scion over here. Looks like a fantastic new ride.

If I had the money for a replacement car, this would be on the narrow list of modern vehicles I would buy, be sure to share more!


Awesome car, awesome color. :wink:


Welcome to the club. I just bought a white FR-S Monogram myself. :wink:


Turns out it's doing pretty well on my commute as well so far.


40 mpg (imp) is about just under what I got with the MR2, I'm just 82 hp down.
If you can keep that average you are doing better than almost everyone else (looking at spritmoniter two guys are doing better than 7l/100km which is what 40 mpg imp converts to)

Awesome car btw but I told you that already :wink:


This car is an absolute class! Even if it's the same colour as both banana and minion.


Given the car it's first wash since I got it, but in the style of typical British weather, the rain is coming:

Took it to Croft for a Toyota event today, so here are some pictures from there:



Prius to this, damn...


From what I remember, you can buy a Scion FRS anywhere.. It's the Subaru BRZ that's exclusive to north america, and the GT86 is sold everywhere else.


Nope, other way around. Scions are only sold in America.


Yeah we also get BRZs here, but they sell in much smaller numbers. Not that the GT86 has been a great seller in this country either.


I've seen plenty of GT86s over here, VERY little BRZs. I guess the main market for the GT86 is Eastern Asia and the Middle East.


Supposedly, this year in Europe combined, there have been 853 GT86s sold and 211 BRZs. The figures are worse when you look at the cars' first 3 years. Toyota sold 13480 in Europe 2012-2014 inclusive, while Subaru only sold 1849.


I believe it was the plan to sell less BRZ from the start, probably to make it more exclusive.


Over here at least, as far as I know Toyota agreed that Subaru would cap sales so as not to take as many from the Toyota. Except the Subaru never got anywhere near that cap.


Hope you don't mind if I share, too.

BTW, I just installed my first mod, polyurethane tranny mount insert. Best $30 I've ever spent on a car, highly suggest getting one as the stock mount is poop. I'll be prepping the car for SCCA STX class autocross, wheels, tires and coilovers should be going on in the next few months. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should make your own thread :wink:


Out of curiosity, do you have any bother with 2nd, especially when cold? I find that mine is quite crunchy and refuses to go down into it for the first few minutes of driving. Does this help with that at all? Is there any noticeable change in vibration through the car with it fitted?


I thought about it, but it seemed silly having two threads for essentially the same car.

I've never had a problem with second, but I live in a warm climate. I have, however, occasionally had problems downshifting from fifth to fourth and upshifting from second to third. Clutch fully in, but the shifter just hits a brick wall and won't go in. A lot of guys recommend changing both the trans and diff oils as soon as possible. When I dumped them at 12k miles the fluids were dark and there was enough metal shavings on both magnetic drain plugs to fill an Etch-A-Sketch. So far it seems to shift smoother, but it's only been a week so I'm not 100% sure it's solved the issue. There is a very slight increase in vibration with the mount insert, but I don't find it objectionable at all. Much less annoying than having the shifter flop all over the place when driving. You can see how much the driveline actually moves in this video: