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'63 Garcia Small Capacity Rally | GSCR63


Still working on the competition version, but I´m going to build some hype with the street version


Teasing a bit.


Really enjoying these Prototypes guys. Hopefully the latest patch will come to stable this week, so Will be able to finish my testing. As for numbers, I would like you guys to ask for your desired numbers when you PM me the entry. 01 and 02 will be saved for factory cars. If your number has already been taken when you PM me then I will allow you to pick a new one. Enries and numbers will be visible on a Google Docs Spreadsheet soon-ish, and the same one will be used for time tracking on the stages.


I’ll have to enter this, a fun little competition. Started work on something already.


I’ve decided on Max Tyre Widths, and it will be set at 235. This is due to rear engined cars needing the extra width to be driveable. In addition, Magnesium wheels are banned, The OP has been updated.

Factory Car 01 - '63 GMI Kaspian Rally

This is the first of my Factory cars. They won’t be able to win any points, so they won’t really stop anyone from losing out. Also I’d like to get it stickered up, so it can be a poster car for the challenge, so if anybody thinks they’re upi to the task, shoot me a DM - you may win some extra brownie points.


BDM Talpa Rally


Looks cool AF!


Santos 1100R
Faster than it looks


Franklin Cerberus 1400 Rally


lmao safety what’s that

Quezon SuperCab Rallye 1.3


Zephorus Pugg Mk II

A pint sized race car made for the stages, or anything you throw at it.
With just over 75 whp and weighing a little under 600kgs this car is very spritely and nowhere near as unsafe as everybody says it is. Honest.

i don’t know if i need a livery or not ahah


I’m not too bothered about Liveries so don’t worry

As for the actual challenge, I will have a list of all the current entries on Sunday, and Will start work on the spreadhseet that you will al be able to view. This spreadhseet will be where you check to see your time across the stages.


I’ve got a question, how are we supposed to set up our cars? Are you running them around automation tracks or are you going to be using BeamNG?


Beamng will be used, I am just trying to find another stage to use. Expect mixed surfaces, but mostly asphalt.

Slight Update

I have decided on a points system, which will decide the winner at the end of the competition. Basically whichever car has the most points shall win. At the moment My cars will be unable to earn points, just to be fair, so in a case of my car coming 3rd, i’d essentially pass on the points for that place to the 4th place car and the 4ths to the 5th and so on.

This may be ammended if there are no more than 6 entries and if those who have entrered are comfortable with this happening.

I will also allow more than 1 car per person, however 2 cars per user is the abosolute maximum.

Finally if you want to check if I have recieved your entry you can now refer to this spreadsheet:

This will also be used to track your times and currant overall place.

Each car will get 3 runs on each stage, if it fails to complete any of the 3 runs, it will DNF. The fastest will be recorded and will be used to judge your finishing place for that stage. I will submit a post after I have ran every car for each stage, with notes on my thoughts of the cars handling, this may be handy for the next GSCR for balancing your car.

The cars will be timed after the submission deadline has elapsed, so I reccomend waiting until the last week to submit incase of game updates to either Automation or BeamNG. If not already meantioned, I will be exporting the cars on my end to prevent any possible manipulation of the exported car files since not all have access to Beam.

Finally I will not disclose the stages I am using until the day that I run that stage. Just expect mixed surfaces and possible some inclines. My advice is to gear your cars for accelleration rather than top speed since most won’t reach their top speed in this challenge.

The OP will be Updated To Reflect This


LAP LC14 16v Rallye


Could you update the original post for all of the changes I have read through? I am confused as to what the et pu times are and what interior are we using? Did I miss any other changes?


This is the Kung Tellus Driven by Björn and Axel Jönsson


Also, the team name is Jönsson Motorsport


Decarlis D10 Rally

Development in progress…


Just a little under 10 days to go

I just wanted to remind all that there’s about 10 days remaining before the deadline. I highly reccomend that if you have any questions, they are asked now.

In terms of late submissions and How I will handle them, I will give a 12 hour grace period. But after that late submissions will be Disqualified.

Expect another post from me when there’s 24 more hours to go listing the entries I have recieved then another after explaining the stages.


My engines are still locking. I do not know what I am doing wrong.