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2018 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS)


The Carl. nailed it.


please re-read what you’ve put there.

Maybe write it out as one sentence.




more teasing, I guess




An SUV from Zasteros


This is the first time that all the pre-show teasers are actually well-lit and visible :stuck_out_tongue:


mine isn’t a teaser, just a de-uglification of an already shown car :grinning:


Let’s try this again…
No longer does being a soccer mom or dad need to be a tedious chore; own the carpool!



Part of the JHW Retro Salon

More to come soon.


Yamato Jidosha shall fully reveal the Zakura concept car at NYAIS 2018.
Expect more details soon.



Senuris Motors Zerale Concept


That color…:grin:


it made me think of that :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:



AL Autos

New AL Logo PNG v3


1968 JHW Firebrand GT

Auto Salon Exibit #1


Montes official statement:

We had some troubles with the sheet metal press, for a new model that we were developing, and if we did not solve the problem before the first day of presentation, Montes will only present a new model, instead the two planned models.

Sorry for the apologizes.

Víctor Montes, Montes CEO


Good luck to you!