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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


I thought that was last year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:


Airborne Motor Group announcement

We’re sad to announce that Haight Industries’s new luxury landship and RZ Automobili cars couldn’t make to the show due to our problems with transporting them to the show. They will be shown at NY Motor Show instead.

We also have good news, pricing of all cars shown are known now! Keep in mind that those are starting prices without any kind of additional taxation or additional stuff requested by buyer.

*Alpha Estate in Italy

Airborne Automotive
2018 Alpha 2.0 Coupe - 27.590 $ (110.130 zł)
2018 Alpha 2.0 Sedan - 27.910 $ (111.410 zł)
2018 Alpha Clubman - 39.515 $ (157.730 zł)
2018 Gamma* 2.0 - 27.930 $ (111.490 zł)

Additional equipment
Premium interior (N/A for Clubman) - 4000 $ (15.960 zł)
Digit Lap Recording (DLR system) (Clubman only) - 1500 $ (5980 zł)

Ray Automobiles/Cars
2018 Shibatron CJ - 2.984.350 JPY (approx. 26.360 $)
2018 Shibatron CJ-t - 2.990.800 JPY (approx. 26.410 $)
2018 Shibatron GTB - 32.360 GBP (approx. 40.100 $)

Additional equipment
Premium interior - 4700 $
Miles per hour speedometer - 0$ (it’s also standard on Shibatron GTB)

Today (18/03/2017) Mei Onashikara walked on the stage for a bit and started her final speech of this show:
Okay, people. I’m glad you had visited our stands. I want also to thank Gavin Anderson in name of CEO Skrzyszowicki and our master race driver… (quietly) well except me - Josef Weisswald for taking a part of our development here. We also hope for futher cooperation. And don’t worry sweetheart your boss doesn’t know about anything here (laughs).

Okay, thank you people for fun here and see you on next motor show, which I hope will occur soon because we have SO MUCH FUCKING DELAYS (laughs again). Okay, goodbye!

(Mei walks out of scene and everyone’s clapping)


There’s quite a bit of reading in this. If you prefer a more convenient format, click here for the pdf which you can interact with more easily, it’s also just better flowing and looks crisper. I just thought it would be refreshing to bring out something a little unique - a magazine! I hope you enjoy! :grin:


Well, yeah, and I came here with my Paint skills… :smile:


You have no idea how much time I burned trying to get Photoshop, Inkscape, InDesign and Automation to all merge together to make this happen. You don’t want to either :sweat_smile:


#Daily Round-Up - Day 10
Welcome back to Geneva for the final time this year, where the doors have closed and the show has finished. It’s been a brilliant two weeks of amazing cars from all aspects of the automation world, and I can only hope to have conveyed that brilliance well enough with my writing.

Well, two things happened today. I was subtly flirted at by Mei of Airborne as they gave an end-of-show briefing, as well as revealling prices for the Alpha and the Shibatron. They all look to be fairly regular for an exclusive all-aluminum compact.

Then, out of the blue, Cavallera made a last-minute announcement and unveiled a new partnership with Zenshi. Called the Seiryu, this all new mid-engined sportscar is astoundingly quick by the looks of the specs, very light weight and is styled beautifully. Aside from the overtly sexual brochure accompanying the car, which is actually a review of the car…we’re not sure how that works, but anyway…the Seiryu seems to be one of the most promising sports cars in recent years.

While not quite ready for production yet, this collaboration between the Cavallera Japanese design house and Zenshi has got us very excited. How it will compare to the other sports cars revealled at the show, including the EADC Corsair and DSD Saratoga which are both very much in this thing’s price range, is yet to be seen. The high-grade materials and sheer preciseness of this thing though certainly make it stand out.

So, uh, cough cough, sports car shootout anyone?
this is a very subtle hint that i want the entry level Scarlet to be included in this review just saying hint hint wink wink nudge nudge all the rest and that i’d like somenone else to write it

Oh, and this other company, you might have heard of them, revealed this hot hot called the “C-Two-Thousand-R”…




Yes, that’s right, after what has felt the passing of an entire century, Saminda have revealed the C2000R, and there’s no other way to put it, pretty much everyone at the show was crowded around the stand for best part of the day. The hotly anticipated car actually managed to get trending on Tiwtter, and looks just as good as everyone hope it would. Crisp, blocky fixtures detailed with performance-hinting lines make this thing look stunning. And this really is it, this is the actual car C2KR that will actually be in actual Saminda showrooms very soon (hopefully).

However, I’ve spent most of the day hanging out with car enthusiasts in the form of some DSD and EADC engineers, plus a couple of DSD fans, driving some of the latest and greatest from the automotive world. Here’s what went down.

And there we have it! Geneva 2017 comes to a close. Thank you very much for following our coverage, we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have. I’ll be back later in the year when the next show is on, most likely New York at this rate, though that isn’t for 6 darn months. Ugh.

Anyhow, time to get shitfaced at the After Party and possibly see if Mei will go for the classic “Can I get you a drink?” line… bye for now!

- Gavin Anderson


The Geneva Motor Show could not have come to a better conclusion!


I can’t tell if Gavin is mocking me or what :laughing:

cough magazine article

Seiryu :wink:

Anyhow, thanks @DeusExMackia for putting on another motor show for us, it was really enjoyable and great fun. If only I had more time…

[official mode activated]
Unfortunately Cavallera has been unable to bring the rally concept teased earlier in this show here. An appearance is guaranteed in the next motor show.


My bad! Blame that on my reading skills, trying to do this from my laptop in a dark room is harder than it sounds :wink:


Awesome dude. Amazing writing and amazing pics. Thank you for the kind words tgese are goind straight into the dsd lore vault


Dont worry! Ill just get the Delorean back up to 88mph and we’ll all be in 60’s in no time…get ready for the 1960’s Earls Court Auto Show coming soon…

Also Part 1 of the Independent Review of the Berlose and Espada coming soon too


:astonished: UWOTM8


Thats right! We’re going back in time.


Get ready for Gordon Anderson, dashing jet-set journalist with more grease in his hair than a 3 speed column changer!


Will we get “best in show” voting this time, as we did in Detroit?


Damn! I haven’t thought about that at all. I’ll do it if people want, though if I’m honest I don’t want to go through all the cars again to find best ones in each category, so what I might do instead is simply pick the best car from company (selected based on my opinion). How does that sound guys?


Perfect for me :grin:


Great considering my company only released one car :laughing:


I have no quarrels over the idea. I’m curios which MAC car is most popular. :smiley:


It’s the most coveted .png file in the whole world!

And it’s up to you to decide it. One vote per person to decide who really stole the show at Geneva this year.

Rules of selection are simple: one new car per company* chosen by Gavin Anderson.

No limits on voting; vote for yourself if you want, though I’d encourage to vote for something else.

One thing to note: This has had to be split up into two poles. Such is the way with Discourse’s poll feature, you can only have two options per poll. So, there will be two winners and then a final vote. I hope this is fair to you guys!

Vote away! You have until Thursday 23rd at 22:00 GMT to get your votes in!

Yeah. That’s a lot of cars. Then again, it was a big show this year, and we can’t have all that talent not being included in the vote!

As a side note, here are S.A.M.'s pick of the best cars from the show.

Kimura Auriga - A whole new definition of the compact. Smart, well presented and well equipped, and superbly well priced.

Maesima Devina/Evgenis Nemean/Znopresk Zap! - Three very good supermini’s all in one show, each offering a different experience and all very competitive. Which one is best is going to become one of the big automotive debates of the year.

DSD Saratoga - Easily the most exciting thing that has been released this year so far, and so much better now that the final production version has been launched.

AMCC Comet - We’re seriously looking forward to driving this later in the year. A stunning new mid-range GT coupe, which with any luck will drive as good as it looks.

Turin Exalt/Cavallea-Zenshi Seiryu - Exceptionally fun to drive, both aiming to offer roughly the same thing (a no-frills sports car experience), both very good at what they do.

OAM Traveller II - We have the saddest feeling that this car might flop in its market for simply being too powerful and inefficient, but it’s such a unique and fun motor that such an outcome would be a huge shame.