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MotorNation is a nexus of close-knit people from all over the globe of diverse backgrounds, of various ages and all professions united by one passion: cars. MotorNation is just this, it is a celebration of all things automotive. Seeking out the hottest new cars, the greatest autoshite, the best everyday cars, following rumours, pursuing adventures, going up to meet the people behind the scenes, exploring history, other culture scenes like modification and coverage of auto shows through magazines, blogs, social media and videos - MotorNation is the source for up-to-date news, opinion, technology, reviews and entertainment.

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Read the disclaimer/our terms

In the act of/By sending in a car to us, you accept that:

  • We will only review cars that we request you for, or in a case where you reach an agreement with one of our writers. Random, unsolicited cars that are sent in will be ignored.
  • We will not stick in references or any other specific things you would like us to have in the review. No plugging is permitted, our writers have the freedom to express and you may not force or influence any writer to do otherwise.
  • Nothing will be written in a manner to target or attack anyone. This does not mean we will not criticize or question. We only mean to give feedback and voice opinions that lead towards improvement or entertainment. If you have any concerns or doubts, write to us or start a discussion about it.
  • This is common sense and regular etiquette, please only send what is asked and in a safe manner. Viruses and other maliciousness is not acceptable.
  • We do not exist to pump out content like a factory. We will try our best to remain timely and regular but there is no guarantee that we will provide content all the time.

You also realize that:

  • MotorNation does in no way affiliate itself or condone every single word or message expressed by divisions of the marque such as MN JP, or SS. These behave like autonomous arms with MN branding, no more.


Come here anytime to find your way to any individual review we do, locate a specific release or read over our previous auto show coverage posts, this place will remain continually updated as we publish content.


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