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Aebrochye Motor Companies





yes. it has a V8.
Yes. its overpowered.
No, its not 700 HP,
Its 854.
or 890. its still overpowered
there will be a V6 variant





-Doors are Suicide doors, they are opened by the key fob witch i have yet to design and post,
It opens by an button on the key fob (when button is pressed. duh.)
thats why there are no door handles.
-The name means Worker Track Esther
Because its meant for offroading and its also meant to be a working class vehicle.its also quick. really quick.


yep i made another.
it looks exactly the same.
we are now ford i guess.
Its working class now.
forgive me god.


2018 Santos Valentine
the car with no tech whatsoever. amazing ik.
and has 2 sets of mirrors. yay.
-will not withstand a F150
-its basically a volkswagen thing with even more β€˜β€˜i cant do this’’.

MSRP: $ 1. OH ME GERD. CHEAPEST CAR IN THE WORLD- for a fucking reason.


to be fair its top is 60 mph.


but if you get run over by this and die? you deserve nobodys respect because this thing struggles at 12 mph.


yes. its a pickup. lord jesus.


Cabin view.
Does not come with radio.


yeet yeet passenger view


god why front

dont ask for engine pic
we no do that for dis thing


$100 Sextillions worth Project ONE

yes its remote controlled. its a life size RC car. dont ask about the tires.


and now body.
its best not to have front wheels
its practically a troll car



this is way, way too many posts. if you want to attach a bunch of pictures, please for the love of god make an imgur album and link it here