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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


What are you complaining about :joy:


Yay I finally won something :smiley:


ooooh i am getting closer @AirJordan

Smoooth motors vs FFM battle of the bulge


Man, there’s 0.02 seconds between some of these cars!
That’s awesome!



Let’s focus on S5 now. :slight_smile:

I make some comments later this evening, when there is more time for it.


I got more than one point!!!



“Nooooooooooooooo, Monica!!!”
Shouted Gamma’s driver inside the big Heirloom while he saw his silver championship trophy go away together with Fireball at the last race. He had even named it already.


Top Speed.

Your gearing is awful but on Bonneville it worked perfectly.


how much quality points in the engine are going to be allowed for non DOHC engines?


Its in the first post,

14 OHV

But engine only, not the rest of the car.
And +5 Max per category stays.

This is mainly for SME and Petoskey, they stick to the engine technology used in their road cars. 1960s CMT “regular” cars all use a SOHC 2 Valve. Ok, the OHV SME engine would still have lost against a similar one using DOHC, but it at least improves competetiveness on a fair way.

@lukerules117 @HighOctaneLove I am sorry for those who have to rebuild their cars. AFAIK this happens in all challenges. There is always something you forget at first.


Presenting the revised 1964 Leeroy Bastion Super Veloce!!!

When the revised rules were released introducing cost-cutting measures to protect the privateers from being swamped by over-engineered factory entries, Rowdy at first denied the news. Then, when the official fail certificate was sent in the mail, Rowdy set about to build something that’d satisfy the rules yet still have a fighting chance on the track.

The hand built V8 was canned and a purpose cast 6L pushrod V8 put in it’s place, beefed up road car parts were installed to replace the custom cast items and a straight-cut road gearbox replaced the bespoke racecar unit.

The result, though technically less impressive than before, was still a weapon, with a monster V8 sound dominating the soundtrack and wheelspin being the dominant result of a heavy right foot…

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Why is a car from my company Calavera runing without my permission??? :angry:

EDIT: I see it’s ram’s company CAVALLERA, with all due respect @CMT don’t be a lazy host and check the company names in your competition.
EDIT2: It’s ok @ramthecowy i just get confused. Re-reading what I wrote it sounds so harsh, but it was more on a voice tone that is hard to emulate just writting.


Hahahahahaha sorry about that confusion, CMT has been busy IRL, I should have told you to avoid confusion. Sorry about that :joy:


The new 1964/65 FFM Legionnaire

Changes include the choice of a fibreglass body instead of alloy, advanced 4999cc v8 engine now producing over 400hp, new reshaped front windscreen and nose, removal of chrome trim, new front air dams and radiator air dams and bonnet flutes, new larger carbon fiber rear wing and engine air intake, cabin air intakes to help cool the driver, and new larger rear tyres. and a new paint job.

And the FFM 4999cc v8 will be made available for sale to other companies and competitors
juliusgraham5485 - ffm experimental.zip (17.0 KB)


With everyone going for small light weight cars similar to those used in the other rounds it will be interesting to see how some cars made for extreme cornering ability do against the more balanced cars and then on the complete other side of the spectrum I have a 15 liter engined luxury sedan with a handcrafted interior and racing phonograph.


Mate, you missed a spot or two on the back to put more chrome on.


Honestly, I was a bit offended at first. But I knew it is not meant that way, so I am ok with your post.

I had the same issue with a customer today, his name was Schreiter and I accidentally called him Streiter (a person who likes arguing). He was not amused indeed and, well, argued. :smiley:

I do it now as I learned it it school some years ago.
Cavallera. Cavallera. Cavallera. Cavallera. Cavallera…


I was thinking, and for the next round we should have a tire size limit, since a body that can fit bigger tires have a lower time compared with a lighter body with little smaller tires, that’s why, even being lighter, the S30 body couldn’t keep up with the other cars last season. And another reason is that even race cars didn’t used 255 tires at this time.


The addition of slicks to the list may completely negate that but I haven’t tested properly yet.


Doubt the compound offers a significantly greater advantage to fatter rubber