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'63 Garcia Small Capacity Rally | GSCR63


Yo! How’s this thing holding up?




One of the big reasons this is still on hold is my uni work. I have had a few assessments over the last 2 weeks. I have next Monday off and will be opening to entries that same week. IRL stuff comes first.


I thought the next stable had already released and I only wanted to check on the OP’s status.
Anyhow, @LinkLuke thanks for the update man, I appreciate you taking the time to write a reply and I hope you’re doing well in uni.


Entries are now Open

I do need to finalise the ET and PU, so I do reccomend holding back until they are sorted, but I think they should be reasonable.

I still need to pick a stage, although I should have that sorted by the end of the week depending on how my schedule is.


Is there a leading ‘1’ missing from the ET? Lowest I can get, with a Mini body and all the lowest ET parts is 25.1, with -15 on everything. 2 speed manual with no undertray. This also includes the banned fibreglass panels. 25.3 with steel panels!


I’ll probably up it to 40, just to be safe, but I need to do a little more testing


I had previously made a car for this competition with the then vague ruleset, and I’m now facing an ugly truth. Are boxer engines more trouble than what they’re worth?


I would say that they can be useful in some cases, like giving a more favourable weight distribution to a rear engined car (like mine)


I know their advantages, but the problem is that boxer engines, for some reason, require absurdly high ET. I’m currently more than 20 above the limit for ET, while being nearly 50 below the PU limit.

Edit: I also haven’t used quality sliders at all, so there’s no ‘new’ technologies grossly increasing the ET times; it’s just the boxer engine.


Keep in mind that until 70’s standard tech for under 2.0l rally car was 2 barrel carburators and nothing really fancy. Nut on the other hand these carburators were produced by 3rd party manufacturers like Weber. Pretty high tech, high quality stuff.


There is something that I need clear definitions
what is the main tyre choice, as you’ve mentioned before of…


as they are on the OP and they can be quite confusing, which needed a clear instruction to all interesting members.


dunno what you mean :wink:

Also OP updated with new rules for PU and ET, along with fuel. The rules are pretty much finalised now.

Also I’m currently having exporter issues, where the engine locks up when revving or changing to 2nd gear. I tested a car from the previous patch and it works, so I suspect it’s the latest patch. I have tweeted the devs, which probs isn’tthe best way to notify them, but hopefully should be sorted soon.


These are obviously the wrong way around.


That plus… match the engine and trim ET perhaps? Makes the thing much easier to round up, less things to keep track of as well


I have to mention these issues:

  1. Maximum tire width and profile should be specified.
  2. Sport interior is straight up dumb. These are rally cars which usually had most of unnecessary interior parts threw away for weight reduction. IRL cars we might use as reference didn’t get equivalent of “sport interior”, they were pretty basic and cheaply made to use resources on increasing performance.
  3. Instead of “Advanced safety required” you should specify safety score we need to achieve.


I understand these issues you have, and therefore I will attampt to justify my ruleset. First of all this rally series is not hosted by the Garcian Government, and not a board such as the FIA or SEC. Therefore, certain regulations cared for in events hosted by them are not really cared for by the Garcian Government.

The Maximum tyre width is not specified because this isn’t really something that I want to be specific on. I personally would rather people be able to make their car driveable over uncontrollable so we don’t end up with half the entries DNFing. As for profile, that is highly up to the user.

As for the Sport Interior, I do realise that I should change that to Basic with -15 quality, and that will be changed ASAP.

Finally, Advanced Safety is to simulate having Radios and Hefty safety equipment such as rollcage, since Automation doesn’t have a race interior or safety option yet.

On a final note, please remember that this is a fictional Rally, based on a Fictional Nation, in a Game. Nothing needs to be perfectly realistic. If you want to enter a realistic event, instead of scrutanising every detail of somebody else’s, I suggest hosting your own.

ON PU and ET
The test cars I made yesterday are sitting at around 65/67 for ET and 75 for PU. They are both pretty basic, one being transverse fwd and the other beind Rear engined. So I’ll leave the max values at 70 for ET and 75 for PU.


This may be a fictional event in a fictional country and etc… But it´s also a competition, and while taking part on it is already cool, maybe some more rules, especially about tyres, which were a major limiting factor in motorsport at those times, would make all the competition a bit more fair.
If you look at the photos from that era, you will see that all cars used really thin wheels


I will consider Tyre regulations, However, I will need to do a little testing in Beam, which I can’t do atm as the upcoming update, currently in open beta has an exporter issue, and also changes a few ET and PU calculations. So for now the rules will stay as they are.


My entry will be the 1963 Knightwick Cavallo