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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


Would it be too much trouble, by the way, if I could ask if somebody could model the GMC/Chevy van('70s to mid '90s) for this game? We could use some older passenger vans from the U.S., I think(maybe to recreate the A-Team Van, and not to mention the “vanning” culture of the '70s and '80s). :wink:

I was also hoping that somebody could, at some point, mock up something along the lines of the GMC motorhomes from the '70s; those were simply plain awesome, IMHO. :smiley:


Hi, I don’t visit these forums too often, but I do get on the IRC quite often. heh

I’d like a badge done for Knightly Motors, my supercar manufacturer. I am terrible at 3D art, heh.

Logo is attached. Thank you in advance! :smiley:


I’ve had a few thoughts:

  1. Would it be possible for a 10s subcompact, say a Chevrolet Sonic?

  2. While I’m not too be crazy about the total design of the nineties Cadillac Deville in comparison to other Cadillacs, I think I could do something with the taillight design. Would creating something like that be possible.


Any chance these could be made into Badges please.


Please do not hit, but I have now created a new company name and logo.
Every few years (rarely months) I design just something new.
I’m so creative that I (including logo and slogan) pestle countless fictional company from the ground …
Well … long story … and so …

Thanks so much




A logo for your company to use on the forums? Or a badge logo for a car to use in the game?




Do you have a particular saying you like? Or a company slogan?

EDIT: also what is your company name, country of origin etc




Do you have preferences for color? Any of your own thoughts on what it should look like? These things are helpful to make sure you get something you’ll like.




with the dots between the letters?




Not much. How is this?









One with the original black backdrop added to previous post.


Just went creative on it. Tell me if you like one and if you would like to use it, so I can send you the high resolutions.