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A Man and His Search for a Compact [Took me 3 F*cking months]



holy shit I’ve forgotten whether I entered this or not…

…oh hey, I did.

Come on then! :joy:


I’ve been quite busy with school work, then my laptop shat itself, and can barely run automation. I’m currently unsure when I can finish this.

I do apologize


I am still expecting you to release the results, but I now realize that it won’t be possible until you get Automation to run smoothly again (which hasn’t happened yet).




Damn it Norman…I did say “Don’t hold your breath for the results!”


Guess Fucking What! RESULTS

Reason: I’m a lazy sod.


The Man, standing under a bus shelter on a rather cold winter’s day, lights a cigarette. He woke too early for this, but he has many brochures in his briefcase. Lots of cars to go through. He had a single pack of cigs. Maybe letting his wife choose some of was a bad idea. Her tastes were… different. He hasn’t had a chance to look at the brochures, he just let his wife pack them. Now he’s heading to the industrial area. 20 different cars, and here comes the bus. This’ll probably be the last time he needs to bus. Now out goes the ciggy, and he’s ready.

Well, he’s arrived at his stop. Just a short walk down to the warehouse, the cars should be down there. Another cigarette is lit, because one more wake-me-up is needed.

The door’s closed, but he lets himself in, and sees 20 cars lined up, all different. Well, he stomps out the cigarette, and heads toward the First car, the Komodo Scela Moto.

#Komodo Scela Moto
The Komodo Scela, in Moto spec, was set to be a good car. The only issue, was it was too long. He wanted under 2.5m, the Scela was 2.67. So, out the door it goes.

#GSI Urb
Something about this diminutive little machine seems rather strange to the Man. The brochure doesn’t exist, just a small plaque on the windshield displaying the Name, Power, weight, and drive type… GSI Urb, 200hp, 907kg, RWD. This machine does seem to be rather on the cheap side, costing only around 13,000. Maybe one to come back to.

#Maesima NRZ-986 Touring SR (Grey Import)
This is one of those cars that’ll be rare on the road. From looks alone, he seems to want it. Spares could be an issue, due to the Grey Market import. 189hp from a 3L inline 6, and two doors. Shame. Possibly, if all the other cars aren’t up to scratch.

#OAM Pheonix GTi
Not the sexy Overdrive that he saw in that action movie once, but it’s close enough. Boxy Shape, Turbo badge, and very Japanese styling. Also, quite japanese underneath, with a V6. 2 doors, marked down. Does seem to be better than the NRZ-986, So, it’ll go in the Not-Quite-Shortlist.

#Dragotec Blitz
Rather bland, but cute styling, obviously the Wife’s choice. He guesses she missed the fact it has only two side doors, but with it being a hatch, it shouldn’t be as bad for getting a child in. Less economical than the Phoenix, with less power. Sadly will go on under the Not-Quite-Shortlist.

#BMMA Dolphine 2.7 TI
The BMMA Dolphine.Very sexy, quite efficient, and rather comfortable. Looks stunning, but a bit slower than the other cars. Not-Quite-Shortlist it goes.

#Dela Premium
No. He would not be caught dead driving this thing. Next car.

#Betta Lambda GTi
Sadly, this car arrived with a rather large issue. It seems that Betta forgot to add some grills… he could see where they would’ve gone and everything. Shame.

#LMT Regent DOHC
The Regent, Looks nice, rather understated, even. However, the Economy is the worst He’s seen so far. It is powerful, but the economy doesn’t help. Not coming back to this one.

#Cordona LE
The Cordona is very pretty. It’s also fast. But It has 2 doors… Economy isn’t great. But it’s sporty. And pretty. He’ll come back to it.

#CM Halifax SGT-S
Basic, but has a sense of class to it. Offers quite a good bit of Practicality. Shouldn’t drink too much, either. Shortlist it goes.

#Cornaldie Automotive P365 Turbo
No. (Out of character, this looks like ass. Modern headlights kill the design)

#Bogliq Bastion Turbo
Hmm… Rally spec. He likes that. On the larger side, but helps with the kid. Nicely sporty. Onto the shortlist it goes.

#JHW Solara GT
Understated, but a bit too basic on the outside. Very Practical, but not much else that sets it aside. Sadly being passed over.

#FOA Hunt
Good underpinnings, but the visuals are off. It looks deformed. I don’t think many people would want to drive something that looks deformed. Moving on.

#Suzme Shouri G-Limited Sportback
Looks nice, has nice underpinnings, but is overall average. Drinks a bit too much, so this’ll be passed over.

#Scarab Flare S
Very nice car. Overall, is good. Low economy, But not very practical. Shortlist it goes.


  • NRZ
  • Pheonix
  • Blitz
  • Dolphine
  • Cordona
  • Halifax
  • Bastion
  • Flare

#Further Comparison.

In the end, he decided upon the Dolphine. It was the best 4 door, and that is what he set out with in his mind. The Cordona was tempting, but in the end, the Dolphine won out.

Congrats to @NormanVauxhall for 1st, @strop for 2nd, and @thecarlover / @Dragawn for 3rd.


What I wonder is where it is that my car beat the Dolphine to overcome the practicality penalty for having 2 instead of 4 doors. Passenger space? Cargo room?


I thought the same when i looked to that stat.


Congrats to @NormanVauxhall for the win, I think your car was very stylish and it definitely caught the eye… :heart_eyes:

But surely, the extra 7.7 units of practicality plus the cachet of a Bogliq homologation special would have been worth stretching an extra $1200 for? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Waited three months for this, worth. :stuck_out_tongue: