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Aebrochye Motor Companies


The rear was sort of inspired by the Furai. no. heavily. ._.


The big boi engine


I didint, and still dont know what is up with the muffler. it just does that.


Now, to the B2

With an increase of 245 mph I decided to continue the project.


The car had two oil tanks, and two fuel tanks.


The majority of the car was made only with carbon fiber.


The Aebrochye Badge


Fuel tanks


The oil tanks look the same way



The gate is there so the engine doesnt fly out. (The engine is secure. but. crashes happen so.


top view


Yes. there are LED’s around the front window.
No, there are no mirrors. There are cameras.


The unspoken one, the B2.8.


tHis verson was meant for the sake of oil/fuel economy. witch meant more fuel tanks. makes sense. (no, no it doesnt.) It was abandoned for pretty good reasons.


Though, the rear cover was better for sure.


Also featured a see thru rear cover, glass and mesh combined.


the fuel tanks


The big boi again


The B2.9 was exactly the same so we wont talk about that.