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2020 Great Gasmean Hill Climb - Preliminary 2 (restomod and heavy weights)


Which fell out and blocked the front wheels from steering unless you pulled them out at the start, I might add.

You’d easily have been through the final and won it if there were more entries. The point scale was not really made for only 5, which inflated the negative impact of the high EP, PU and cost. Though, to be fair, non-expensive construction was a goal from the onset, and clearly communicated as well. Although, I do appreciate flavour pieces.

For the Condor, I fear the downforce was a bit too high here. I had the impression it held it back accelerating once over 140-150 kph.

Strangely enough, I did not receive any messages. They should normally pop up in the time trial mode as well.


Yeah I would have liked to see it go up the hill too. Judging by your time I think you’re well enough acquainted with the way downforce works in Beam that I’ll now have stiff competition when going all out for sheer times in Beam exports. What was the engine layout of your truck?


I refer to the following hint:

Although it’s out of the formal competition.

He is, and I appreciate his ingenuity on that front. But it does create an issue in regulating future events, because his level of downforce is too high to be realistic, according to my feeling. Perhaps we’d have to look into this together to find a decent middle ground there.


I know I limited myself on that front for a vague reason as to not go completely all out, but I have to say considering some of the kits that rock up to unlimited class hillclimbs, what’s too much downforce? :joy:

If you really wanted to regulate it, you could say something like “as long as it doesn’t cause sparks to fly from the undertray scraping the ground when travelling on a perfectly flat surface at top speed”. Because all my cars that do 1:30 around ATT or less have that… feature, kind of like Ericsson vs Stroll at Moncao lel


It’s hard for me to comment on the Condor’s hillclimb, because it’s a slow and janky affair on the keyboard. I wouldn’t have thought the downforce should be a problem though, considering a lot of it is relatively slow twisties where it’s worth its weight in gold. I would have expected the culprit to be the rear wheel drive (because a cautious exit will lose you time along the whole following straight, while in AWD you can just kick it and hold on) and relatively high weight.

As far as finding a reasonable counter in the rules to the levels of downforce I was pulling - I’m happy to work with you developing a solution, but I think the easiest limit could just be “max two wings (or one) at the front, two wings at the back, mirrored wing counts as two wings” regardless of whether those wings are on the car or inside. You don’t really have enough area inside the car to go overboard then.

If you want to get more intense, you could additionally limit the downforce to “no more than weight of car at top speed” in BeamNG and do a test run in the grid area. The Automation value is probably not reliable enough for this purpose. That’s more work for everybody involved though.

The LLotL has a 12.7l 60 valve V12, front engine, all wheel drive.


I did limit myself too,both in the downforce-department and the powerdepartment, just to see how long i could take a car without any positive q-points, and a resonable(?) amount of power.

And as strop pointed out, as long as the cars are scraping along on a flat surface (corners not counting :wink: ) then it should be good for TimeAttack and Hillclimb at least, and some other types of racing too.

But sure, more downforce than weight seems a bit over the top at least for most of the contests, as it’s more or less impossible without wingspam.


There are two mods for which it is possible to deploy wings of ludicrous area. Mileage for single fixtures varies a lot.