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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #1 [Completed]


The body you used does not unlock until well after 1988, so I don’t think your entry will be eligible here.


This is possibly one of the finest pieces of socialist engineering to come out of Steyer Heavy Industries

Cylinders : some
Gears : many
0 - 60 : yes


Octane number 70.
1,8 litre
140 hsp.

Model_10_-EcoSport.car (19.3 KB)
CVJOINTsequence-_EcoSport.car (19.3 KB)


Please Message me your car if possible, and change the naming convention to make the model name your username AT MINIMUM. If you don’t I’m going to have to assume you want me to take the above post, since I can tell based on the screenshot that the orange blob is too new of a model, and you’ll get a :frowning_face: from me for having me change then name (I have too many cars).


Ha-ha, you can rename car project!. I am deleted that project, now variant 1988 stayed.:smirk:


Let’s try this again.

Now just 44 hours till the deadline.


Decarlis EC30

Just to answer market and regulation requirement, Decarlis design this EC30.


Ecosport 2
CVJOINTsequence_-_EcoSport2.car (19.3 KB)



During competitions, you’re supposed to PM the .car file to the host, not post it publicly…


What is host?


I didn’t find it here.


The dude who created the challenge. Admiral_obvious. Scroll all the way up, click on his name, and go “Message”


You can also reply to the message I previously set to you by clicking your name, then the envelope, then the message I sent you.


A little over 9 hours remain. Get in while you can!


WALL Futurama
35MPG - Low quality fuel
1L Eco-carburated Inline 3


In case I forget, or otherwise get tied up. One hour remains!


Time’s up!

I’ve already looked over most of the entries, but have not actually had time set aside to compose anything useful. I should get some spare time Saturday night for round 1, then a bit more time Monday night for the last round. I got 13 entries it looks like.





Bogliq, Bogliq they’re our team!

If anyone beats them, that’d be mean!!!



puts on Jeff Probst hat

“Let’s go tally the votes”