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66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]


I had problems with the game crashing because of my video card last month for over a week, did you also have this problem? You should get a mulligan on your tune and RED should take your revised entry for the next race. I hope for my sake that RNG sorts me out better next race.



It was a Windows Update that didn’t go well. It was crashing my game, but not sure about video card related. Everything from my card seemed to be fine in MSI Afterburner. I eventually rolled back and reinstalled the Windows Update to fix it.


Here’s mine:

For the Metric-challenged:
306 HP
335.6 ft-lbs Torque
2865 lbs Total Weight
146 mph top speed


Ladies And Gentlemen!

It is time for the Qualifying round at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course!

Teams have been seen getting prepared, and the DVM Crusader was recently seen bringing in new engines to replace the thirsty ones they ran last race! (special allowed revision due to missed submission) Hopefully all their kinks will be worked out before they start racing.

…And here are the shorthand qualifying times!

    1. Shunga Nautilus #10 driven by Lella Lombardi with a 108.68 second lap time!
    1. Zacspeed 625 TA #52 driven by Dan Miles with a 109.94 second lap time.
    1. Legion Sparrowhawk AFR #41 driven by Oliver Fujisaki with a 110.42 second lap time.
    1. Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88 driven by Tom Morrisson with a 111.09 second lap time.
  • (5.) AEA Kinglet T/A #29 driven by John Sanders with a 111.70 second lap time.
    1. Calradia US Rocket #44 driven by Grzegorz B. with a 111.71 second lap time.
  1. Pemhall Torrin GTA #23, 111.99
  2. Allendale Motors Barrier GT #32A, 112.46
  3. Charge Rumor R305 #8, 112.74
  4. Halcon Bruto Trans-Am #22, 112.76
  5. Kopo T-Raptor HC #49, 113.04
  6. Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport #311, 113.30
  7. KGB Cavlier RSII #1, 113.99
  8. Yinzer Fantasia TA66R #73, 114.42
  9. DVM Crusader #43, 114.54
  10. Weller Torero #32, 114.56
  11. Armor Valencia #2, 114.57
  12. Bechov F3084A #48, 114.66
  13. SME Murder Kitty SS #69, 114.89
  14. Swordfish TV-A #24, 115.49
  15. Cantauri Marauder GT-TA 304 #38, 115.62
  16. Bresko Type 22 Trans Am #54, 115.99
  17. Chrysalis Rampage TA #77, 116.67
  18. Ares Paladin Trans-Am #5, 116.86
  19. Knightwick Henley Trans-Am #34, 117.06
  20. Brantan Silver Bullet Trans-Auto #11, 117.92
  21. Salvaje #87, 118.82

A note about the upcoming race:
The RNG rolls were quite harsh this time around, so expect upsets and interesting events!


I don’t expect to qualify well cuz I was a bit of a noob when I made this car… at least mine’s reliable… touch wood…


Qualifying positions are solely determined by your car’s raw lap time in automation. All other factors are ignored only for qualifying.

The actual race can (and usually does) have vastly different results due to the RNG factors, fuel/tire pit stops, mistakes, etc.


Sorry for the delay on the race results. There’s a very interesting turn of events in this race and I’m trying to figure out how to write it out to make sense, (and trying to make sense of it myself! LOL)

I’ll keep plugging away at it little bits at a time.


Hey chief, mind giving us a little update?


Sorry for the delay, I have been much busier than anticipated around this time and may have procrastinated a bit too, but I will still keep pushing and doing what I can in my spare time.

Welcome to the Mid Ohio 100!

100 laps around beautiful Mid Ohio Sports Car Course will be today’s challenge for the drivers in the 1966 Trans-Automation Race.

Let’s Go Racing!

With the Shunga Nautilus #10 on pole position once again, the cars surge ahead as the race starts!

-Out of the gate the Nautilus takes an easy lead over the top 5.

-Just one lap in the silver Min-Max Halifax Dalton was seen having troubles at turn 7, and had to be retired due to suspension/steering related problems. Driver Tom Morrisson had made a mistake on lap 1 that may have played a part in the problem.

-On lap 11 the Brantan Silver Bullet #11 died on the track due to engine problems. Driver T. Fletcher had battle those engine related problems earlier in the race as well.

-During the first quarter of the race driver Vetusto Fabiano of the DVM Crusader #43 was battling hard with the Kampfer S20 #311 driven by Jacques Booms. Fabiano made a major mistake and caused some damage to both his DVM Crusader and the Kampfer S20. Fabiano took an extra pit stop to fix the damage. Booms in the Kampfer kept going with the damage, but that proved to be a bad call. Jacques Booms had to retire the Kampfer S20 on lap 30 due to problems sustained from the damage.

-In the mid pack the Chrysalis Rampage #77, SME Murder Kitty #69, Zacspeed 625 #52, and Yinzer Fantasia #73 were seen fighting hard for the elusive 9th position to make their way back into the points positions. With the race a third the way done, driver Rob Doley of the Yinzer got into a bad collision with Dan Miles of the Zacspeed, causing a chain reaction with the Chrysalis Rampage and SME Murder Kitty. This sent all 4 of them into the dirt. The major mistakes lead to damage on all 4 cars, with the Chrysalis and SME taking extra pit stops to fix up. The Yinzer and Zacspeed elected to keep going without an extra pit stop. This proved a bad decision for Dan Miles of the Zacspeed, as the damaged sustained took him out of the race on lap 39.

-The Calradia US Rocket #44, AEA Kinglet #29, Legion Sparrowhawk #41 and Charge Rumor #8 were battling hard during the middle point of the race. The Calradia was leading this group with 4 car lengths when a major mistake (one of several he made over the course of the race) sent the driver all over the track. With the Kinglet, Sparrowhawk, and Rumor in hot persuit, all three cars struggled to avoid the out of control Calradia. The Kinglet and Sparrowhawk made subsequent mistakes while trying to avoid the Calradia. Unfortunately for the Charge Rumor, while trying to avoid the Calradia the driver over revved the engine, causing damage to it. The Charge Rumor limped off the track a few laps later on lap 56.

-A couple of minutes after the Charge Rumor limped off the track the Swordfish TV-A #24 driven by Simon Cole was seen limping back to the pits on lap 59. It is unclear where the problem lies, but this will be a big blow to the Swordfish, a car the consistently held the second place position since lap 4.

-After fighting fuel problems all race and having to hit the pits every other lap, track officials called off the KGB Cavalier for track “Safety Reasons” in the pits. They officially retired the car at its lap 58.
(@Kyuu77 If the rng rolls don’t sideline this car earlier, I will start acting as track officials in the name of safety and take it off the track early as a dnf due to the extremely bad fuel economy issue. [4 gallons per 1 mile… yeah it’s bad. I actually had to modify my calculations so it wouldn’t get negative fuel economy lol.])

-The Salvaje #87 piloted by Bruno Candel has been making steady forward movements up in the rankings from starting in last position. This is likely due to the intense driving and extremely consistent crew behind the car and its pit stops. By mid race Candel made his way up to 9th position!

-The Calradia US Rocket #44 has made its way up to 5th position by lap 65, but another costly mistake (spin-out) has caused the car to fall back again.

-The Bresko Type 22 #54 had made some steady progress ahead of the DVM Crusader #43, but had to make an emergency pit stop due to some engine troubles. The pit crew was seen working hard to patch it up enough to finish the race, and after about 10 minutes in the pits they got it back out onto the track. Word is the engine problem was related to the block or bottom end of the motor.

-Also mid-race the Kopo T-Raptor HC #49 had to take an extended pit stop for drivetrain related issues. This let the Pemhall Torrin GTA #23 get ahead of the T-Raptor. Unfortunately, the Pemhall didn’t make it through the race. Driver J. Richards took it into the pits on lap 78, citing transmission problems.

-Towards the late race the Salvaje #87 had made its way up to 2nd place, but ahead of it was the Shunga Nautilus #10. The Nautilus made a crutial mistake that sent it facing the wrong way on the track, and the Salvaje got caught by it with some damage. Not wanting to risk running 1st position with unknown damage, the Salvaje made its way back to the pits to clean up. Unfortunately the Nautilus lost it’s engine in the crash, and was out of the race on lap 80.

-By this time, the Halcon Bruto #22 was behind the Salvaje, and with the Salvaje pitting and the Nautilus out, Driver Eva Parilli took the lead and held onto it until the end of the race. The Salvaje caught back up to 2nd place, but could not close to the Bruto.

-In the last few laps of the race the Armor Valencia #2 and Calradia US Rocket #44 were head to head, battling for 3rd place. With less than 5 laps to go Denny Hill, piloting the Valencia, made the move and got ahead of Grzegorz B. in the Rocket.

-Similarly, the last few laps of the race also saw the battle between the AEA Kinglet and the Legion Sparrowhawk. The Sparrowhawk attempted a move, but could not get past the Kinglet. (Not that it mattered, the Kinglet is a non-scored entry anyway.)

-And further down the pack, the DVM Crusader and the Bresko Type 22 were fircely battling for 6th place, with the Crusader just squeaking by the Type 22 in the last 2 laps to take 6th.

Edit: Added Pemhall Torrin GTA DNF details.


Place Car & Racing Number Driver Time/DNF Lap Points Total Points
1 Halcon Bruto #22 Eva Parilli 3hrs 33min 54 sec 12 15
2 Salvaje #87 Bruno Candel 3hrs 34min 8sec 11 11
3 Armor Valencia #2 Denny Hill 3hrs 35min 19sec 9 20
4 Calradia US Rocket V8 #44 Grzegorz B. 3hrs 35min 23sec 7 7
(5) AEA Kinglet T/A #29 John Sanders 3hrs 37min 20sec - -
5 Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41 Oliver Fujisaki 3hrs 37min 31sec 5 17
6 DVM Crusader #43 Vetusto Fabiano 3hrs 41min 26sec 3 3
7 Bresko Type 22 #54 Mateo Bresko 3hrs 41min 43sec 2 2
8 Centauri Marauder #38 Niall 3hrs 43min 53sec 1 1
9 Chrysalis Rampage #77 John Redman 3hrs 48min 20sec 0 7
10 SME Murder Kitty #69 Roxi Sinister 3hrs 49min 2sec 0 5
11 Yinzer Fantasia #73 Rob Doley 3hrs 50min 10sec 0 0
12 Bechov F3084A #48 Ian Bykov 3hrs 51min 30sec 0 0
13 Kopo T-Rapotor HC #49 Alex Gomez 4hrs 12min 47sec 0 9
14 Ares Paladin #5 Jeff Barnes 4hrs 17min 32sec 0 0
15 Weller Torero #32 James Scott 4hrs 18min 36sec 0 0
16 Knightwick Henley #34 Unknown 4hrs 33min 33sec 0 0
17 Allendale Motors Barrier #32A Ken Rogers 5hrs 15min 25sec 0 0
DNF Shunga Nautilus #10 Lella Lombardi Lap 80, 2hrs 40min 0 0
DNF Pemhall Torrin GTA #23 J. Richards Lap 78, 3hrs 15min 0 0
DNF Swordfish TV-A #24 Simon Cole Lap 59, 2hrs 5min 0 2
DNF KGB Cavalier RSII #1 Keiichi Iketani Lap 58, 2hrs 34min 0 0
DNF Charge Rumor R305 #8 Unknown Lap 56, 2hrs 2min 0 0
DNF Zacspeed 625 #52 Dan Miles Lap 39, 1hrs 29min 0 0
DNF Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport #311 Jacques Booms Lap 30, 1hrs 6min 0 0
DNF Brantan Silver Bullet #11 T. Fletcher Lap 11, 26min 0 0
DNF Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88 Tom Morrisson Lap 1, 2min 0 1

Overall Point Standings

Points, Car and Racer
20 | Armor Valencia #2 | Denny Hill
17 | Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41 | Oliver Fujisaki
15 | Halcon Bruto #22 | Eva Parilli
11 | Salvaje #87 | Bruno Candel
9 | Kopo T-Rapotor HC #49 | Alex Gomez
7 | Calradia US Rocket V8 #44 | Grzegorz B.
7 | Chrysalis Rampage #77 | John Redman
5 | SME Murder Kitty #69 | Roxi Sinister
3 | DVM Crusader #43 | Vetusto Fabiano
2 | Bresko Type 22 #54 | Mateo Bresko
2 | Swordfish TV-A #24 | Simon Cole
1 | Centauri Marauder #38 | Niall
1 | Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88 | Tom Morrisson

Fixed incorrect driver for #77


Oh man, this race was a total wreckfest. I’m also amazed that Bresko managed to snatch a top 10 place even with that 10 minute pitstop for engine trouble.


I think you got the driver in the #77 car wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, thanks for catching that. I fixed it now.


I jinxed the algorithm lol


Qualified 20th and finished 8th I’ll take that :slight_smile:


I know I’m three days late but I was not expecting a race win out of this comp, lol. Smooth and steady actually got me somewhere.


I will get the last 3 races done, but it may be at a slower pace. I’ve put this challenge on the back burner for a while due to irl stuff and other commitments. Also life likes throwing lemons at me it seems (cat got very sick for a while and that was scary, but he’s recovering now)

All the data I need to run the challenge is in my spreadsheets, so no further automation updates will break the challenge.


Update: this weekend (14-16) I will be attending a lan party and have plenty of time set asside to get some races done!

I will get the 3rd race done at a minimum, and maybe even plow through all the remaining races as well!


Welcome to the Qualifying Round for Race 3 of the TAR:

All Gasmean Circut 76

(Circut la American)

Here are the Qualifying Results:

  1. Shunga Nautilus #10, Lella Lombardi, 153.94
  2. Zacspeed 625 TA #52, Dan Miles, 155.36
  3. Legion Sparrowhawk HFR #41, Oliver Fujisaki, 156.20
  4. Min-Max Halifax Dalton #88, Tom Morrison, 156.92
  5. Calradia US Rocket V8 #44, Grzegorz B., 157.35

(6.) AEA Kinglet T/A-R #29, 157.94
6. Allendale Motors Barrier GT #32A, 158.86
7. Pemhall Torrin GTA #23, 159.03
8. Charge Rumor R305 #8, 159.35
9. Kopo T-Raptor HC #49, 159.69
10. Halcon Bruto Trans-Am #22, 159.84
11. Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport #311, 160.02
12. KGB Cavalier RSII #1, 161.29
13. Yinzer Fantasia TA66R #73, 161.95
14. Armor Valencia #2, 162.12
15. SME Murder Kitty SS #69, 162.42
16. Weller Torero #32, 162.49
17. DVM Crusader #43, 162.50
18. Bechov F3084A #48, 162.73
19. Centauri Marauder GT-TA 304 #38, 163.39
20. Swordfish TV-A #24, 163.92
21. Bresko Type 22 Trans Am #54, 164.27
22. Ares Paladin Trans-Am #5, 165.37
23. Chrysalis Rampage TA #77, 166.01
24. Knightwick Henley Trans-Am #34, 166.67
25. Brantan Silver Bullet Trans-Auto #11, 167.60
26. Salvaje #87, 168.24


Heyo, mind giving us a little update?