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Automation Minecraft Community Server [1.11.2 - Forge w/ mods]


if anyone is interested, i’m hopping on now.

EDIT: @Vri404 question, you still come on at all? i’m still set up in your house, though i have progressed.


Yeah, I can be there. Not that I can really do much, but at least someone will be online.


I might try jumping back into it sometime this week…


Most likely not, and If I were to, I’d be most likely to start again.


Can definitely second needing an inventory keeper. Fell through the world, and while I don’t have much, iron is a pain to find the old-school way on this map.


Wow, just discovered that. What should I know apart from the info in the OP? And is it still active (as last posts are from a bit of time ago)?


Last post is from a while back, though it’s mostly empty now, it’s generally best to make a post before getting on, if I didn’t need sleep I’d join ya

And as for what to know, everyone has really moved into a village, or at least have some direct path to it, so if you want more contact with players, build near tgere


Hah, first I’d need to finally buy Minecraft :smiley: I played it ages ago, in bad, old pirate days.


How do I install these mods? @pyrlix Please help, I have no idea what I’m doing with this modern Minecraft…


Okay, first off, you did buy the game, right?


Yeah. And I think I somehow managed to get the mods working. Checking it just now.


Ok. Just making sure, you installed Forge, right?


Yes. Correct version, I think (latest for 1.7.10).


Hmph. It keeps crashing whenever I try to load world. Might it be caused by too high settings?

Someone has an idea what’s wrong? @cpufreak101 @pyrlix Please help :frowning:
Edit: I have no idea what is going on with this game, but I could normally get into the server and play there. So I think it’s ok, as I will probably play without mods on singleplayer, if at all (they scare me…).


So you’ve downloaded all the mods and everything? I had a bit of trouble the first time I got onto the server but I resolved it after a while. Don’t remember how though.


is it giving a specific error message? or just it just keep saying timed out?


Erm, no. And it was on singleplayer worlds, as I thought that if SP won’t work, then MP won’t work for sure. It seems I wasn’t right, as I have no problems with playing on the server.


perhaps you’re just not allocating enough RAM? it might explain it, as you don’t need as much for online play for obvious reasons, though you do need more for singleplayer for, again, should be obvious, more work your PC has to do.


IDK, maybe. But when I tried allocating more, it still didn’t work (but in a different way). Anyway, I need this modded version only for the server, so it’s not much of a problem.


ok, glad i could try to help :stuck_out_tongue: