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A Taste for Convertibles [Submissions Closed! Pending Judgement]


Independent IMP (Independent Modular Prototype) designed on the chassis of our top selling van. Comes standard with a V1289 V12, outputting precisely 300 HP, all for the low price of 30k. (No, the “dogbone” on the front isn’t supposed to be there.)

1985 Kimura TKR-C by Bertone Targa Type-P

With a limited-production run of 5,000 units for only one year - 1985 to 1986 - the Kimura TKR-C was one of the company’s most elusive sports cars. Of the 5,000 produced, only 1,793 were the highly sought-after targa variant as opposed to the more common T-top configuration. The fiberglass body, turbocharged inline-4, and high-tech interior made the TKR-C a pivotal moment in Kimura’s history.





Fak, it got cropped though nobody wants to see the front anyways.


1985 Avantii Delta

(i screw up the badging in the rear ...)

"More pictures


1989 Kuma GP-Turbo

(idk why this was a reply to titleguy sorry)


T-Top gang :joy: think there’s 3 of us atm…


Since this is a fake CSR, this post will not get the full version of an introduction…
But we still put the same effort in the car and engineering as we would any CSR or any competition for that matter…
Except I don’t know what I was doing…
However, we could say it is a very serious car…

Because the pioneer of practical performance has gone very impractical…

Introducing the 8th gen (K608) 1989 Kaizen SCL26s 424 edition AWD targa and the standard SCL26s 424 edition

Designed to combine effortless grace, understated elegance, and tenacious performance in an all-weather consistent package.

Newly revised this year, the all aluminum AAV series 3.6L naturally aspirated inline 6 roars out 261.8 hp and cranks out 245.56 lb ft of torque. Coupled to a 5 speed manual transmission featuring revised gear ratios, the SCL26s AWD rockets down from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds up to a 160 mph top speed. Helping improving driver control are ventilated discs with ABS, sport suspension, and an all new traction control system.

Targa: The front features a targa top panel to maintain as much chassis rigidity as possible while enabling drivers to enjoy the wind. To further allow more top-down enjoyment, the driver can choose to retract the manually operated rear soft top.

Normal: The car features a manually operated soft top that folds right in front of the trunk. Extra care has been made to maintain as much chassis rigidity as possible.


Some additional images


1985 Bradford TargaMeister Turbo

more shots of said car


Situation Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these here.

Need to clear up a few things straight up.

What I've been busy with recently:

Due to the current situation in my country, caused by COVID-19, the lower class demographic here are in a seriously bad shape. They don’t have access to decent face-masks, hand gloves etc needed for daily use in the midst of this.

My dad has started a small business of buying such equipment and accessories in bulk and then selling them in very cheap prices to the poor people and villagers. Most of the times, I help my old man. Sometimes it’s just calculation and boxing, other times I’d have to hop in my car and transfer some goods a few hours away. It’s not a very time consuming process at all usually but it sure is tiring.

So when I’m home after taking care of all this, I barely have time to crunch in many other things at once such as challenges (participating or hosting) and doing other stuff related to it.

Does this mean you're postponing ATFC?

Absolutely not! I will be gladly accepting entries for ATFC and I even plan to write clear and detailed reviews.

Is this why you haven't posted a roof chopping guide that you promised?

Unfortunately, yes. But I still plan to do so. Just give me some time.

Can we get an extended deadline since you're busy?

Fuck it, here you go!

But you better join and make this extension count if you haven’t already, or this cock will be sad!

That’s all!


So… Uhh… How do we cut the roof off?


The Most Elusive Sight in this World


Another Update!

My beautiful friend @variationofvariables just made a very well detailed and straight forward guide to chopping your roofs off!

Go ahead and check it out and show this person some love!




KKona Clap


I don’t even have a fucking comeback to this… Goddammit Yang :joy:


1985 Haapala Streetcruiser

Make every drive the best one


@Mikonp7 - Damned you!!! I’ve got several cars that are under scrutiny and then you go and post that!


Of all the pretty cars on show…I think that’s just…sigh


Yup, we did this. The Anhultz Dione DX FlexTape Edition

Driving stunt conducted by professional on closed courst. Do not attempt at home or on public roads.

as this is the 13th challenge for the Dione, you can search for a hidden “13” on the car, if you want.
if found, you’ll get an imaginary cookie through imaginary mail.


Lorier wants to know your location


OLSSON 3230 OC (Orkan Convertible)