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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


the good thing about that nvidia power & temp target bs is, you can create your own eco mode when you decide to go idling on the server :smiley:


what about intel hybrid graphic processor thingy…?

the thing that lets you completely shuts down/sleeps the discrete GPU, and use the onboard gpu?


I would lik to add a poll, but i cant.

Who would be okay with adding a new pack of mods.
To be exact it would be “REDPOWER”
@T16 provided me a working Package of it - maybe he can leave some words about it here too.
It basically adds more Redstone Functionality, and reduces the need of super complex torch and stone arrangements.


There is RedPower for 1.7.10? I thought this was discontinued at some point. Does it still have Frames and Frame Motors?

Most awesome mod ever, if so :smiley:


He meant Project Red, but the part that have the frames also ads worldgen and frames as awesome as they are, looks like a lot of load on the server.


Opps yes, Project Red. My Brain though about something else this morning.


project red? if that’s the mod that adds bundled cables, then yes, i can utilize more computers to control stuff


It is indeed, I also talked to Pyrlix about adding OpenCCsensors which helps computers control stuff, for instance we could use it to control the nuclear reactor.


Only just noticed this thread. I’ve been looking for a new minecraft server to play on, but I’m really looking for something similar to FTB Infinity Evolved so for now will just try and generally be helpful. I’ve only skimmed through the thread so apologies if I’ve missed something.

Assuming that server performance is not an issue then it seems as though worldgen is the main barrier to adding new mods. There are two potential solutions to that which I know of:

  1. Use a Retrogen mod of some sort:
    Someone mentioned retrogen somewhere in the thread, but i think it was only for 1.8.9+. Fortunately it seems that the CoFH mods have some form of retrogen and they are compatible with 1.7.10. I’m not entirely sure how it works but this reddit thread has a couple of links that should help.

  2. Use a mod that allows the generation of entirely new dimensions.
    If you cant get retrogen working then you could create a mining dimension which is periodically deleted and regenerated whenever necessary (I’ve never played Galacticraft so apologies if it already does this).
    A popular choice for this is mystcraft, but recent versions have a feature which scans the ore generation of the mystcraft world and adds instability if you have lots of ores generated compared to vanilla. Modded worlds have much greater ore gen by default so it is impossible to get a stable world. Happily RFTools provides an alternative with RFTools dimensions, which functions very similarly to mystcrft but has different balance mechanics which make it simple to produce a stable mining age (especially in creative mode).

Also you may find NEI and its plugins very helpful if it hasn’t been added already. It provides a window to the right of the inventory that enables you to search through all items within minecraft and see their recipes, world generation and uses in game. Its so much better than going back and forth between various wikipedia articles because you cant remember the recipe for something.

Some other mods you may find useful (its getting late so apologies for the lack of detail)

  • Aroma Backup: Automatic world backups, requires AromaCore1997.
  • Fastcraft: less glitchy performance improvements both server side and client side compared to optifine (still can cause glitches though).
  • Fast Leaf Decay: Makes leaves fall faster from chopped down trees.
  • Inventory tweaks: Lots of helpful mouse/keyboard shortcuts for moving items
  • Iron Chests: Metal chests which are more capacious than vanilla but still only take up one block.
  • WAILA: “What Am I Looking At”. Gives information at the top of the screen about the block you are looking at. WAWLA and WAILA Harvestability are common additions to this mod.


Is the server offline?

Can’t connect to both in-game and the map.


Currently doing slight maintenance, adding mods and installing a retrogen. I will post an update to it soon



Server Changes
Activated Retrogeneration - leads to slight changes underground, your mines stay untouched!
Removed Chunks to allow generation of new biomes in close proximity. Your Creations stay untouched.
Increased Ram
Increased Performance
Updated JAVA to 1.8

Added the following new Mods to the Server:
Forestry - Oriented on Woodfarming, new Trees and all the stuff
Project Red - Oriented on Redstone Circuits and Improvements
Harvestcraft - Farming Simulator 2017, More crops, more food
Iron Chests - Bigger Chests!
Big Reactors - For when the normal Reactors are not big enough
Carpenters Block - For all the carpenters!

Changes to the ModPack:
Removed Xaeros Minimap - Added Journey Map. Much bigger minimap, features a map when you hit “J”
Added the all the following Mods above

Updated Modpack Download

I recommend clearing the old mods folder and just throwing that one in.


the original minecraft check turned off???
(i’m an idiot)

also, finally something that could be use for auto farming. :slight_smile:


Original Check is still on yes, i switched to offline, but it caused a few bügs… so had to go back to online


yes :smiley: project red was added, only thing i could ask for now is OpenCCSensors to implement Reactor safety systems


Those are some very nice additions to the modpack. Also, it seems that there are a couple of mods in the pack not listed in the thread, so apologies for mentioning any mods that were already in (I should have checked before). It looks like the minimaps haven’t been swapped around yet though because Xaeros minimap is still in the zip file and journeymap isn’t.

Having now been through the zip file of mods I’ve got a couple more minor suggestions you might want for when you next plan on updating:

  • Ender Storage: What vanilla enderchests are based off of. Allows players to have multiple private and public enderchests and ender tanks through colour combinations as well as access them in inventory via the enderpouch.
  • TiC Tooltips: Adds stats to the tooltips for the tinkers construct weapons/tools.
  • Wireless Redstone - CBE: Wireless redstone in the style of ProjectRed redstone.

There are quite a few more mods I would be interested to play, but they would be major additions to the pack so I don’t want to pressure you into adding things you don’t want. (Its a couple of tech mods and a bunch of magic/exploration mods).

@cpufreak101: another option for that could be Nuclear control. I haven’t used it myself but its in the usual FTB/direwolf packs so presumably it does the job quite well. It doesn’t seem to integrate with computercraft though which will be a blessing for some but a curse for others.


Nice mods. i have been in hospital but cant wait to get back on to get building my castle lol.


Big Reactors! Yes! Time to build my Railroad and Power Station empires!


NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO don’t leave meeeeeeeee…

it’s because i just turned 21 and don’t have my own credit card to by minecraft myself…
and my idiocy too…goddamn ragrets


Its very possible that you cant access your account because you have a Minecraft account rather than a Mojang account. I don’t know when, but at some point there was a major system change for Minecraft accounts which meant that a new signup system is now being used. If you used the old system (which is very likely since you cant find your transaction ID) then you can migrate your account to the new system. Also, if you have forgotten the password for the old account it is possible to reset that password via email.

All the info you will need is here: https://account.mojang.com/migrate

I had exactly the same problem very recently and once I got the right account reset everything was OK.

Just seen your earlier post. EnderIO and MFR (MineFactory Reloaded) are both tech mods. They are very nice ones that I would love to have in the pack, but they would not be very high on my priorities list because the majority of what they add is already covered by the mods we have.

If you wanted more tech mods I would suggest:

  • Extra Utilities: Has similar tech to what we have already, but is very well optimised for reducing lag and server load. The pump, quarry and cobble generator are particularly good examples of this.
  • Logistics pipes: Expansion to buildcraft pipes that enables high levels of automation, autosorting and autocrafting. People usually use Applied Energistics 2 now but I haven’t learnt how that works yet so I’ve stuck with Logistics pipes
  • Storage drawers: Blocks that can hold just one to four different items, but many many stacks of them. Left or right clicking on the blocks retrieves or deposits items in and out of them. Integrates very well with other mods thanks to the drawer controller.

I’ll stop with the suggestions now before i get too carried away :stuck_out_tongue: