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2019 New York International Auto Show



Aeros, Martlet, and Satsunai will have a joint display this year and are presenting the following darktm ad teaser:

(ok the ad was a joke but I’m actually going to do something)


“We as a company appreciate the ever-growing passion from car communities, and today we are presenting to you The Chaotic,” a manager introduced.

“The 90’s Honda Civic has been a main staple of the community, whether as a satire or an actual project. The only concern is that the Civic is now scarce and will only become harder and harder to find as people search for the last sources of these relics. We’re here to give them a new alternative, a new start for their project car.”


Allure’s gone through a bit of a redesign. Oops.


New Holts Champion Coming to 2019 NYIAS


What’s up automotive world? It’s Nicholas Justinian, back in the only city that matters in the world. NYC. New Yorkers fancy themselves more sophisticated and elegant than they really are, and expect their cars to have 7 seats or more to fit their massive egos. So let’s see what the industry is preparing to show for the 2019 model year!

  • It’s Shromet’s 40th anniversary for the Radiant. Congratulations Shromet, it doesn’t look a day under. They’ll likely show a Sport model with the number 40 plastered all over the seats and dashboard. So if you’re into that sort of thing, I’d stop by.

  • Gremlin is unveiling the Louisiana, but I can’t tell much about it, except that it’s very angry, and very blue. They also have a retro hybrid concept. That sounds like the sort of thing I’d be into if it looks right. I really think whoever came up with their catchphrase needs to be given a firm talking to… “Luxury at ‘it’s’ finest”, isn’t grammatically correct.

  • Montes claims to be getting really serious about sportiness values, they mean it guys, really. To prove how much they mean it, they’re unveiling a new T90, but seeing as how it shares the same platform as the old one, I don’t know how serious they are about that promise…

  • Blaire is showing the 2019 Albatross. It’s very small, and dark. So not much to say about it until the show I suppose.

  • Evgenis’s new Typhon is turning its nose up at inferior automobiles who need a ‘catchprase.’ Now there’s the pretentious, self satisfied New York City style we need!

  • Kaul is showing a new 266, and I don’t know why but I get the impression it’s the sort of thing Boomers are going to end up driving to escape father time. Maybe because it’s the kind of thing simultaneously wants to jerk off to the past while be taken seriously as a modern car. Usually quite hard to do both. I’d know, I own a Mini

  • AL autos is showing the new Aranea. It’s small, very blue and very happy. So it’s a smurf essentially.

  • Alright, so I’ve literally got no idea what company this is, what cars they’re unveiling or pretty much anything about them other than one is red and one is purple. Cool quote though I guess, ad money spent well?

  • Corsica has some sort of SUV. The type of thing people here love. Not much else to say I suppose. It’s blue!

  • Huangdou Also has an SUV. Except it’s going to be cheaper because it’s Chinese.

  • Takata Heavy Industries, in a shocking display of variety, has a 16 cyllinder mid engined sports- No, just kidding, it’s another SUV. I get that’s what everybody’s buying these days but come on guys, break up the monotony just a bit, will you, please?

  • Ursula has taken their marketing material from Gears of War for the new Goldman. In case a video game makes you want to buy a supposedly sophisticated sports coupe. I know it sure does it for me! …not.

  • I think Sadowtski’s goal was to make the information in their ad so incomprehensible, you’d be too overwhelmed to notice their cars don’t look very good. I mean, my god, the text doesn’t stand out at all, the three cars photos are horribly sized and clip into one another, it’s just a visual nightmare. I think Sadowtski needs to fire their whole design team. Car designer, graphic designer, interior designer, I don’t care, just fire them all.

  • Marquez Motors is back, and my material literally writes itself at this point… “Oh no! They are Back!” is indeed everybody’s reaction. You literally make this shit too easy.

Axuma is unveiling what I can only guess to be a luxury sedan from the line “The totem Pole goes higher” It’s all about looks with luxury cars, inside and out. So my opinion on this will have to wait.

  • Ursula says I can “Do whatever I want” does that include get less than 50km away from the car so I can actually see it? That would be great, thanks.

  • Here’s a Cheyenne. It’s doing offroady things! And you too can do offroady things and be Steve Irwin or somebody if you buy one!

  • Saminda is showing the new C3 coupe, the “Sportiest Saminda ever” not exactly a high bar, but hey if it’s stylish and fun to drive I can’t say I wouldn’t be interested.

  • Yamanishi Automotive is showing a coupe called the Mulholland and an SUV called the badwater. Now why would anybody purchase a car that has bad in the name? That’s like naming your child “Carjacker” or living in Boring, Oregon. As for the coupe, “Blink and I’ll miss it” they say, but I can’t see much of it when it’s still due to how dark it is.

  • Akauri has some sort of super fast concept car. I can tell you that because it says concept on the front!

  • New Canadian manufacturer Owl is turning up to the NYC scene with a mid engined sports car. That’s the kind of thing that feels 5 years too late, but it’s all about numbers, so we’ll have to see what it can do.

  • Module has confirmed to joining the mundane with their new XR series crossovers. They might be really cool, dynamic and capture a realistic vision of the future, but part of my soul will never accept it.

  • Owl has a second new car here! Wow, quite amazing for a new company with such limited R&D… “speed and style in comfort” is what they claim… But I’m really not seeing the style. I suppose there’s always speed and comfort to make up for it. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad right?

  • Falcon Vehicle Motor Works has a rather ‘radical’ looking coupe… who boy that is certainly eye catching.

  • Owl has a third new car! wow, I really do wonder where this new company gets such a large budget from to develop 3 new cars at once!

    In all seriousness. Come on AL, it’s not 2004 anymore. Leave the trashy paint jobs in the garbage, please.

  • Holts has a new GT car, which they’ve very originally named the Holts GT. The headlights look a bit small and the mouth a bit big, but I’ll be interested to see how it performs. Oh, and it’s painted mustard yellow.

  • Aeros, Martlet, and Satsunai have ascended to the natual conclusion of dark teaser images. This is truly the future of automotive advertisement right here.

  • Rolk’s Wager is showing a new hatchback, and apparently their inspiration is a 90s civic. Ah yes, what a wonderful selling point for what is inevitably a 15+ thousand dollar car. Do I want to take out a loan and buy a brand new car or look for something for 700$ on craigslist? Oh how tempting it is…

  • Huangdou has more SUVs! Who would have guessed? Actually I must point out that while the CC is probably going to be a cheap disposable Chinese knockoff, it does at least come in a convertible, which is actually something to set it apart! Here’s to hoping the convertible top doesn’t blow away about 60MPH!

  • Holts has a new Champion coming, and I can absolutely confirm, it is a coupe that is mustard yellow. As for the rest, We’ll have to wait.

That should do it for now! We’ll check back in when there’s a week before the show. You can always find the Motornation webpage here for relevant automotive news!



Imyuteus Testament

Coming to the New York International Auto Show


LKA Ukonvasara R will be finally unveiled. Weapon wielded by a god, monster wielded by a man.


Kurokama at New York 2019

We have a couple of news, expanding on what we have presented on previous shows.
Apart from SNB releasing revisions of their current engines, we also are here to present you a brand new car.

Meet the Corsac

Corsac represents the peak of Automotive engineering at affordable price ($28 563 [ICE], $30 875[H], $31 764[PiH])
and comes in three powertrain options, a 210kw/280Nm ICE I4T, 230kw Full Hybrid, and 230Kw Plug-in Hybrid.
Thanks to its innovative technologies, combined fuel economy is 4.9L/100Km for ICE, and 3.6L/100Km for the hybrids.
Yet, despite the fuel economy, the Corsac is no slowpoke, launching to 100Km/h in only 5.3s, and its top speed is as high as 260Km/h.

Thus, Corsac is able to provide Comfort, Speed, and Economy wherever you go, whether it is city, highway, or country roads.

With first Corsacs already being available at our exclusive dealerships, i have the pleasure to say :

The future is here


It looks like it has a visor on its nose, but I think it’s a good thing, especially since it gels with the Corsac’s overall design aesthetic. If I were ever to buy one, it would be the base model, surprisingly enough; even without the hybrid hardware, it should still be fast enough in a straight line to give an I30 N, Golf GTI or Megane RS Trophy a bloody nose, and possibly even be a match for either of them in the corners as well - if the chassis tune is up to scratch.


Although it is more comfortable with lower corner speed due to its comfort setting of suspension, it still can perform pretty well thanks to its adaptive AWD and multilink rear suspension.


Breaking News

Yo, it’s Matt Sierra reporting in for Motornation at NYC.

We’ve got breaking news just in. Montes has purchased every single automotive company in the world. Our sources indicate that the move was done in order to create enough factories and to hire enough manpower needed to manufacture the vastly popular Montes Urban, which as we all remember, sold 13 million units last year. With a growing share in the market, it is expected that Montes are to increase the number of units sold in the following years and as such require more factories to produce enough cars to suit demand.

We at Motornation have been trying to reach the Montes CEO for further information, however we have been unable to contact him because he is “outside house until 31th”. We will try to keep everyone informed and up to date as this entire situation unfolds.

Matt Sierra out :wink:

CORRECTION: 20 million of Urbans were sold last year not 13 million

april fools men



NEW YORK: If you really can’t wait for the New York International Auto Show this year, I have a seriously bad news to tell. It’s officially cancelled.

On 10 AM EST, the officials of the NYIAS have confirmed that the auto show in NYC this year had to be cancelled to make way for a cooking and food exhibition.

According to the officials, they said it’s because the organizer of the cooking and food exhibition has bought all event spaces in Jacob Javits Convention Center, the original venue of the auto show, and therefore the NYIAS organizers, due to the lack of space, had to cancel the show.

All cars that planned to be shown this year is now be revealed in the NYIAS app (available on Android, iOS and Windows) instead. The app gives the viewers an interactive way to view all the vehicles that launched this year. All car releases will be held in a YouTube stream, and the press will have their dedicated YT streams to report the ongoing show.

As for the people who paid their tickets, the organizers decided to offer full refunds until 20th April to the people.

“We’re sorry that this kind of incidents happened. We promise next year we will have a bigger, better show, with all the cars coming”, quoted the officials of the show. In the statement they also promised that every automaker (that will come to the show) a massive payment to make up the losses.

So, on this terrible disappointment, we weren’t able to provide a live coverage of the auto show this year. This is Carol from Drivers.com, see you in IAA.

it’s an april fools joke, lol


*20M of Urban during the last year


2019 Jefferson Magnate

Reviving American’s luxury from the dead, one car at a time.


“Wait what? What the hell? Why is that Mustang so fast? I can’t even get close to him! Let alone overtaking him!” - A Koenigsegg Driver, after finished street racing an unidentified tuned version of a Ford Shelby Mustang, possibly a test mule of Cardinal Tuning GmbH.


Kind of looks like a car from Watch Dogs if I’ll be honest. Is it based off it? Cause the car from Watch Dogs shares basically the same name. But your’s is the Jefferson Magnate and not the Global Motors Magnate LE.


Details will be released on or before the press dates.


Shromet dragon?


Yes, a tuned version of it.