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2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed


I must know more about the Caliban thunder now, especially as it uses the same body as the Armada Evo. Potential rivals?

(Also @Mr.Computah)


2019 Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe RUT

Once again we, from “Deer and Hunt” let your designers go crazy. And so they cooked up this beast.

7L V10 producing 640hp, channeling all 714Nm of Torque through a 6 spd Seq Gearbox.Reaching the sprint 0-100 in only 4.7s. Cruise comfortable at 308km/h Vmax. New Aero-kit to guide the driver through any corner.

Join us on the Deer And Hunt booth to see all the generation of SuperCoupe RUT’s and come see tomorrow how old and new are doing on the hillclimb!

Deer And Hunt - In Power we trust

Sakura At Goodwood

RS-GT Extreme

The RS-GT was unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Autoshow. This year, it received a visual update, and at goodwood, we’re showing off a very special, very unlimited model of the RS-GT Racecar. This model includes a more agressive aero kit, and blocked grilles for better speeds. The RS-GT is one of the models entered into the Goodwood Shootout.

Deva Goodwood Tune

The Deva Goodwood is the maximum attack version of the 1987 Deva tuned by the Sakura Sport Champion Division (SSCD). It turned the V12 up, and added an over-the-top aero kit ontop. The AWD system as also tuned and modified to handle the new tune. This model will be making show runs, however none will be timed.


The DEKO Concept is a vision of the past taken into the future. It takes, and modernises the Deco styles of the 1920s and 1930s, and applies it to a modern vehicle. Inside is modern, With Sakura’s AWD system, and a 5L V12 making over 1000hp. The Deko will be making a run up the hill at some point over the weekend.

RS-K Empyron

The RS-K, or Race Sport-Kei is a Supersport Kei car made to run as a feeder/junior series for larger championships. With the car weighing in at less than 500kg, this is the lightest modern vehicle to leave Sakura’s Sport Factories. This vehicle will be taking part in the Shootout.

Alongside these models are a selection of rare and classic Sakura models, We hope you enjoy

Sakura RS-GT - Extreme.car (46.5 KB)

Sakura Deva - Goodwood Special.car (23.8 KB)

Sakura Deko - Concept.car (36.8 KB)

Sakura RS-K - Empyron.car (23.3 KB)

Anyone can take these for a spin, be it reviewers, or anyone interested. Just please don’t modify them without my permission. Thank you.




Really? :joy: you named your car after deers being DTF???


Falcon Automotive presents the ultimate driver’s car at Goodwood.
The 2019 Falcon RF, the newest supercar from the crazy petrolheads at Falcon.

Powered by Falcon’s next generation 5.0 L naturally-aspirated V110-series V10 engine, the RF produces 680 HP and achieves a 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 213 MPH.

The RF is equipped with a 7-speed Dual Clutch gearbox for lighting fast gear changes and a state-of-the-art AWD system that allows the RF to stay planted on roads, be it mountain back roads or the track of your choice.

The RF’s 0.287 drag coefficient is achieved by sleek designs and air channels to masterfully move air in the most efficient way possible.

With an eye on the environment, the RF’s powertrain is capable of being run on E85 Ethanol fuel and has a combined fuel economy of 18 MPG.

The RF begins at a price of $150,000 USD or £114,000 GBP. Releases at August 1st, 2018.

A GTR track-spec trim is scheduled for release at the end of 2018. Expect a power output of 800 HP.

A RF achieved a time of 1:12.79 on the Top Gear test track. Stay tuned as the RF attempts to break records at the Goodwood Hill Climb.

Technical Specifications

  • Body Type: 2 Door Mid-engine
  • Powertrain: 5.0L N/A V10, producing 680 HP @ 8700 RPM
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • Gearbox: 7-speed Dual Clutch
  • MSRP: $150,000 US; £114,000 GBP; €130,000 EUR

Falcon AG

2018 Shelton Igor Concept

Right, a 2 door pickup truck or an ute as Australian calls it, lands on 2018 FOS. An unusual looking one too. So straight to the point, this ute is called Igor, named after Damion Shelton’s father. And it’s a concept car too. I know it looked pretty ugly but they’ll change the design in the future.

The Igor is running on 4.5L turbocharged V6 that is capable producing up to 962hp and 744 lb-ft of torque and can reach 0-60mph around 3.9s and can reach up to 223mph. In keeping spirit of a muscle ute as they would say, RWD drivetrain was used. But why using V6? It’s because they wanted to improve the fuel economy and saving money. Sounds bullshit but okay.


  • 4.5L “V6P” [not finalised name] turbocharged V6 DOHC 5V - 962HP @7900RPM / 744lb-ft @5700RPM
  • MacPherson Strut [F] MultiLink [R]
  • Weight - 2168kg
  • 7-speed Dual Clutch transmission
  • Top Speed - 223mph
  • 0-60mph - 3.9s
  • Only available in RWD drivetrain

Igor - Super Truck Prototype.car (23.8 KB)


We promised a surprise for everyone yesterday.So today,it’s time to unveil the surprise! Introducing the Kyoki Raider XR!

Judging by its looks and name.You probably figure it out that this is an even-more-Xtreme version of Raider X.Although XR and X is a same model.But these two are completely different!X focuses at Technology.XR,on the other hand,focuses at Performance.

Raider XR is powered by a reworked version of X’s 5L V8.First,in order to rev higher,the size of the engine has been decreased to 4.7L.Now the redline lays at 9350Rpm(9400).Secondly,the engine has been retuned and now uses race intake.The engine now producing 1317Hp and 1284Nm.

But the engine isn’t the point.The car itself is the point.In order to obtain maximum performance,Kyoki Motorsports gave a massive effort on aerodynamic.The result,is truly “Kyoki”–Madness.

To two scoops at the roof allow air to goes in and out.This can assist the mega wing behind them to generates extra downforce.

These little flaps will lift up when the car is braking,allows the car to brake faster by increasing air resistance.

This is a new cooling vent Kyoki Motorsports developed.It is named “Wing Blade”.Those 3 lines in the cooling vent can redirecting airflow,avoiding them to hit the car.This can improve drag performance slightly and stabilize the car at high speed.

With all of these combining with the mega lip at the front and the mega wing at the rear.Raider XR can producing 1.1ton downforce at 300kmh.Sadly it still can’t upside down but that’s good enough.

10 of these monsters will be produced.However only 5 of these will be sell out.The rest will be running on tracks for record and data,traveling around the world as a showcar or stays at the museum.Price starts at 1.2M USD.Be noted that Raider XR is not street legal.It means you can only drive it on tracks or leave it at your garage.

Car Spec:
Engine: 1317 Horsepower@7600rpm 1284Nm@6800rpm Redline:9400rpm
Layout: Mid-engined All-wheel drive
Gearbox: 7-speed Dual Clutch
0-100km/h: 2.2s
Brake distance 100-0km/h: 27.7m
Top speed: 320km/h
Weight Distribution: 38F/62R
Downforce: 542kg@318.4km/h 633kg@318.4km/h
Seating: Two
Curb Weight: 1308kg
Power to weight ratio: 1.007Hp per kg
Goodwood Hillclimb Lap time: 44.87s(I’ve tune the suspension for more than 5hrs for this lol)
Automation Track lap time: 1:47.21s(Poor straight line performance)
Estimated Price: $1200000 USD
Production run 10 units(5 will be sold)


Zenshi at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed

After realizing the success of the Raizan X1 when all 250 were sold a year ago, Zenshi’s ZMD division went to work on another extreme performance car, which is set to hit the market in 2019. The one shown in the FoS is a prototype, but ZMD has said that the final version won’t deviate much from it.

Shown in Force Blue.

The Shinden X2 is a successor to the Raizan X1, and is the 4th supercar created by Zenshi.

When designing the Shinden X2, the designers at ZMD took it upon themselves to design a car that would be elegant yet aggressive at the same time, which was a design cue used on the Raizan X1. Wanting to take a similar cue, yet a different approach, the designers started designing the car rear first.

Similar to the Shinden Concept back in the 2017 LA Auto Show, which majorly influenced the design of the X2, the Shinka design language can primarily be seen from the rear of the car, and flows aroundabout towards the front. Active aerodynamics can be seen with the three-stage rear wing that expands after being extended, as well as separate front lip wings that move depending on the position of the steering wheel.

Inside, the interior flows about the same way, using a mix of curves and edges to give that elegant and edgy style that Zenshi is known for on their cars. The dash is highly focused on the driver, with many controls being pointed directly towards the driver’s side, similar to that of an aircraft fighter. Compared to the Raizan X1, however, the AIGCS used on the Shinden X2 is a lot more barebones and simple, being a smaller screen that reads out a lot more raw information. The display can be customized to read out simpler values, however.

Under the skin of the aluminium-panelled machine lies a carbon fibre chassis with multiple ZMD-tuned components, such as the suspension and the engine. The X2 dons 19-inch WedsSport wheels and ADVAN Ultra high performance tires, while the carbon brakes were co-developed by well-known brake developer P.MU to achieve maximum braking performance.

Originally, the Shinden X2 was shown with the same 4.0L Twin Turbocharged V12 that the Raizan X1 had. That has changed into a newly developed engine based off Zenshi’s SA family of engines, the ER42-GDA2T. The 4.2L V10 makes a high-pitch, yet fairly brutish sound and produces an ample 875 HP delivering to all 4 wheels thanks to a highly advanced version of Zenshi’s SM-AWS. This translates to a 0-100 km/h time of 2.4s, with a top speed of 375 km/h.

Chassis Code: ERX2
Drivetrain: AWD
Weight: 1551 kg

Engines: ER42-GDA2T
Power: 875 HP @ 8700 RPM
Torque: 544 lb-ft @ 7200 RPM
Redline: 9500 RPM

Transmission: 6-Speed AvanTech
0-100 km/h: 2.4s
80-120 km/h: 1.3s
Top Speed: 375 KM/H

Fuel Economy: (Ci/Co/HW)

Expected Japanese MSRP:
¥24,264,350 (~$215,850)

On the Goodwood Trial, the Shinden X2 finishes with a time of 50.09 seconds.


Montes SSX-R2

The new Montes supercar, is here!

Powered by a 5.9L naturally aspirated V8, with a crossplane crankshaft to improve the torque delivery, with 661hp at 8200 RPM, it moves the rear wheels with a MDC 7-speed gearbox (Montes Dual Clutch), is capable to reach 339km/h of top speed, and do the 0-100km/h in 3s, and thanks to the SCHI tech, it only requires 9L/100km of fuel!

And the SSX-R2 is available in two trims: GT, and GTS. The difference is the equipment and the gearbox only (6-speed manual optional on the GTS). The GTS it weights 1332kg, vs 1453kg.

More info, soon, on the Montes official website.

SSX-R2 GTE prototipe

The specs are top secret, until the 2019 ANWEC.

Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving



Deer And Hunt at Goodwood FOS 2018

Welcome everybody to the "Deer And Hunt"™ Pitstop!

Here you will be able to look at our lineup of RUT SuperCoupes’s, chat with other Deer And Hunt Fans or just get information over our new releases!

Deer And Hut at the Climb

1969 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT

The first of all the RUT models. Upgraded with better carbs, better gearbox and wider stance. This was the first factory tune. The car does struggel through the tight parts of the course, but manages to finish the climb without loosing a mirror.

The 1969 SuperCoupe RUT did the climb in: 1:11.67

1977 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe Gen II RUT

The second generation of the SuperCoupe came with the first V6 Deer And Hunt ever produced.
For the RUT edition they swapped the base modell with a V8 and also gave it a wider stance. It was also lighted by removing the rear seat.

1977 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe Gen II RUT did the climb in: 1:12.97

1987 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen III

Awarded with the “Best Engine Award 1988” and a role in Blurred Vision the RUT Version uses the same formula as the Gen II. Swap the V6 with a V8, give it a nice bodykit and remove the back seats.

The 1987 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen III did the climb in: 1.04.95

2001 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen III

After a long break the SuperCoupe came back in 1999. Under new Management the car structur changed massivly. No more Leafsprings and Pushrod engines. The message was clear: Deer And Hunt should look into the future, instead of looking into the past. This version added a TwinTurbo to the existing V8, producing 440 hp. 6 Speed Manual and again the car got rid of some kilos.

The 2001 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen III did the climb in: 1:00.91

2012 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen IV.

7L V10 with 500hp. LineLock and Launchcontrol. This is America. Loud, fast but still comfortable and tame. If one once to!

The 2012 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen IV did the climb in: 57.72

2019 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen V.

The newest entry. bigger, wider, badder. 640hp from a glorious V10. LineLock, LC and fully customisable suspension options. The car launches at the start going in the first corner with almost 200kph. On the second straight the SuperCoupe only barly misses the 200 mark. In the chicane the car as to watch out not the scratch the wide arches but it gets safely into the finish.

The 2019 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe RUT Gen V did the climb in: 0:56.88


FABEL Barnard ARX.

FABEL, in cooperation with ChipsWorx Tuning and the ARX League Organisation, are proud to present a development prototype for the soon-to-begin 2018/19 ARX League rallycross season.

Starting with FABEL’s Barnard city car, ChipsWorx stripped the car to its bare monocoque and fitted all-wheel drive, along with an ARX-rules compliant 3.5L turbocharged V6 engine producing roughly 570 horsepower. Racing tires, brakes and suspension, along with a very aggressive aero package and full safety cage in the car rounded out the modfications.

Performance of the Barnard ARX improved dramatically over the stock car to say the least, with the ARX now capable of running from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in less than three seconds on all surfaces, and running up to a top speed of 227 kilometres per hour.

Running up the hillclimb here at Goodwood, the Barnard ARX managed the run in 50.50 seconds. Stay tuned for more news regarding the ARX League later this summer!


Holts HX At 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The new HX Has been redesigned from the ground up. Were happy to show you the new HX Series and what it has.

BThe front has been resesigned from bumper to frunk. Looks alot diffrent than the previous HX.
Front is more simple. Previous HX Has influenced The HX. Aerodynamics in the front as well.

Here is where the heart of the HX is. Its 5.6L Twin turbocharged V10 giving you 960 horespower and 725 lb-ft of torque. Using H-Drive, this goes 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds and 80-120km/h in 1.1 Seconds. This car has active aero and a top speed of 223Mph. This does automation Test track in 1:58 Seconds. The HX-R weighs 3434 pounds.

More Images

HX-R In Blue

HX-XR In Brighyyt Green


CMW At Goodwood.

Introducing the 2019 CMW CS42ER. Moving The Goalposts. Again.

2019 CMW CS42ER in Malachite Green

CMW is proud to present the 2019 CS42ER compact sports coupe. Building off the CS-Series, the Entwicklung-Rennsport division of CMW has created one of their most engaging and exciting cars to date.

Beneath the aggressive fender flares and sharp, carbon-fiber accentuated lines of the CS42ER lies a monster - a 3.3-litre, turbocharged inline-6 engine producing 421 horsepower at 6600 RPM and 485 newton-metres of torque at 4000 RPM. Coupled to a standard seven-speed dual clutch transmission and driving the rear wheels through a fourth-generation CMW R-EFlex electronic differential, the CS42ER rockets from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.2 seconds, on its way to a 270 kilometre per hour top speed.

Staggered fitment 19-inch wheels are standard on the CS42ER, with larger brakes fitted over the standard and VSport CS-Series giving increased stopping power and more confidence in performance driving situations. CMW’s V-EDC electronically adjustable dampers give the CS42ER a comfortable, smooth ride befitting any CMW, while also providing superior body control over the conventional option.

The CS42ER proves that power and performance need not come at the expense of the environment, achieving a combined 6.3 litres per 100 kilometers in the Automation Combined Fuel Economy Cycle, equivalent to 151 grams of CO2 per kilometre of driving.

CMW CS42ER. Engineered to Succeed.

Model Specifications

Model CS42ER
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive compact sports coupe
Seating Four
Chassis/Body lightweight, advanced high-strength steel monococque and aluminium/steel panels
Suspension MacPherson strut front, multi-link rear, electronically adjustable dampers
Transmission 7-speed double-clutch gearbox
Brakes 4-wheel disc with ABS and advanced ESC with launch control
Curb Weight 1537 kg
Weight Distribution 57.5%F/42.5%R
Engine CMW B28M33S0
Engine Descrption turbocharged inline-6
Displacement (cc) 3300
Output 421 hp @ 6600 RPM, 485 Nm @ 4000 RPM
0-100 km/h 4.2s
100-0 Braking Distance 32.9 m
Top Speed 270 km/h*
Fuel Economy 6.3 L/100km
Base Price $33,544

(*) Top speed is electronically limited.

CMW Historica - 1989 CRT-CMW Turbo.

1989 CRT-CMW Turbo, in Stahlblau

CMW Historica is proud to bring to you the #4 CRT-CMW Turbo. In 1989, CMW’s ER Division built a series of racing prototypes to compete in the SASC Championship, a lucrative and grueling racing series spanning 25 events across the globe, From Daytona to Bathurst. The goal of the CMW Turbo was to prove the flexibility and versatility of CMW’s powerplants, with a version of the P73 flat-6 engine running in all three sports car classes, as well as in the Prototype Challenge class, in which this car participated.

The CRT-89 chassis was built by CRT Racing Technologies as a spec chassis for the PC class, utlising the very latest advancements in materials technology and aerodynamics. CMW ER fitted a 3.9-litre, twin-turbocharged version of the P73 motor to the CMW Turbo, good for 699 horsepower at 7500 RPM, and able to propel the car to a top speed of 352 kilometres per hour.

Painted in the traditional Stahlblau of CMW racing cars, two CMW Turbos ran the first five races of the SASC Championship, with this car, Chassis number 89-C002 wearing the #4, taking victories at the Daytona 24 Hours and the Rio de Janeiro 6 Hours, as well as placing third in the Argentine 6 Hours. The CMW Turbo was neither the most powerful nor the fastest car in the field; instead, the team relied upon superior handing (on account of the light weight of the flat-6 powerplant in comparison to its V12-powered rivals) and reliability to secure podium finishes. Chassis C002 was retired after an accident at Road America, and never raced again in the series, as CMW rolled out a newer, more powerful turbocharged V8 engine to compete the remaining 20 rounds of the series, bringing home the championship in the company’s last competition in the SASC before they redirected their efforts to Formula 1.

Model Specifications

Model CRT-CMW Turbo
Layout Mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports prototype
Chassis/Body carbon fiber monocoque and body panels
Suspension double-wishbone front and rear
Transmission 5-speed manual gearbox
Brakes 4-wheel disc with ABS and traction control
Curb Weight 1109 kg
Weight Distribution 34.2%F/65.8%R
Engine CMW P73M39T3
Engine Descrption turbocharged flat-6
Displacement (cc) 3899
Output 699 hp @ 7500 RPM, 680 Nm @ 6900 RPM
0-100 km/h 3.2s
100-0 Braking Distance 31.1 m
Top Speed 352 km/h
Fuel Consumption 200 kilograms/hour peak

And finally, no show at Goodwood is complete without hillclimb times:

Car Hillclimb Time
CS42ER 55.06
CRT-CMW Turbo 48.82


Atlas stage, smoke billows off the stage from smoke generators built in. An audience is seated in front of the dark stage, ready to see what Atlas has to show them at this years festival. A screen comes to life, the Atlas Logo rotates on screen for a few moments before stopping. It flies back and strikes the hood of a car, the camera in the video pulls back and car head lights flash on followed by the word VT coming in front. A Engine roars to life on the side of the stage, a spot light flashes on revealing the car on stage.

The Atlas Delta VT is show, revving up a storm. The spotlight fades out, the screen changes, a car drives in front of the VT on the screen. A large red X flashes in front followed by another engine as the Delta VT shuts off, another spot light reveals the car on the right, the Atlas Delta X RallyCross.

The loud rally car roars with its high strung 4 cylinder and turbo whistles. The Spot light fades once again. the screen turns to black. The atlas logo appears again, on the side of a dollar balanced on its edge on a desert track. A car rips past, sending the atlas logo toppling over. A car is seen roaring in the distance and drift around a corner. A camera view inside the car appears, the Howl of the high revving V10 can be heard. The car continues to race around the track at blistering speed before entering a dark tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel, the lights of the car come racing forward and stop.

The camera slowly zooms in on the front of the car. A Red R is glowing fiercely, followed by a Roar of a V10 Engine starting up on stage. A spotlight shows the Atlas R sitting in the middle between the atlas Delta VT and atlas Delta X RC. It revs its engine to redline with several loud pops and flashes of backfire out the rear exhaust.

The cars engine dies down, a man steps out of the car with mic in hand. “I hope you have enjoyed our short presentation showing off the Atlas Delta VT, a road going homage to the days of group B rally and the Atlas Delta X RallyCross to join the next season of rally,” he says, “And the Atlas R, a car that carries on the heritage of the Atlas racing pedigree.”

“To end our short show, We have one more surprise.” He says and walks to the middle of the stage.

The Floor opens and an exotic classic racing car rises from under the stage. It is painted in the colors of the 1972 le mans race car that it was created from.

“We have brought our chassis #000 from our head quarters in Canada,” He says, “The Atlas Velocity 726 edition was the first car for us as a company. The Atlas R draws alot of inspiration from this first car, including the heart of the machine. The 5.4 liter V10 in the Atlas R is directly built using the V30 FI engine in the Atlas Velocity as a basis. I hope you all have a good show here and enjoyed our past and present work. Have a exhilarating time at this 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed everyone.”

The show ends with clapping and excitement. The stage is fully lit with all 4 cars, many of the audience come up to the stage to see them up close.


The 2019 Rennen Apophis. Rewriting the rules for luxury sport coupes forever.

In a surprise turn of events, Rennen unveils the next-generation Apophis on the final day of Goodwood Festival of Speed.

More information will soon be posted on the Rennen website.


Shromet: Interval Hillclimb pulls a 44.07 up the hill, and the concept car has been Greenlit for production.

44,07, that is the time Shromet’s 1,000+ Horsepower electric race car managed up the Goodwood hill this morning. After the climb, it was also announced that a road version of the Interval concept had been greenlit for production, but no such car was present at the show, other than the original concept car.

It was also announced that for launch, a special limited series Interval is planned, called the Interval 720, in refrence to the time set at Pikes Peak. Only 720 of these special series Shromets are planned, and slot number #001 was given to Jordan Jacobson, for his work in setting the time.



With only a few minutes of the festival to go, Evergreen Motorcars has announced it’s first car since 96’ the Orion. When the CEO was asked to sum up the car he gave this response. “We are incredibly proud to offer this car, we wanted to give people a premium car that was quiet, comfortable and yet still a bit of fun if a twisty road came along, we feel we have achieved this.”

The model shown was a 4.2 V8 sports model with the nickname “Thunderback” which produces 400bhp and will do 0-60 in 4.5 sec, no doubt due to the AWD that all models bar the entry level will come with. The car goes on sale in a few weeks at an undisclosed price.

Some images of the Orion Thunderback

More details will be available soon on the Evergreen website.


In the pit lane…

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed


It’s been a cracking few days down here at Goodwood, what with it being the 25th anniversary and all. It’s usually just a few hundred boffins and car nuts ogling some 50 million dollar racecar that someone stuffed into the hay bales but this year it has been somewhat more enthusiastic than some half-heartedly warmed up leftovers of a posh automotive garden party. I hadn’t been down here for two or three years and since I’d just returned from the US (with Nathan, of course) and was to start a long term test of the Baltazar Stardust 2.0TS Lithium…. what better way to do that than by hauling myself and Nathan together with enough food to feed a small elephant, sleeping bags and a foldable tent, camera gear and computers… the list carries on but the Stardust gallantly swallowed everything. The 80 mile trip flew by with ease and the humble car impressed. We arrived a little early to set up and snoop around, mainly as Nathan had never seen this place before. The massive, quirky French central sculpture erected for Ceder’s 90th birthday was hard to miss, being taller than Nelson’s column but having various F1 cars precariously hanging on, it practically dominated the sky there. To add to that, there was some man with honking gigantic nads zooming about in a jet pack with near unbelievable skill and agility. After pitching camp and wandering about we were told to go get ready for a quick go up the hill in the Stardust as they had managed to squeeze us into the middle of some older cars that were practicing and preparing for the days to come. Cooking slowly in the purgatory heat as time refused to pass like the hot stifling air Nathan and I decided to have a look around the garages and see if any gems would catch the eye. A while later we were summoned to our task at hand to take a gander at the hillclimb, and by god it’s hard to forget but oh so easy to underestimate if you just watch it from a screen or from afar - it isn’t called a hillclimb for no reason. Even doing 60kph all the way up the hill is enough to make all your hair stand on end as the straights dart into trickly curved corners and as it heads upwards, the walls close in, the menacing bales look ready to tackle you like an offending rugby player. Seriously, I may come off as a snobby arse but I have the utmost respect and admiration for all these nutters that have the stout to cane it up the hill in unhinged, maniacal creations and flying through the course using their unparalleled skill, memory and reflexes to complete in under a minute. And god above, there was no lack of these monstrosities, even the madmen from Gryphon Gear showed up. By far my favourite was seeing all the aged beauties grace the hill, especially the Barricada V-8 2700SA. The freshly debuted and gorgeous CMW CS-series is something else I wouldn’t mind having a go in, but perhaps I can leave that to Nathan as I’ve got this Stardust here (more on this car later when I follow up with an update after releasing the RJM review). I’m a bit disappointed GBF didn’t show up this year, but oh well. Apart from a few crashes and a mishap with fuel lines in the pits that caused a fire, it has been an absolutely euphoric experience.


We have had one hell of a festival this year, just like we’re used to. We’ve seen new and striking designs, historical stuff that triggers our nostalgia, but most importantly, we’ve had a great time with all of our fans out there. And as always, there’s some stuff we couldn’t help but glue our eyes to. Here’s our picks for the GFoS 2018!

  • I’ll have two number 9s. A particularly good mobile restaurant in the shape of a delivery van was present in the pits for everyone to enjoy some greasy fast food with their exhaust fumes and brutal engine sounds. I’d be lying if I said I did not return every day the festival was open.
  • Gryphon Gear Nightfury: styled after an actual dragon (Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon), and breathing fire like one would from its 7L v12, as well as one of the meanest aero kits I’ve ever seen, the GG Nightfury takes the fastest time this year after climbing the hill in just 35 seconds!
  • Bramhall promised to bring three cars to the hillclimb, of which I was quite fond of the modern Firenza. Sadly, they didn’t show up in the end.
  • Shromet brought their 1000hp+ Interval electric race car. If the future looks this good and is this powerful, I’m down for it. Also great news; the Interval is coming back as a production car! I should definitely get one.
  • Rennen teased their new Apophis. Looks awesome, but we were teased little info; I guess we’ll have to wait.
  • Atlas brought two very quirky and weird looking cars, but they also brought one that looks proper; that is the Atlas R; again, though, we were given no info.
  • CMW played modern and classic; their Daytona-conquering CRT-CMW Turbo brought the SASC nostalgia and its flat 6 powerplant was the perfect dressing for their speed salad. They also seem to be willing to fight my Challenger back with their CS42ER. You beat me in looks, but in speed? We’ll see.
  • Holts brought their quirky-looking HX-R, with 960 horsepower to boot and a 0-62 time of 2.5 seconds. This seems to be quite the machine, but no skidpad data was given; I’m assuming it is good, however, since its aero is active apparently.
  • And the FABEL Barnard Eco ARX is just perfect. Such a little city car being turned into a rallycross monster is always a fun sight to see, specially when it’s done so nicely. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one when it runs in rallycross races. Did I say the little one has 570 horsepower? I predict a successful future for this one.
  • Deer and Hunt showcased the five generations of their iconic SuperCoupe. From V6s to classic V8s and more recently, V10s, the SuperCoupes never fall back when it comes to speed, and they could be seen laying down some serious rubber whenever they launched; DaH is a must see stand if you’re into classic muscle, v8s and burnt rubber.
  • Montes and Zenshi released their new supercars. Both carry on more or less what we’ve seen so far from both companies, with driver enjoyment as their main objective and speed as a secondary objective.
  • The new Kyoki Raider is another hypercar producing north of 1300hp from just a 4.7 liter v8. That’s simply insane. If it has the handling to back its power, we’ll have a serious contender here.
  • Shelton Igor. Takes balls to push a V6 that far and put it in a hyperute, but they did it, the madmen. I’ll keep an eye out on these guys just to see what they make.
  • Sakura brought a selection of four different cars, the Deva, RS-GT, RS-K and Deko. Shoutout to the RS-K, a tiny monster of a car, if a weight under 1102 lbs is any indication.
  • Chipworx brought their Thunder, an 80s Caliban Thunder on steroids. Not only they gave it a superb kit that makes it prettier than ever before, it also packs quite a punch with more than twice the power the original has at 234hp. Did I say they kept it lightweight? Quite the funhaver they have there.
  • If I have to pick a clear favourite from the Scagliati stand, that’ll be the Serenissima Mille. A 1000hp limousine capable of reaching 250mph? Sign me up already. All of this keeping a fuel eco of over 20mpg. Absolute unit. They also displayed the handsome Cinquetorri and Zoccarato Scoperta, of which I dream of owning one one day. Solid show by Scagliati. To top it all off, Il Dominante Veloce. I’ll let images say more than anything words can say.

What a riot. See you next year Goodwood!


Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance; a page will be opened early next month.

Please do not unveil any more cars.