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2017 Antiyita International Motor Show


One day left to vote guys! And in the mean times, here’s something to keep you going…

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

The first round is now done, and I’m proud to announce the winners for Best In Category!

#Best Compact
There was a very clear favorite here, and it was the all-round excellent Baltazar Quasar Hatch, congratulations @Leonardo9613!
Also, honorable mention goes to the Bonham Chaucer Estate which I forgot to add into the sedan category.

#Best Sedan
Amazingly, the car that won this category wasn’t even named correctly, it’s the Sachiuri sL1000, congratulations @Rk38!

#Best Low End Performance
Quite a close battle here with the gorgeous Zavir Luna Spider getting 1/3 of the vote, but in the end, it was Gavin’s favorite car that won this, the Zenshi Nimessa Newman R, congratulations @Grandea!

#Best High End Performance
Another close battle, with the Zenshi Altrea Newman R and LaVache Ramjet RT5-R both getting strong votes, but the stunning Rennen Angeles R beat them in the end, congratulations @titleguy1!

#Best Sportscar/Supercar/Hypercar
The consensus is very clear here, and that’s that it’s the remarkable Sachirui Sagitta is the voters favorite, congratulations @Rk38!

#Best SUV
A very close battle indeed, with all cars getting at least one vote. However, the Zenshi Pike managed to best the Shromet Avalore with a 2 vote lead. Congratulations @Grandea!

So then, for the first time in the history of me running these polls, we have two companies with two cars each nominated into the Best In Show category. It should certainly be an interesting vote!

#Best In Show

#Polls Close 18:00 GMT Saturday 27th May 2017


It gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of the Best In Show category for Antiyita 2017…

#Best In Show: Sachiuri Sagitta
Besting the Rennen Angeles R by just one vote, the Sachiuri Sagitta has won the Best In Show award. The stunning sports coupe impressed our reporter Gavin Anderson immensely, and bodes well for the coming related vehicles based off of the Maesima DRV platform. It’s also a great bit of home pride for the company who are based in this country.

##A word from Gavin Anderson
From A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

It’s been a very exciting first Antiyita for me, not least because I’ve had the pleasure of driving a number of the most exciting cars in the world right now. On a wider scale, however, the show seriously impressed with the numerous new cars, though the strange lack of almost any concepts was unusual. Perhaps it’s a mere lull in the auto industry.

Antiyita saw a particular focus on performance vehicles, both tuned variants of current cars and out-and-out sports cars. I’m sure some auto experts could give an analysis of that, though I doubt it’d be very interesting. For the customer though, it means you’ve got a great selection of performance cars on offer currently.

That said, we are now on the big summer break for the motoring world, meaning we probably won’t see much auto-show action until later in the year. Not that I mind, it gives me time to go on holiday! In the meantime, I’m flying back to the UK having spent the last week exploring Anikatia. This country is amazing, and it only promises to get more amazing in the coming years; I look forward to returning here.

For now, it’s goodbye from me, and with any luck, I’ll be seeing you all again this time next year.


@DeusExMackia You made this show what it needed to be man… pleasantly entertaining. Thanks for the effort.


It’s my pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks to @Rk38 for hosting it in this great place of course :wink: