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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


Seems like my “highly advanced aerodynamics package” is working out for my car.


points yes!!! And a first place well f me sideways that was not expected… Now to improve the car


We at Pistons’nSparkplugs Automotive may or may not have been unable to prepare a car for this season. First of all our Marketing dude ran away, he said something about not listening. Not sure though, I didn’t gave it a whole lot of attention, but it also meant we couldn’t create a grand reveal of our revamped Omega. Also both our Omega’s catched on fire and we had no time left to get a different creation in.


Hmm so with no tuning but throwing a 5l cast v8 threw me up the list. I know how much power and torque I need time to tune the suspension and aero for next season and drop the wieght…I am coming for you @AirJordan slowly but surely I am coming for Smooth and I will have your head on a platter mwhahahahahah. You may have a brazilian but I have the full hairy package!


Challenge accepted :smiley:

there are no revisions for 63 right?


Right, we just need to see what our cars can do again.


Also both our Omega’s catched on fire and we had no time left to get a different creation in

Well that’s the backstory for the fireball :wink:


So, what are the rules for 1964-65? :worried:


He will yet post 63 results


Right now I am busy with writing offers for customers and planning my trips, but this evening I should be able to do the rest.
It’s sometimes difficult not to have a nine to five job.


mate there is no rush always take your time. If people get shitty cause you have a real life well sorry but feck em. It is just a game after all…just don’t go walk-anout for a month lol


Work is the reason we can enjoy our lifestyles. Automation is not our jobs…most of us.
Work wins.


Ah no, not a month.
Wanted to finish everything yesterday but spent 14 hours on the road due to immense traffic jams. So all the planning was destroyed.


lol I know your pain the recent HLC results were posted after 40 odd hrs of no sleep as they were already late.


I apologise if I came across as pushy, I had a window of opportunity to build cars yesterday and I wanted to get as many done as I could. I thought the rules had been stated but not clarified so I was hoping to get a complete ruleset to start my build…

I love this competition and I don’t want to mess it up so take all the time you need and know that I’m not impatient, I just made a thread reading error! :grin:


I can give you the rules right now, so that you can use your spare time.

No engine restrictions, neither for body.
Engine reliability deadline drops from 32,5 to 30.
Safety should still be advanced.
No minimum weight for cars that have engines smaller than 3000ccm, smaller than 4000ccm is 800 kg, smaller than 5000 ccm 900 and so on. If you are crazy enogh for a 9000ccm engine, its 1300kg. Sport interior stays.

That’s it.

I will update the first post later. Right now I have some calls incoming


Well what if you’re crazy enough to try a 15L engine? 1900 minimum weight? and could we use hand crafted interior if we want to for extra weight?


Umm… Yes…
In this case I switch to “no basic interior”.
Then it works.


The charging part of my laptop broke so I had a very limited time for my entry so Im not going to write anything about it at leasst not now and will be sending it early. I’m also very interested in seeing the results of next round and even just the entries, I’ll be interesting seeing little 700kg cars with tiny 3 liter engines versus hulking 2 ton monsters with 15 liter v12s making over 950 horsepower… which I just noticed I’ll need to turn my entry into.


So, there are no restrictions on what bodies we use?