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2017 Antiyita International Motor Show

#Special Event
Mekong Automotive are proud to introduce the company's first ever self-designed cars, the **Dang-Yeu** and **Vui-Ve**! With these two cars, we set out to prove that ultra cheap driving needn't be dull, dangerous or undiginified.
Welcome to the new standard for budget cars.

#2017 Mekong Dang-Yeu
Translation: “Lovely”

Dang-Yeu packs all the car you’ll ever need into a neat, cheap package. 5 seats, a big boot and plenty of space inside means it provides all the practicality you’d expect of a vehicle like this, yet it’s also very efficient and reliable, meaning you never need worry about cost of ownership.

Tough enough to take on rougher roads yet also stylish enough to suit an urban backdrop, the Dang-Yeu is well suited to the South East Asian car environment. It also has ample performance for use on motorways, meaning long distance trips can easily be made.

As standard, all trims come with a 6 speed manual gearbox, 16" steel rims, all round disc brakes, power steering and ABS.

LIVE Trim - from $11440
Powered by Pureon 1.2l TDi (85 hp), 0-60: 12.9s
Basic radio/CD player, heater, cloth seats, some plastic body panels

BURST Trim - from $12495
Powered by Pureon 1.4l Di (0-60: 10.3s
Basic radio/CD player with aux input and two extra speakers, heater with basic aircon features, cloth seats with more material choice

#2017 Mekong Vui-Ve
Translation: “Happy”

The Vui-Ve is the perfect choice for the first time car owner. Small yet spacious, good boot space and superb all-round visibility, it’s easy to drive and fun to own. There’s seating for four inside, with extra head room to ensure all passengers are comfortable. Plus, combined with the fold flat seats and low boot lip, this allows for large items to be transported easily.

Being a small car, the Vui-Ve is very well suited for city driving. It can be parked in even the tiniest of spaces, and is easy to maneuver. It also makes it light, meaning it’s incredibly efficient, which will reassure the money-conscious buyer.

As standard, all trims comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox, 14" steel rims, front disc brakes, power steering and ABS.

LIVE Trim - from $8034
Powered by Pureon 1.0l TDi engine, 0-60: 15.5s
Basic radio/CD player, heater, cloth seats, plastic body panels

BURST Trim - from $9996
Powered by Pureon 1.2l TDi (85 hp), 0-60: 11.9s
Basic radio/CD player with aux input and two extra speakers, heater, cloth seats, plastic body panels

The Dang-Yeu and Vui-Ve are set to go on sale in Q3 of 2017 in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, before arriving in Thailand and Myanmar in Q4 of 2017. The company intends to extend to Anikatia, Korea and Indonesia in 2018.


The fastest, most drive-focused evolution of the Rennen Angeles ever.

For 2017, Rennen unveiled the 2018 Rennen Angeles in the sportiest R trim at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show. Revealed on the 10th of May in Antikatia, the Angeles R was released for Rennen’s 51st anniversary. Even more driver-focused than before, the new Angeles R is designed to provide maximum smiles per gallon.

Sedan R trim in Cavansite Cerluean Metallic.

Sedan R trim in Cavansite Cerluean Metallic.

Sedan R trim in Cavansite Cerluean Metallic.

***Rennen. Perfection in Performance.***

More information can be found here.


With this post, the LaVache brand will officially be launched in Anikatia.

LaVache proudly unveils the new Ramjet RT5 R, our most radically performance oriented car yet.

It is powered by the new 4.4L V6 and equipped with two turbochargers producing 595hp. This engine will soon make its way into an undisclosed future LaVache race car. The RT5 R utilizes Nürburgring-tuned suspension with Active Roll Stabilization to maximize its on track performance. As standard it features 315/25R22 Wheels front and rear wrapped in Pirelli P Zero N1 Tires for ultimate mechanical grip, aided by a special aerodynamic package giving up to 450kg of Downforce. Two transmission options are available, a 6-speed Manual or an 8-speed IMP 885AE-S torque converter automatic.

The RT5 R can be ordered now at a starting price of $68,795.

2018 LV Ramjet RT5 R:
4.4L DOHC Twin Turbo V6, 595hp, 595ft-lb, 1895kg, RWD, 0-60 3.8s, 180mph


2018 Cornaldie Automotive Avalore S and Avalore GT 250

We at Cornaldie are proud to introduce our first car for the Asian domestic markets. We present to you the Avalore!
The Avalore will be launched with 2 variants in early January of 2018, the S trim as standard, and the GT250 as the sport package.

2018 Avalore S

2018 Avalore GT 250


#Welcome to Shromet Automotive.
For the 2017 year, the American manufacturer makes it’s debut in Anikatia.
Starting out, we are unveiling the refreshed 2018 Shromet Parvus.
##2018 Shromet Parvus.

Style, Comfort, Practicality are no longer items solely for the wealthy. Gaze upon the striking exterior of the Shromet Parvus. It’s striking, it’s dynamic. It is in complete control no matter where it goes, on or off the road.

##It’s variable, it’s dynamic.
The 2018 Shromet Parvus comes as standard with a 310 Horsepower 4.1 Liter V6. Coupled to an 8 Speed automatic transmission, this Crossover gets 24MPG combined. It’s a full size car, with mid size fuel economy.

##Make Every Trip Enjoyable.
The driver and the passenger both relax and enjoy heated front seats, and dual zone automatic climate control. We’ve spent countless hours insuring the Interior is a quiet, noise free place to be, with aerodynamics designed to funnel wind noise away from the interior. There’s more to ensure sublime comfort. We manage the ride via computer assisted dampers to ensure that absolutely nothing spoils your isolation.

###Power, Luxury, Economy, Practically. All of this can be yours. Visit a shromet Dealership today to find out exclusive offers on the new 2018 Shromet Parvus.
#####msrp: 32,480, Excluding offers/incentives.

89th International Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show 2019)

Welcome to the AL Autos Booth!

AL Autos is proud to bring a wide variety of cars with us to AIMS! The vehicles we have with us at AIMS are bound to appeal to all audiences from small but practical compact cars, to sporty sports cars, to luxurious vehicles. So without further a do, let’s do our first two reveals!

The AL Autos Rursus (Trim Shown: 477 S)

The Purpose

The AL Rursus is meant to be a comfortable sports car meant to tear up those mountain roads/highways while also being able to tackle those small city streets. This is accomplished through it’s compact yet aggressive body, cleaver suspension, and sporty engine.

The Performance

Speaking of engine, the AL Rursus features an all new 3.1 L turbocharged straight 6 producing 477 HP to the rear wheels of the car (Will soon be available with a turbocharged 4-cylinder). This is connected to a 6 speed manual transmission, and an electric LSD. In addition, the Rursus also has 245F/275R AL Sport Compound tires, and Double Wishbone front suspension/MultiLink rear suspension. This recipe of beauty allows this car to go from 0-62MPH in 4.3 seconds, achieve a top speed of 170.0 MPH (273.6 KPH), and clock a 1:19.8 on the Top Gear Test Track.

The Fun Factor :sunglasses:

No matter what type of tarmac you are on, how fast you’re going, or even if you are inside/outside the car, the Rursus really delivers that feeling of enjoyment no matter what.

Visit your local AL Autos dealer for more information.

The AL Autos Latissime (Trim Shown: 584 XLES)

The Body

The body of the Latissime was designed to embody the feeling an SUV should give you: Power, Superiority, and “Woah”. The curves, the light fixtures, the grilles, and the wheels will have any passerby wondering what prominent figure is sitting behind the wheel.

The Luxury

The Latissime, on the inside, compliments the stunning looks that you get on the outside. AL Autos has pulled out all the stops with the interior of this car: Premium Nappa Leather Seats, 12 Speaker Bowers and Wilkins Sound System*, Polished Wooden Trim, Massaging front and rear seats*, Rear entertainment screens*, Front and *Rear Climate Control, and AL Autos’ AL Connect Infotainment System: USB capability, HD Radio, Hands Free Satellite Navigation w/ Real Time Traffic and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to see what attractions are nearby, make reservations, check sports teams scores, weather forecast, and so much more!

The Safety

AL Autos cares about the safety of our drivers and their families which is why we’ve put in many standard safety features into the Latissime: AL Shield which detects obstructions such as pedestrians, animals or other motorists and automatically applies the brakes, 12 standard airbags, an overall 5 star safety rating, AL Vision (a night vision system that detects and outlines any animals or people at night time when activated), and in the event of an incident, AL Autos AccidentManager which will automatically turn on hazard warning lights, unlock doors, stop the car, contact emergency medical services and send them to your car (depending on level of incident).

The Performance

The trim on view for the Latissime features a 4.5 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 Engine producing 584 HP. This accompanied by a 7 Speed Automatic Transmission, a Longitudinal AWD system, and 275F/285R AL Tires. This recipe allows for the Latissime to go from 0-62 MPH in 5 seconds, achieve a top speed of 163.7 MPH (263.4 KPH), and acquire a 1:26.9 on the Top Gear Test Track. In other words, the Latissime puts the Sport in SUV.

Visit your local AL Autos dealer for more information!


AL Autos Rursus
Top Model (Shown): $55,824
Base Model: $41,262
Secondary Base Model (Projected) (4-cylinder): $31,540

AL Autos Latissime
Top Model (Shown): $116,429
Base Model: $81,248
Secondary Base Model (Projected) (V8 N/A): $62,851
Third Base Model (Projected) (V6 Hybrid): $47,185
Fourth Base Model (Projected (V6): $31,585

AL Autos would like to thank you for joining us at this presentation! Look forward to the reveal of the rest of our wonderful machines as AIMS continues!

AL Autos Official: News Update (2/9/2020): We're On Our Way Back!

(With the release of the Yatagarasu, the Entropy and Nine-50 will be retconned out of existence. I will explain my reasons later)

Dimension and Microsoft have entered a sponsorship agreement. To show this, the 2017 Yatagarasu will be the cover car of the next Forza Motorsport installment.

(Photoshop credit to @ramthecowy)


It’s a pity that cars created in Automation can’t be used in any other driving game yet, but that thing definitely deserves to!


#Press-Only Days
Welcome to the first daily round-up of Antiyita 2017! I’m your host, Gavin Anderson, the world’s most metrosexual automotive journalist, covering on behalf of Splendid Auto Monthly who are here at the Anikatian capital for the first time ever.

North East Asia is fast becoming one of the largest car markets on the planet, with many rapidly developing nations are seeing increasing demands for cars. Some experts are predicting that within 20 years, there will be a European-sized car market in China, let alone the rest of the region. It’s no wonder then that car makers are vying to get early footholds in this market, and we’ve seen a glimpse of that over the past two days as a multitude of big announcements have been made.

Antiyita’s ever growing car show is now playing host to more companies than ever before, and its importance is very clearly being shown now more than ever. The only question left now is: what has the automotive world got on offer?

In honor of the late Robert Miles, today’s music of choice is the eternal Children (Dream Version).

Before the show began, two further teasers were made by automakers. Monolith gave us a showcase of their 1991 Artisan Turbo, a hyper-pickup that was in essence a road-going Dakar truck. The significance of this will hopefully soon be revealed. Zavir then gave us a date - May 12th - for a new car almost definitley called the ‘Spider’. Well for gods sake, how can any car fan not be excited when the car in question has got the word ‘Spider’ in its name!


Sinistra kicked things off by arriving in style with a fleet of their two new sedans, the Arctic and the Sentry. The Arctic is an unusual affair for an executive sedan in that it has sliding rear doors (a little unnecessary we feel) and looks over designed at the rear. The 3.8l i4 on the SE-4 trim is also very unusual, and hardly the smoothest of engines. We can’t fathom how anyone at the company thought that “Economical” was an appropriate label for this car either; it isn’t. Prices are good, however, and its decently quick too. It feels fairly normal for a road car, without a huge amount to note other than its massive size makes it a little hard to maneuver.

The Sentry is a little more promising, given this Midsize-compact hybrid comes an array of variants and looks far better than its larger brother. Prices are very good, running costs are very reasonable and its only downside seems to be a slight lack of comfort compare to its rivals. It also drives very well; the GT-3 trims are sharp (perhaps even too sharp for some) but they are no doubt very fun to drive and really make the most of every bit of that 174 horses under the bonnet. The Sentry is therefore an unusual choice in this market, but that might be why its a good car to go for.

Newcomers Mekong made their Antiyita debut yesterday, revealing the Dang-Yeu compact and Vui-Ve supermini. Aimed at being the cheapest things money can buy, the two cars have big ambitions beyond their current South East Asia market places. They’ve certainly tried very hard with the styling, though they aren’t exactly lookers by any means (the Vui-Ve in particularly looking positively dorky), and the names are still taking some time to get used to, but at those prices, can you really complain? Plus, unlike many similar companies, the engines aren’t god-awful; they’re all copies of Erin designs.

The Dang-Yeu is just about the most simple compact I’ve ever been in. Think mid-80s equipment levels dressed in modern design, and you’re not far off. Everything feels very cheap too, as you’d expect, though it’s hard to forget about it. The same goes for the Vui-Ve, which improves itself greatly thanks to the high roof line that provides plenty of interior space. Sadly that comes back to bite it, as it drives pretty rubbishly; it leans a lot and is slow. The Dang-Yeu is far more competent, and can quite happily keep pace with regular compacts (though it’s far from exciting). But once again, that price tag makes all the difference. It’ll be interesting to see how these sell in Anikatia if they do come here next year as planned.

Then came the big one. Rennen launched the hotly antitcpated Angeles R, and wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a performance midsize that looks this competent and well styled. More impressive still is the performance; 472 horsepower under the bonnet from its 3.3l Turbo V6, AWD and some clever aero mean it’ll keep pace with a Himmel E.O. in a straight line and certainly scare one in the corners thanks to its active suspension. We cannot wait to drive it, especially because - lo and behold! - it has a manual gearbox! Something about that really impressed me; on a car with tons of electronic gear, carbon ceramic brakes and miles of luxury stuff inside, it has a manual gearbox. Forget the silly colour names, the Angeles R knows what’s going on.

LaVache seemed to follow suit with a super-tuned version of the Ramjet. Called the RT5 R, it features a huge wing, carbon fibre body details and 595 hp. Massive race-derived wheels and “Nürburgring-tuned suspension” class this thing as a track car for sure, though the promise of an 8-speed automatic* gearbox is brilliant. Even OAPs will be able to blast around this on a track day now!
Little esle is known about the car, but the $68k asking price is very decent and we’ve no doubt that it’ll compete with most sports car very easily.

Cornaldie debuted the Asia-specific Avalore midsize, marked for a 2018 release date. I’m split on the looks; it could either be something very ahead of its time, or just too confused for its own good. Certainly not bad in anyway, it’s just quite strong by my standards. The specs though quickly make you forget that; it’s a very competent and well rounded offering for this market. The S trim impressed most, with a 2.0l Turbo i4 under the bonnet that ensures good performance and good economy. The comfort was where this car really shined though; its insanely good at smoothing out bumps and superbly well furnished inside.

The GT250 trim is a pretty good offering for a sports sedan, though we feel its very limited by the 2.2l turbo i4 engine. It no doubt drives very well, feeling sharp at lower speeds and benefitting from the all-round double wishbone suspension. But compared to its rivals, it doesn’t offer enough for this section of the market, and its aggressive styling does not reflect how powerful it is.
Overall though, Cornaldie have done well with the Avalore, and if you can get used to the looks, the S trim is a solid and very comfortable mid-size offering.

Shromet announced their entry into the Anikatian market with the Parvus mid-size crossover. While the exterior isn’t quite as “striking” and “dynamic” as Shromet wants us to believe, it’s still a very handsome car and certainly one of the better looking SUV’s I’ve seen this year. On this particular trim, a 4.1l V6 producing a healthy 310 hp was found, which should make this thing decently quick, plus its 8 speed auto should make it a breeze to drive. 24 mpg is quoted; not the best, not the worst, we’ll have to wait and see how much that impacts everyday ownership when we drive it ourselves. There’s also plenty of luxury, which for its £32480 starting price makes it particularly good value for money. How they’re making it that cheap, we don’t know.

Another company making its entry into Ankiatia was AL Autos, who were showing off the Rursus and Latissme. The former is an i6 powered 2 door coupe, a welcome return for a style of car we haven’t seen in a while. It feels a bit overworked at the front, but the back is far more promising, if simple. 477hp to boot though is a very nice touch, courtesy of that 3.1l i6 turbo. 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, top speed of 170mph: it ticks all the sports coupe boxes. No word on prices as of now, but we expect it to be well positioned in the mid-range sports car market.

The other car, the Latissme, is near 600hp SUV, decked in opulent luxury and weighing about as much as a small moon. That 584 hp 4.5l Turbo V8 is therefore very, very necessary to get this thing to move. Thankfully, they also provide a lot of equipment to make it stop too, highlighting the large amount of safety equipment this thing packs. I get the impression that the designers attempted to cram in every last feature on the market in here, meaning it does feel a little over the top. But you cannot deny the enthusiasm. It’s a good offering for the luxury SUV market, no doubt.

Dimension closed the day with an announcement that they were partnering with Microsoft for the next Forza Motorsport installment, and that further announcements would be coming. More to follow.

And that does it for most of the press days! We’ll be following up over the next few days with more coverage of this show’s new releases, as well as reviews and comments on what’s been released. For now, I’m off to find some local cuisine and whatever the Aninkatian equivalent of ‘vodka martini’ is. Bye for now!

-Gavin Anderson


  • Clarified that press days are the only days to release new cars
  • Corrected the ‘8 speed manual’ on the LaVache to ‘8 Speed Auto’
  • Corrected the AL Autos section


[quote=“DeusExMackia, post:45, topic:20868”]
In honor of the late Robert Miles, today’s music of choice is the eternal Children (Dream Version).

Oh my god, the memories! I remember listening to that when I was what, 7 years old? Wow! :sweat_smile:


The promise of an 8-speed manual gearbox is brilliant

LaVache would like to clarify that there is no such thing as an 8-speed manual transmission option for the RT5 R. In our opinion an 8-speed manual transmission would be too unintuitive too operate and frankly unnecessary for an “enthusiast” option.

-Antoine Traskins, LaVache Public Relations Department


@Awildgermanappears My god, thanks for correcting me on that! My point now makes a bit more sense :stuck_out_tongue:

@ramthecowy IKR! Such a shame. Massive loss :’(


IMP has to reveal two different interpretations of the recently relaunched “IMP L” brand. Both of them are existing vehicles with retuned suspension and more importantly a completely revamped interior.
Due to their Monolith heritage they are available with V12 engines.

The Artisan L12 is the most expensive production Pick-Up truck ever, and utilizes the latest in a long line of IMP 7.6L V12 engines, naturally aspirated with 570hp and 800Nm of torque.

The interior has exchanged the highly durable materials and functional aesthetic of a workhorse base diesel for a highly luxurious blend of fine corinthian leather, wood and metals much like that on our new L8 flagship sedan. It is completed by four hydraulically operated seats with full climatization as well as a central refridgerator. The interior of the M161 5.4 V12 Turbo gets the same treatment as the Artisan L12, though not powered by the GA-5, but a twin-turbocharged variation of the GE-54 with 555hp and 850Nm.

2018 Monolith Artisan L12:
7.6L DOHC 60V V12 [IMP GA-576LB], 570hp, 800Nm, 2850kg, $172,630

2018 Monolith M161 5.4 V12 Turbo:
5.4L DOHC 48V V12 [IMP GE-54FMT] 555hp, 850Nm, 2780kg, $183,440


In fact there’s one more detail to get from that teaser, which tells what exactly will that “Spider” be… :wink:


@DeusExMackia Thank you for the outstanding comments and critiques! Just a little technical stuff: From the way you worded it [quote=“DeusExMackia, post:45, topic:20868”]
who were showing off the Rursus and Latissme. The latter is an i6 powered 2 door coupe

is saying that the Latissime is the I6 powered 2 door coupe wherein the Rursus is the I6 powered 2 door coupe. Just a minor correction. Again, thanks for your wonderful comments and critiques!


Dammit, Gavin muddled his words up again. Thanks for pointing that out! :smiley:


awesome commentary as usual bro.


Zast has revealed the three spectrums of what can be a car with many possibilities.In the Teaser was revealed on what the Renegade looked like,

but now is the time to fully reveal the car.

##The City trim ©
The City trim is basically a basic/low end trim that can be bought for $18,270.Even though it is a low end trim,It comes standard with Infotainment and Safety Equipment,basically saying that you bought this version because of its more economical engine of the pack which helps it make 50.9 MPG(UK).To help distinguish the City trim from the other two trims,It is designed with a simpler front end with a smaller lower grille

##The Highway Cruiser Trim (HC)

This trim is the more fun and casual spectrum of this car.The interior hasnt changed all together and has just been slapped in a more powerful variant of the same engine of the City trim,However the changes are in the chassis as the car has a more stiffer active suspension with adaptive dampers to make the ride smoother.Economy on this car is not bad either because it will do 46.6 MPG(UK).

#The Midnight Racing trim
This is where the Renegade starts to get serious.The car is advertised to be a highway racer,keeping a culture of highway racing.But obviously it would be illegal to race in a highway going more than 300 km/h,so it come to be a trackday hatchback with more than 500 hp and AWD to keep under control while having a little bit less comfort than the two trims.What makes the car so powerful is a 3.9 L V6 that was driven to mostly the rear wheels but it can send it to the front wheel when grip is needed.

##General Overview

.tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-yw4l{vertical-align:top}
Trims Drivetrain Standard Equipment Price
(C)ity 1.8 L Inline-4 Rear Wheel Drive
(152 hp)
6'in Touchscreen,ABS
Power Steering,Traction Control,
(H)ighway (C)ruiser 2.2 L Inline-4 All-Wheel Drive
(261 hp)
(Specifed in Standard Equipment
In City Trim)
(M)idnight (R)acing 3.9 L V6 All-Wheel Drive
Radio,Power Steering,ABS,Launch

_Truly yours from Zast Automobiles_


Welcome to the AL Autos Booth!

AL Autos is proud to bring a wide variety of cars with us to AIMS! The vehicles we have with us at AIMS are bound to appeal to all audiences from small but practical compact cars, to sporty sports cars, to luxurious vehicles. So without further a do, let’s do our next few reveals!

The AL Autos Irev (Trim Shown: 211 C)

The Purpose

The Irev is meant to be a comfortable and practical daily that can still be quite fun to chuck around a track, mountain road, or any sort of curvy tarmac. This is thanks to it’s peppy little engine, clever suspension, and eye catching body design.

The Engine

The Irev features a peppy 1.7 L Turbocharged I4 producing 211 HP towards the front wheels. This is enough to send the Irev from 0-62 MPH in 7.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 127.0 MPH (204.4 KPH). Not bad for a small little engine. However performance is not the main highlight of this engine. The main thing is that the Irev gets a average 27 MPG and is super reliable.

The Practicality

Probably the main highlight of the car, the Irev is super practical. The total length of this car is 14’ 2" so it’s easy park and maneuver even though tight streets. Inside, you have enough space to move about in your seat and enough space in the trunk to put the many things you’ll need for whatever adventure you’re on.

The AL Autos Omnia (Tim Shown: 333 S)

The Purpose

The Omnia is another one of our corner loving sports cars: built to tackle any mountain tarmac while also being a smooth cruiser for those city streets.

The Performance

The Omnia features an all new 2.0 L Turbocharged I4 sending 333 HP to all 4 wheels through a sophisticated Longitudinal AWD system (40F/60R). Couple that to a 6 speed manual transmission, geared LSD, 235F/245R AL sports compound tires, and active double wishbone suspension and you’ve got a car that can go 0-62 MPH in 5.1 seconds, achieve a top speed of 150.0 MPH (241.4 KPH), corner at 1.12g-1.15g, and set a lap time of 1:25.0 on the top gear test track.

The Tech

The Omnia features AL’s ALConnect infotainment system: 8 speaker Bose sound system, USB capability, HD Radio, Hands Free Satellite Navigation w/ Real Time Traffic and AL’s WorldConnect which allows the user to see what attractions are nearby, make reservations, check sports teams scores, weather forecast, and so much more! The Omnia will also be the first to feature a new system called ALDrivingProfile. This allows the driver to choose or customize how they want the car to perform. There are 3 modes already pre-loaded into the system: normal, sport, and track. If none of these suit the driver’s needs, the driver can customize their own profiles and save it as a custom preset.

The AL Autos Pacto (Trim Shown: 249 S)

The Body

The Pacto is probably one of the smaller, if not, smallest vehicle in our booth at the moment, boasting a total length of about 11’ 5". This small little body + chassis made from Aluminum allows the Pacto to be decently light, weighing in at 2510.7 lbs (1138.8 kgs). This not only helps fuel economy, but also lessens the load that the engine and suspension bits need to lug around. This leads to better and longer fun in the corners.

The Performance and Economy

The Pacto features another mighty AL 2.0 L Turbocharged I4 designed specifically for this car producing 249 HP that is sent to the rear wheels of the car. Couple this with a fun 5 speed manual, an electric LSD, AL 215 F+R road tires and you’ve got a car that can go from 0-62 MPH in 5.3 seconds, achieve a top speed of 151.2 MPH (243.3 KPH), corner at 1.12 g, and set a time of 1:24.3 on the top gear test track. Best part of all this is, the engine is super reliable and you get 35 MPG average. The Pacto will save you time and money at the pump and in a lap of a track.

The Fun Factor :sunglasses:

The Pacto is one heck of a car to drive. Stamp on the throttle in any gear at any speed and you get immediate power (no lag); Throw the Pacto into a corner and you’ll be pretty confident you’ll come out the other side unscathed and smiling :smiley: .


AL Autos Irev
Top Range Model (Shown): $32,417
Base Model: $23,616

AL Autos Omnia
Top Range Model (Shown): $43,929
Base Model: $30,210

AL Autos Pacto
Top Range Model (Shown): $29,805
Base Model: $21,877

Visit your local AL Autos dealership for more information!

AL Autos would like to thank you for joining us at this presentation! Look forward to the reveal of the rest of our wonderful machines as AIMS continues!

AL Autos Official: News Update (2/9/2020): We're On Our Way Back!

@DeusExMackia In addition sorry about the confusion. The AL Autos Auto Show Department forgot to include pricing for the models in the blurbs. The changes have been applied and will be included in future releases! Again sorry for the confusion and delay!