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Automation Cars Now Driveable on BeamNG!


Best news I have seen in ages! Came out of nowhere…

I’m interested in how this might impact on our challenges.

I don’t have Beam (yet), but if you are familiar with it I have some questions:

  1. are there AI cars in it? So could we hypothetically load up all the submissions to a competition and the manager can film the race with AI drivers and upload to YouTube?

  2. if not, maybe we could at least do the qualifying ourselves and save a screenshot or some other way of validating the time?

This is such wonderful news!


I really love that decision.


holy shit I am hype


Heck yeah, cant wait.


No.1: There is an AI mode in beam. But you have to be in freeroam.
No.2: In time trial mode, at the end of racing, it will show your lap times and total time (if you choose 2 laps or more)


So hype! So suspense!


I literally dreamt of this.
I literally made joke comments about it happening.

Now it’s actually there.

Hey Camshaft Software, I don’t even care about Inline 5s not being available in the first public release of the UE4 light campaign, this is everything I wished for.

Thanks Santa.


Now to make a car more bland than the 96’ Pessima lol


If hype was usable as a fuel source, and all the hype from the Automation and BeamNG communities was added up, it would be able to power the entire earth for a thousand years.


To be honest, out of the ~10 people I’ve tried to convince to buy automation, only 2 have done so. 6 or 7 were “I would if I could drive the cars”


Fap level over 9000


This is absolutely incredible! I finally will be able to find out how legendarily malaise my mid to late '70s cars are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That being said, this seems more like something for #off-topic or #general-chat ? Especially given how sidetracked (no pun intended) the conversation already is.


Time to start building Farox from the beginning. so hYPED FOR THIS


Is there any sort of online play with Beam? I looked on steam and it didn’t seem like there was but it would be really cool to do racing series using our own cars that we drive.


Time to see what those calvinator people have really built


No please don’t try, you would break the game completely!


Damn, now I’m gonna have to get BeamNG Drive so I can drive some Storm and Sinistra cars and see how legendarily bad the L-FWD platform would be with some of the cars I’ve made.


Put a 1000hp engine to the 3-wheels moped car :joy:


Time to hook up my wheel and pedals and properly test-drive my own cars. Well done, devs, in arranging this.


It’s a Calvinator and a crash simulator. They were made for each other