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A Man and His Search for a Compact [Took me 3 F*cking months]


Introducing the Cordona LE, totally not a VX-T/Alcyone ripoff. As you’d not expect it’s the digital age in car form, baby!

LE stands for Limited Edition, because this brings all the hi-tech, lightweight construction techniques to the family automobile. DOHC, turbo, electronic fuel injection, AWD with 50/50 split and a sweet 5 speed shifter for the hero driver in you. Double-wishbone all around, aluminium panels and block and pistons and 225 sports tyres for the sharpest most precise handling and superior grip. You’ll be ready for anything in the Cordona: for fast you have 219bhp bringing you to 100km/h in just 5.5s and under 14s quarter mile, for family you have seats for four, an 8-track for the latest tunes, and better than 23US MPG mileage.

This is your sport compact: high tech and sophisticated to make your life choices simple. It will do everything you need from a car, all for 17550.


Seeing your car got me rethinking the rear end of my car a bit. It didn’t fit the 80’s too well, lets see what I can come up with.
Also, pretty close stats to my car, decided to shrink the engine a bit, I think 300 hp was a bit much.


It’s totally NOT an Alcyone rip-off.

An Alcyone would have pop-up headlamps. Hehehe


I needed to stop ripping it off somewhere down the line of the bodywork! :laughing:


The Dragotec Blitz

The compact that has, and would function for many rallye participations of Dragotec, now delivered at your doorstep for 17,160.
A smooth, responsive inline 6 that has both a sense of economy and power, bolted onto a chassis that has room for 4, and driven wheels of 4, your fun mobile. Oh, and go have fun on the back roads, hammer that power down, no need to worry about losing traction and ending up in a tree, Dragotec’s famous AWD and ABS systems have got you covered. So go ahead, enjoy the Blitz’s razor sharp handling, wherever you go, even if it’s just to drop the kid at school

Disclaimer: Handbrake turns at school drop-off zones are not advised.


It is the year 1985. Young Laffy buys some Transformers. Other stuff happens.

It is a year where people are interested by this new V6 thing. A year when you could call a car ‘Euro style’ and not have things thrown at it. Or thrown at you. It is time to buy a Primavera.


Ankomst Automotive may just have the car you are looking for. A compact, yet versatile and fun to drive car can be difficult to balance, however, our Dela may just be the car you are looking for. Offered in Economy and Premium trims, we believe the Premium trim will give you that fun, economical power you are looking for to help spice up your daily drive. With an estimated 26.6 mpg and 0-100 kmh in just 5.1s, this little hatchback is ready to take on the dull-drums of every day driving while giving your the power and agility you want on the weekends.


You have (Around about) 24 hours to get an entry in from this post.


##1985 CM Halifax SGT-S

It’s got a bunch of letters with a hyphen, so you know it’s good! Turbocharged 1.8L I4, sporty alloy wheels, 5-speed manual transmission, new partial-aluminium design, and the tried and true CM AWD. Only $14,950.


Two Hours to go until entries close.


20 Entries.

We have


and waiting for a fix download link from @yurimacs


already sent the fix link


Any news regarding results?


It’s coming.


pokes @Vri404 with a stick


Slaps @Vri404 with a trout :fish:


I’ve been very busy with school work, and idk when I’ll be getting a break to work on this.